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Userfeel Review: Is Userfeel Legit or Scam?

Here is a comprehensive review, on Userfeel.

User testing is one of the reliable side hustle you can make money from online.  

There are different user testing platforms one can join. 

It’s unfortunate that scammers are taking over the industry already. 

So, it is important to segregate the legit sites from the despicable ones. 

Userfeel is one of the most popular user testing platforms out there. 

Opinion on Userfeel has been quite contrasting.    

Whether they are paying or not? Scam or legit? What do you need to do to get started? And many unanswered questions. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Userfeel app testing platform.  Read on.

What is Userfeel?


Userfeel is an app and website optimization company based in the UK and Germany. 

The company was founded in 2010 by Yannis Karampelas. 

They connect app and website developers (clients) to website and app testers (you and me). 

So, the app and website developers bring their website and apps to the company for testing. 

Then, website testers (you and me) would be hired to analyse the apps and finally drop an honest review on the app. 

Interestingly, you will be paid for recording your honest thoughts, interactions and reviews of the clients app.

How to Sign Up to Userfeel

The first requirement for joining UserFeel is that you must not be less than 18 years. 

You can either register as an App (website) developer or as a user tester. 

So, if you want to join as a tester and get paid for testing apps, visit and sign up as a tester. 

Also, if you want to do usability testing on your website or app, visit and Sign up as a client. 

When signing up, you’d be taken to a page where you’ll input name, date of birth, email and Paypal/Payoneer account.

Next, you should download the Userfeel screen recorder and voice recorder app. 

The test is available on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS.

After a while you’ll need to take the Qualification test. 

Quantification Test

You will need to take a qualification test before you can be approved to take the paid test.

The test usually takes about 15-20 minutes. 

The Qualification test is similar to that of TryMyUI. 

It’s not difficult but you have to be able to deliver a review worth your approval. 

Good analysis, honest review and be direct with your comment on the website you were told to review.  

The score will determine how often you get a paid test. 

After completing the test, the nasty part of this is that you would have to wait for about a week or 2 weeks (at most) to get a response about your approval. 

The approval period is a lot longer than the Qualification test of TryMyUI

What’s next after getting approval? 

How Does Userfeel Work?

How does userfeel work

After getting approval, you are now a UserFeel tester that can take a paid test and get paid for it. 

Assignment will be emailed to you, which you must grab easily before the whole slot has been used up. Or if you are very conscious of  your Userfeel dashboard, you can find tests there.

Before you can take any test, you’d be required to answer screener questions. 

The screener questions are used for knowing if you match the demographics of the test or not. 

Such as if it’s an online store that offers home repair services, one of the screener’s questions might be, “do you know the common problems an AC can have.”

So, the best tests that match your demographic would be put forward to you. 

The obstacle here is that you might not be able to get in even if your demographics match the test.

… because the limited spots might have filled up. 

So, it’s a matter of first come, first serve. The competition is intense. 

The Test

First of all, there are limited tests to guarantee a full time earning for you.  

After qualifying for that test, download the test file, which contains the instructions of the test. 

Each test takes about 15-20 minutes, though you might need more time to complete.

Then after you are done analysing the website, record your screen, record your voice and drop your review. 

Now this is where the problem comes in…

When recording your thoughts on the website, make sure you are smooth, speak fluently and be honest with your review. 

Answer all of their questions and don’t cut corners. 

Don’t go silent for too long. It would look like you are looking for a way to just form a fake review off the top of your head.

Remember no serious clients will pay you to hear: “it’s a cool app”, “amazing, I like it”, “wow, this is okay.”

Rather they are looking for real criticism and what they need to improve on their apps and site.  

If you can follow all of these tips, your test has a high tendency to be approved. 

And you can even get a good rating from your clients.

Good rating means more tests for you.

However, if your performance is poor from the clients and your rating is low, you will not be getting as many tasks on the platform. 

So, after your clients have approved your test, your payment would be released too. 

Does Userfeel Pay?

Userfeel pay $10 per completed test, which is paid weekly. 

Similarly, you can be paid via PayPal and Amazon gift card. 

Also, you don’t have to wait to reach any payment threshold before you will be paid. 

Can You Use Userfeel on Mobile?

Yeah, Userfeel is available on Google playstore and apple store and can be installed directly into your mobile phone. 

Is Userfeel Legit or Scam? 

Userfeel is legit

Userfeel is legit. Only that there are cases where users would not be paid even if they should complete their test. 

Example of this cases include:

  • If users do not give honest opinions. 
  • If users are poor with their review or give a laughable review.
  • Going silent for too long when recording your voice. 
  • Not answering all the necessary questions. 
  • … any blatant activity showing that you did not  review the website properly. 

Alternatives to Userfeel?

A very good user testing website to make money online is TryMyUI

It can serve as a good alternative to Userfeel. 

UserFeel Review: 

Below are honest video reviews for Userfeel, you can also check them out. 

Back to you, buddy!

Userfeel is a legit online platform that can serve as a side hustle. 

To become a tester, simply fill out their registration form and submit it. 

Have you tried UserFeel before? What is your experience? 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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