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Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Urban outfitters affiliate program. 

The cookie duration? Commission rate? Is it worth it? And how to promote Urban outfitters products? 

Without much ado, let’s delve in…

Overview of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a fashion retail brand founded in 1970 and headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. 

Also, it was established by the trio of Judy Wicks, Richard Hayne and Scott Belair. 

The brand has 685 stores around the world, with 562 specifically coming from United States.

Each stores is stocked with clothing, accessories and unique fashion products. 

Furthermore, the store has an affiliate program for bloggers, YouTubers, affiliate marketers and influencers. 

Curious about their affiliate program? Let’s check out the information… 

What is Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program?

Everything you need to know about Urban Outfitters affiliate program

Urban Outfitters has an affiliate program in the fashion niche. 

It is a commission per sale kind of affiliate program. 

You promote their products and earn commission once your referral makes a purchase. 

The affiliate program is available on Flex Offer, Viglink, Skim link etc. 

Similarly, the product you are promoting in the affiliate program are directed to the age group of 15-30 years. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program?

In addition to the short introduction to their products, they have an extensive array of clothing, accessories and even home decor. 

Although, the home decor products might not be the top deals to look out for affiliate marketers.

How to Sign Up For Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

You can sign up to Urban Outfitters affiliate program via Viglink or Flex offers. 

These are set of best affiliate networks you can find out there for publishers and affiliate marketers. 

Sign up to any of them if you don’t have an account with them earlier. Then, search for Urban Outfitters affiliate program. 

Found it? Join now. 

Wait! We have not yet touched the commission rate and cookie policy. 

Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for urban outfitters affiliate program is 24 hours. 

This is the same for most affiliate programs in the fashion niche, even Old Navy.

If your referral should click your affiliate link and any purchase was made within 24 hours, it would be attributed to you. 

Any other purchase made after the 24 hours will not be attributed to you, hence, no commission will be paid on those purchase. 

Meanwhile, the duration for the cookie tracking is too short, right?

24 hours is a very short period for an uninformed referral or an august purchase to be made. 

Hence, the cookie duration is not really supportive of good conversion rate of your referrals. 

Commission Rate of the Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

The commission rate of the Urban outfitters affiliate program is 5%. 

At least, this cancels out the nasty 1% to 2% commission rate of Old Navy. Remember, they have the same cookie duration. 

Let’s run through what the 5% cookie duration denotes.

Some of the products on their online stores are worth $100. 

5% commission rate on a $100 clothes or accessories will earn you $5. 

Hence, we can still say this commission rate and returns is in the range of most affiliate programs.  

How To Make Money With Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program 

Some technicals first!

Urban Outfitters affiliate program has an outrageous cookie duration. 

Sincerely, 24 hours is just too short to convert a skeptical mind into buying. 

Unlike some other affiliate programs that can take about 7 days for the cookie to become inactive.  

The number of conversions you will get within 24 hours would be very low compared to that you will get in 7 days. 

Commission rate is 5%. 

That’s a big difference when compared to the cookie duration. 

In fact, 5% is the primary cookie duration for most affiliate programs in the fashion niche. 

Furthermore, everyone wants to follow the latest styles and trends in fashion. 

Hence, the demand for fashion products is very high, giving you a large volume of people to sell to. 

Taking all this into perspective, 5% commission rate within 24 hours is achievable because there is a lot of people to sell to in the fashion niche. 

The big question is that, is it really worth it? Can you make $1000 from it monthly? 

Probably, it is really worth it. However, making $1000 from it monthly looks unachievable except you have a large traffic to promote and sell to. 

Pros And Cons of the Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program


  • Product variety: There are varieties of products to promote to people. 
  • Brand credibility: Urban Outfitters is a well known fashion retail brand.  
  • Good commission rate: The commission rate of 5% is a good commsion rate in the niche.


  • Cookie duration: The 24 hours commission rate is just too low, for conversion, and when compared to other affiliate programs.

Alternatives Of Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

If you are not comfortable yet with Urban Outfitters affiliate program, you can check out for any other alternative in the fashion niche.

Some of which include the likes of Old Navy, Fabletics, Zaful, New Chic and Nordstorm affiliate programs. 

You can check out the review of any of the affiliate programs on this blog. 

Wrapping Up

The Fashion niche is saturated, the volumes keep getting bigger daily and you have more people to sell to. 

Urban outfitters has a lot of clothing’s and accessories to promote to people. Wants to know join their affiliate program?   

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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