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Udacity Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

The acquisition of knowledge is becoming very easy this days with the internet. 

Besides, with the likes of Udacity, EDX and Coursera, you don’t need to be in a four cornered classroom to get your degrees. 

Udacity is an online learning portal for most of these tech skills, ranging from data analytics, cyber security etc. 

Hence, if you have a blog or YouTube channel around digital skills enough to help students get a chance into big tech companies as employees, then Udacity affiliate program might be for you. 

You can make money from the affiliate program, but I think that’s not all you need to know more about it.  

Just follow me. 

Overview of Udacity

Udacity is an online learning portal for different courses. 

It’s another platform with the same model as the popular Udemy. 

Even though they issue a degree certificate after every course, Known as a Nano certificate.

Interestingly, most of the online learning portals have their route from the US. And it’s the same for Udacity too. 

The courses available on the platform are just too much. 

But, the likes of data science, UI/UX designing tops the chart for courses to learn on the platform. 

What is Udacity Affiliate Program?

To think of it… 

Does Udacity have an affiliate program? 

Of course Udacity has an affiliate program, modeled like every other learning portal. 

It is a commission per referral affiliate program, and not the usual commission per sale.

That is, you get paid a commission for inviting students to Udacity Nano-degrees programs.

The affiliate program is primarily hosted on Impact Radius although you can find it on some other affiliate networks. 

It is free and easy to join the affiliate program compared to the likes of Thinkific affiliate program

What are the Products You can Promote in the Udacity Affiliate Program?

Courses are available in masses for you to promote and earn from Udacity.

Specifically, there are over 300 promotable courses on Udacity covering the most significant tech skills people are interested in every now and then. 

How to Sign Up For Udacity Affiliate Program

If you want to sign up to the affiliate program, go to the impact website and sign up. 

After signing up or signing in, search for the Udacity affiliate program and join from there. 

Meanwhile, Impact has the best conditions for this affiliate program. So, I would not advise you to try any other affiliate network. 

Unfortunately, if Udacity had a page on their website for the affiliate program, it would have been easier to sign up through the right route directly. 

Now to what’s in it for you!

Udacity Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

Udacity is able to enter the divine list of affiliate programs with 30 days as cookie duration. 

The likes of Ulta affiliate program and EDX affiliate program have 30 days as their cookie duration too. 

I actually think this is long enough, considering the increased conversion rate the duration will support. 

Definitely, any of your referral should be able to make their decision about buying any course within 30 days.  

Well, if you are just seeing what cookie duration means for the first time, why don’t you check out one our articles about cookie duration.  

Commission Rate of the Udacity Affiliate Program

Udacity pays $100 per referral as their commission. 

Once you make a new referral to Udacity and they pay for their first premium course on the platform, you’d earn $100. 

It’s not a recurring commission per sale. Udacity will cut your commission if you refer a customer twice within a month.

Can you Make $1000 monthly from the Udacity affiliate program?

The courses on Udacity are worth hundreds of dollars. 

So, once your referral makes a purchase you earn. 

And with a $100 commission rate and the standard 30 days cookie duration, it is very easy to make $1000 within a month. 

However, you need a good amount of traffic, whether from youtube or websites to ascertain your success in the affiliate program. 

Pros And Cons of the Udacity Affiliate Program


  • Recognised brand: Udacity is a recognized learning portal. Even though it might not be in the same calibre with the likes of Udacity. 
  • High commission rate: It’s a real deal when you can earn $100 for every referral to Udacity courses. 


  • Short Cookie duration: Any affiliate program with a cookie duration of 7 days poses a threat to ones conversion. 

Alternatives Of Udacity Affiliate Program

Their bunch of competitors Udacity has can not be overlooked when we start looking for an alternative affiliate program. 

If at all you are not interested in the affiliate program of Udacity, you can try any of:

  • Edx affiliate program
  • Coursera affiliate program
  • Udemy affiliate program
  • Datacamp affiliate program
  • Pluralsight affiliate program 
  • Code Academy affiliate program.

Wrapping Up

Udacity is an affiliate program in the education niche and I think it’s worth trying. Also, it is realistic to make $1000 with just 10 student referral.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in any of 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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