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TryMyUI Review: Is TryMyUI Legit or Scam?

Here is a comprehensive review, on the TryMyUI user testing platform. 

The list of ways to make money online is extensive. 

… Going from freelancing, blogging, taking surveys, gaming, affiliate marketing, Usertesting etc. 

Most people do complain of not making money online. 

The reason is usually the fear of scams or not being paid.  

Hence it is better to stick with trustworthy and guaranteed websites. 

There has been a lot of sentiment regarding TryMyUI. Is TryMyUI another scam platform out there? What is it all about? Do they really pay?

What is TryMyUI?


TryMyUI is a UI testing website. It was founded in 2010 and based in California USA. 

It’s a platform for apps and website developers to connect to normal people (you and I), who would like to give feedback on their website and apps.  

They need to know about what to improve about their apps and website. 

So, they are looking for any kind of analysis and criticism, in order to know what to do to improve the user experience of their apps or websites. 

The good thing is that you can earn $10+ for each app or website you review. 

In summary, the main take away from TryMyUI are:

  • A platform for app and website developers to find worthy reviews for their websites and apps.
  • A platform for you to review apps and get paid for every review. 
  • It is a legit, paying platform. 

How to Sign Up to TryMyUI Tester

From what’s stated on their Terms and Conditions page, you need to be at least 18 years and be fluent in English to join TryMyUi. 

You need to be able to communicate fluently with those behind the app, so that your review can be clear to them. 

Once you are sure you have satisfied this condition, go to their website and click on Get Paid To Test. 

Then you should complete their sign up form. 

Provide your name, PayPal email and password. 

After signing up, you’d be required to take a demographic test, which is used in determining the kinds of websites or apps that can be directed to you to review. 

After which you can now download the TryMyUI recorder. 

What’s the TryMyUI recorder used for? 

How Does TryMyUI Work?

How does trymyui work

TryMyUI recorder is an app that monitors and records your action on the app and your voice when reviewing. 

Interesting, right? 

The app is used for making sure that you are not just giving back the right reviews alone. 

Then you’d be taken to the dashboard where you will find your qualification test. 

The qualification test usually takes up to 20 minutes, which you must pass. Or else you wouldn’t be able to qualify for the real paid test. 

My advice for you on the test is to speak clearly and be honest with your review. 

Also, think of yourself as the website or app owner. 

Remember, they are paying for the perfection of the app. So, make sure you give the website or app a detailed check too. 

They are not here for “this is a cool app”, “I just like if like that.” Instead, they are looking for “why don’t you change the layout of the sign up button to an intense colour for users to access faster.” 

Once you are done with the Qualification test, you can start to downloading test files. 

The test files contain the instructions, website or app you’d be testing. 

Next, go to the website or app you want to test and start your analysis. 

Afterwards, you will need to answer about 8 questions (4 standard and the other 4 from the client). 

Trymyui app tester

Whenever you are giving back your review, make sure you are honest, direct and smooth when talking. 

… else you would not be paid. So, don’t make your review look fabricated at all. 

After you have completed the test, if it’s worth it, the clients can give you a 5 star review. 

Meanwhile, within 24 hours or less, you should get to know whether your test was approved or not.  

On the other hand, if you are going silent for too long during the test or your review looks shaky, then you might not be paid, talkless of getting the review. 

Follow the instructions, check it out properly and give a detailed review in order to the guarantee of payment. 

After this, you might be left with no test for the moment. 

The number of test available would be very low if you are just starting out on the platform. Probably only 3 tests weekly. 

Overtime, if you are able to gather good reviews from the developers, you would be issued more tests. 

Is TryMyUI Legit or Scam? 

TryMyUi is a legit user testing platform

TryMyUI is legit. 

However, if you are not used to the rules of the platform, you can complete your review without being paid. 


This is because your review must be approved by the clients and cleared for payment before you can be paid.

If your test is unhelpful to them, it would be rejected and no payment…

Does TryMyUI Pay? 

TryMyUI pays $10 for every completed test.

Once your payment is approved by the clients, it would be remitted to your PayPal account every Friday.

How To Make Money From TryMyUI

TryMyUi review

You can make money from TryMyUI by joining as a User tester. 


You download your test file which would contain the instructions and tasks of the tests. 

Then open the test file and do the sound text. 

Launch the test website, analyse it and follow our advice when recording your review.  

Once it’s approved, you will receive the payment for the test. 

Best Alternatives to TryMyUi

If you are looking for the best alternatives to TryMyUi, check out any of:

Pros and Cons


  • Good pay: $10 for every completed test is high.
  • Payments are remitted weekly.
  • Interestingly, it doesn’t have a payment threshold. 
  • It is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Good support and laid out instructions.


  • Payment can only be sent into PayPal.
  • Limited test. 
  • There is no guarantee of payments, since test approval is based on their client’s satisfaction. 
  • The unpaid qualification test is not ideal.
  • The platform works on a first come first serve situation. Mostly, developers only need 4-6 reviews. Once this is complete, you can’t review it again.  

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a website for Side Hustle,  TryMyUI is a user testing platform you can join. 

The pay is high, though there is no guarantee your test would be approved and payment will be issued. 

Would you like to join? 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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