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Thrive Market Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Organic Food grants me unrivalled joy. And I know there are lots of people like me.  

Well, I don’t have a statistic to back that up yet. 

Thrive market is an online retailer for Organic, health food. 

They have an affiliate program for bloggers, affiliate marketers and influencers who can promote organic, healthy foods to their audience. 

What does the Thrive market affiliate program entail? The commission rate and cookie duration? Is Thrive affiliate marketing worth it? 

These are things we will discuss in this article, hang around and read buddy.

Overview of Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a retail store for anyone to order organic foods. 

Users sign up to the paid membership of the platform to get personalized mails about foods that will supplement their healthy living. 

The paid membership is priced $59.95, with a 15% discount given on the first year. You can also choose to pay $5 monthly to renew your paid membership.

Also, organic products from foods, home and even body care are available on

The website caters for the lifestyle of anyone that sees organic products as invaluable; whether you are a Vegan, ketogenic or even any kind of dietary lifestyle. 

The website has over 600,000 plus members, showing how fanned it is.

Let’s see what their affiliate program is all about 

What is Thrive Market Affiliate Program?

Thrive market affiliate program

Thrive affiliate program is a commission per acquisition affiliate program. 

You earn a commission for any referral that sign up for the paid membership. Also, another commission is tagged to promoting and referring organic products on the site. 

The affiliate program is hosted on CJ affiliate network. From CJ, you get all your promotional materials and policies to guide you when promoting Thrive market products.

What are the Products You can Promote in the Thrive Market Affiliate Program?

Firstly, you’d be promoting the paid membership of the affiliate program. 

Note that there is a trial membership on the website. You won’t be earning any commission on this, until the payment for the paid membership has been made. 

Also, natural pigments, groceries, organic skin care products and a lot of natural products are available for shopping on the website. 

So, no matter your niche, once your audience are big fans of natural pigment and groceries, you can definitely make your commission.

How to Sign Up For Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Like I said earlier, the affiliate program is hosted on the CJ affiliate network. 

So if you want to sign up to the Thrive affiliate program, visit the affiliate webpage, here, on CJ.  

Sign up with your affiliate link and then your application will be reviewed for one to three working days. 

Thrive Market Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

How does thrive market affiliate program works

The cookie duration for the Thrive market affiliate program is 7 days. 

Simply put, if your referral should click your link, they must make a purchase within the 7 days interval for you to earn your commission. 

Any purchase coming afterwards will not be attributed to your affiliate link. 

Commission Rate of the Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Since, there are two different categories of products you can promote in this affiliate program, they have varying commission rates too. 

Firstly, once a referral signs up for the paid membership within 7 days cookie tracking duration, you’ll get paid $30 as your commission. That is, Payment per referral on the Thrive market affiliate program is $30.

For the organic products you are promoting, you can earn up to 30% commission for every referral even though most of the products have private, varying commission rates. 

Trust me, it would still turn out to be with good returns.  

How To Make Money With Thrive Market Affiliate Program 

Thrive Market is an online retail store for natural health foods and organic care products. 

Hence, if you can grow your audience around this region, via your blog or YouTube channel, most especially making them see the importance of organic foods and skin care, you are going places. 

These people would definitely prefer organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan foods. 

Wow, you are purifying and neutralizing the ecosystem with organic foods since inorganic foods have taken notoriety already. 

Nevertheless, you can always promote your products to them.

Pros And Cons of the Thrive Market Affiliate Program


  • Good commission rate: The commission rate of $30 for every paid referral is unapologetically one of the highest I have seen for CPA programs.
  • One of a kind: Health foods are so important but only a few online stores wants to sell something like that. And those that are even selling, do not have an affiliate program. 


  • Cookie duration: A 7 days cookie duration is too short to get most out of the referrals or even convert them.

Alternatives Of Thrive Market Affiliate Program

The team behind Thrive Market are actually generous when it comes to their commission rate. 

However, the 7 days cookie duration may seem to be the issue you might be unable to deal with.  

If you are looking for alternatives, rarely would you find any like this specifically for organic health foods. 

However, some general marketplaces including Amazon, Overstock, Target, Hello Fresh affiliate program etc have listings of organic health foods you can promote. 

Also, for skin products, you can sign up for MACosmetics affiliate program, Boohoo affiliate program and Urban Outfitters affiliate program

Wrapping Up

Thrive affiliate program is designed to create another source of income for anyone with an organic food adoring audience. 

Nevertheless, the affiliate program, you can check out for a list of top affiliate program to try in 2022

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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