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Thinkific Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Thinkific is a marketplace for online courses.  

Over the years, we have seen many online learning portal emerge, most of which have an affiliate program. 

Thinkific has an affiliate program too. 

In this article, we will touch everything you need to know about thinkific affiliate program.  

Overview of Thinkific

Thinkific is an online learning portal, where anyone can learn digital skills from zero to hero. 

You can also create and market your courses on the platform.  

And they have an affiliate program for bloggers, affiliate marketers, influencer and course creators. 

Read on for the commission rate and cookie duration.

What is Thinkific Affiliate Program?

Thinkific has a Commission per sale affiliate program for course creation.  

That’s, you only earn commission in an event where your buyers make purchase of any online course on the platform. 

If you are familiar with other learning portal, such as EDX affiliate program, it would be easy to understand what the affiliate program is all about.

PS: In Thinkific Affiliate Program, you get 20% recurring commissions on any monthly or yearly subscriptions, your referral’s purchase, access to exclusive creative and promotional content, and a 90 day cookie period.

What are the Products You can Promote in the Thinkific Affiliate Program?

You are to promote digital or online courses. 

Another offer you can earn from is promoting the monthly and yearly subscription services to your audience.

How to Sign Up For Thinkific Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is hosted on Shareasale, so if you want to join Thinkific affiliate program, you have to sign up to Shareasale affiliate network first. 

Search for the affiliate program and then join from there.

Within 48 hours, your application for the Thinkific affiliate program must be approved. 

You will be emailed your affiliate link afterwards. 

Thinkific Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for Thinkific affiliate program is 90 days. 

That is, Thinkific will only track your referral purchase within 90 days.

And your referral must sign up and make a purchase within 90 days for you to earn your commission. 

If nothing was paid for within the 90 days, you are not liable to earning any commission. 

If you are new to what cookie duration really means, check out this article, here

Commission Rate of the Thinkific Affiliate Program

The commission rate for Thinkific affiliate program is a recurring 20% commission per sale. 

Hence, for every purchase your referral makes on the platform, you will earn 20% as your commission. 

Cool right?  

Let’s look at it from this angle. 

The price of some courses can be as low as $20 while some can be as high as $200. 

Eitherway, promoting a course of $200 will earn you nothing less than 40$. 

While, promoting a $20 course will earn you $4 as your commission.

Also, the same 20% commission is attached to any products. 

Hence, the commission rate is high as well as the commission returns. 

Can I also become an affiliate for course creators on Thinkific? 

Yes, it is possible to become an affiliate for course creators on Thinkific. 


Before you can become an affiliate for a course creator, you must have had a mutual agreement with the course creator. 

The course creators are simply the one’s employing you to promote their courses, while you earn a fixed commission as agreed with them. 

For instance:

If I’m a course creator about affiliate marketing on thinkific.

You can email me to become an affiliate. Then we agree on the courses you’d promote for me. And also your commission per sale. 

Everything will be handled by Thinkific. In fact, you’d have access to a dashboard for tracking any your analytics.

And then you’d be paid for every successful purchase too.  

This is clearly different from Thinkific affiliate program since you can promote any course here. 

Nevertheless, both is good though. 

How To Make Money With Thinkific Affiliate Program 

Before you think of making money on thinkific, you should be familiar with how it all works first. 

This would help position you against your kind of audience. And if you don’t have an audience before, you can literally build one. 

Trust me… your audience would be glad you are helping them with a platform that they can amass knowledge from. 

Nevertheless, you can promote courses on Thinkific via your blog, YouTube channel or social pages. 

Pros And Cons of the Thinkific Affiliate Program


  • Product variety: You can promote just any course at your preferred period. In fact, you are not limited to a specific number of courses you can promote.
  • 90 days cookie duration: This means that Thinkific are keen to seeing their affiliates make good number of conversion. 
  • Good Commission rate: 20% as a commission on a products is fair enough for anyone to buy.  


  • Not a CPA network: They have commission however, courses marketplaces like thinkific tend to have a simple commission for every sign up on the website.  

Alternatives Of Thinkific Affiliate Program

Gumroad offers just the same service as thinkific to course creators. 

I tried Gumroad affiliate program early 2020, and I’m proud to say I made $256 from the affiliate program.

So, I think it is a good alternative to Thinkific affiliate program. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for education courses to promote rather, you can go for EDX affiliate program. Read it’s review, here.

Wrapping Up

As an affiliate marketer, signed up to Thinkific, you’d earn a 20% recurring commission for every course purchase or monthly/ yearly sign-up by your referral. 

If you think you’d have a problem with building your audience, making money from it or a worthy alternative, we have other guides and affiliate reviews you can check out, here

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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