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Textbroker Review: Is Textbroker Legit or Scam

“Is Textbroker legit or a scam?” is the question I have been coming across for a while. 

And I want to assure you that Textbroker is a Legit website. 

If you have a Flair for writing, Freelance writing might be one of the best ways to make money online. 

However, everyone’s fear actually rests on the potentialities of a website or Job board they would be signing up to. 

Who knows whether a certain website is actually a scam?

That’s the case with Textbroker too. 

If I have not had a taste of Textbroker, I wouldn’t have known they actually pay. 

But is Textbroker worth it? What are the requirements for joining? What does their pay rate look like? Is Textbroker available in every country?

Here in this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Textbroker both as a Freelance writer or as a client. 

What is Textbroker?


Textbroker is a platform where freelance writers and clients can deal securely. 

It was one of the pioneers of the Internet content marketplace,  founded in 2007 by Jan Becker-Fochler.  

Freelancers would be required to take on several writing projects, including blog writing, content writing, speech writing, press release, article writing etc. 

Then, Textbroker would be in charge of managing the approval of the projects as well as the payments. 

So, whether you are looking for someone to create great content for your business or you are a content creator looking to make money, Textbroker is one platform you can trust.

Is Textbroker Legit or Scam? 

Textbroker is a legit platform for freelance writers and clients.

Once your project has been approved, you can withdraw instantly on Textbroker. 

How to Sign Up to Textbroker

Textbroker sign up

You can either sign up as an Author (freelancer) or client on Textbroker. 

To sign up as a freelancer go to Textbroker website, and click on Sign me up as an author

After that, you are going to provide your email, name, phone number, gender,  profession and year of expertise. 

Then, you will need to verify  proof of US residency and a selfie showing your ID. 

You can sign up as a UK or Canadian resident too.  

On the other hand…

If you want to hire freelance writers on the platform, you should click on the  Sign up as a Client button and input the required information in the form. 

After signing up, what is next?  

How Does Textbroker Work?

How textbroker work

After signing up to the platform, the next step is to provide your sample, which should be at least 200 words. 

So, you can either write on a trending topic or something you are very familiar with.

After submitting your sample, you will have to wait for about a week or two before hearing back from the review team. 

This would help Textbroker editors assign you with a rating, within 2-5. Typically, 3 is the rating given to new freelancers…

But if your work is obviously worth it, you can get a 4.

To increase your chance of getting a better rating with your sample assignment on Textbroker, you should provide a long, accurate and easy to understand article on the platform.

After that, you should optimize your Author profile as a freelancer. An optimised profile will make it easy to find jobs. 

So, go to Profile, and add the right information to all the sections. 

The profile is divided into 6 different types:

  • The general profile contains your basic information, pay rate and availability (how many hours you’d be available weekly).
  • Then, add 3 decent writing samples to your website. Clients would have to check what your writing samples look like before deciding to hire you. 
  • Add your languages too
  • And your interests. This will help clients to determine what you are best good at. 
  • You can also add stuff about where you have travelled to and your exposures. 

Getting a Job on Textbroker

How to get a freelance writing job on textbroker

After optimising your profile, you should start searching for Jobs that will be worth your time. 

Note that the projects you can apply to are those with your specific quality rating.  

If you have a rating of 3, and the client is demanding a 5 rating, you have a very slim chance of working on those projects. 

Overtime,  as you get more projects, your influence and versatility would improve on the platform. 

And then you can bid for projects that demand higher rating, with better pay. 

The higher your rating on the platform, the more you get projects, the better you earn. 

But what’s the pay really like?

Does Textbroker Pay? 

Textbroker do pay. However, you need to reach the $10 minimum threshold before you can request for payout. 

Payouts are done weekly, every Friday. Hence, you must have requested for payout latest by Thursday, 11:59 pm (pacific time). 

… unfortunately, their pay rate is just too low. 

In fact, very low. 

And this is a reason I will be putting the likes of Upwork ahead of textbroker. 

Well, the higher your rating, the higher your pay. 

  • 2 star – 0.7 cents per word (7$ for 1000 words article).
  • 3 star – 1 cent per word ($10 for 1000 words article).
  • 4 star – 1.4 cents per word ($14 for 1000 words article). 
  • 5 star – 5 cents per word ($50 for 1000 words article). 

To get to 5 star, you must have been excellent in a lot of top projects. 

In order to improve your rating faster, you should take ok projects that you know you can work on. 

You see, if your project attracts negative reactions from the clients, it would affect your ranking too.  

Textbroker Fee

If you are looking to hire a freelancer on Textbroker, you should be concerned about how much Textbroker charges. 

As explained earlier, a client would have to demand for the Quality rating of the clients that will write their articles. 

Each rating has their fee… the higher the rating, the more you would earn on Textbroker on any project. 

The clients rates goes thus: 

  • 2 star – 1.3 cents per word ($13 per 1000 word). 
  • 3 star – 1.8 cents per word ($18 per 1000 word).
  • 4 star – $2.4 cents per word ($24 per 1000 word).
  • 5 star – $7.2 cents per word ($72 per 1000 word). 

If we should compare the client fee go toe pay rate, I think freelancers are being outweighed whit the low pay. 

The difference is significant… 

It’s damn low. But still worth trying. 

Text Broker: Pros and Cons


  • Makes it easy for freelancers to get freelancing jobs. 
  • It’s a reliable platform.
  • They give out free resources to writers. If you are just starting out as a freelance writer, textbroker tutorials, videos and community help can aid your service. 


  • Low pay, unless you have a 5 star
  • Insufficient projects to work on
  •  Terrible User interface 
  • You have only 24 hours to solve problems. 

Best Alternatives to Textbroker

There are many website content writing marketplace to get a high-quality tent, including: 

  • Upwork
  • FivFiverroblogger
  • iWriter
  • Ion etc. 

Nevertheless, if you are not a freelance writer (perhaps not looking to hire a writer too) check out: 

  1. 99 Design, Angel. co and The Design Kids to get graphics designing jobs and hire graphics designers. 
  2. Behance, Mandy, Stage 32, and production hub to get video editing jobs and higher video editors.
  3. Scribie for transcription jobs and higher transcribers. 
  4. Ferpection and TryMyUI for user testing and hide testers for your website and apps. 

Textbroker Reviews 

Textbroker review

From external sources, Textbroker is acting well. 

Their  Truust Pilot rating was 3.5 from 51 reviews (as of one time of writing). 

You can also check these video rev reviews on YouTube. 



Is Textbroker only for Americans?

No, but the conditions are outrightly better for freelancers in the US. 

You can still sign up as a freelancer via any of the author pages in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the Republic of Ireland.

How do I make money on Textbroker?

Sign up as a freelancer on Textbroker if you want to make money on the platform. 

What is textbroker Payment Method? 

Textbroker uses payPayoneer pay authors. So, to receive payment, you must have a PayPayoneercount or set it up directly from Textbroker. 

How reliable is Textbroker?

Textbroker is a very reliable platform to get glancings and get paid. 

How long does it take to get accepted by Textbroker?

It takes only 3 days for your projects to be reviewed and accepted by the freelancer. After 3 days, even if the clients have given their opinion, you will be paid.

Back to you? 

Did you find this review helpful at all? 

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Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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