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Squarespace Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Squarespace affiliate program. 

This is another website builder affiliate program where we will touch the cookie duration, commission rate and even alternative website builder affiliate program to Squarespace. 

If you are a blogger, Youtuber or media buyer in the business niche, this is another smart way to monetise your audience.

So, let’s delve in,

Overview of Squarespace

Squarespace offers web builders business and automation, marketing and sales, conversions tool, web host and Ecommerce set up. 

It is a CMS you can try to get optimum returns from your business. 

It is a very good alternative to WordPress and Wix.

Moreover, if you have a business and you are looking to set up affiliate programs for partners, you can do that with Squarespace too. 

Also, several small and medium sized businesses prefer Squarespace since they can carry out payment and manage business automation directly from a single CMS.

Furthermore, there is a part of the web app known as Squarespace Expert which consists of web design freelancers and agencies. 

Squarespace has a school-like portal for people to get access to tools, nuggets, education and communities needed to grow their web design agencies. It is called Squarespace circle members. 

What else? 

Squarespace has an affiliate program. How does it work? 

PS: Square is totally different from Squarespace. However, Square also has an affiliate program. You can check out the review of Square affiliate program, here.      

What is the Squarespace Affiliate Program?

Squarespace affiliate program is a Cost per action affiliate program hosted on Impact radius.

That is you just need to refer people to sign up to the subscription service of the affiliate program for you to earn your commission. 

Similarly, since the affiliate program is hosted on Impact, all the promotional materials and affiliate analytics updates are provided  by Impact.

The affiliate program is available to bloggers, Youtubers and media buyers.   

What are the Products You can Promote in the Squarespace Affiliate Program?

Squarespace offers digital services and tools for businesses. 

They have a 14 days free trial and paid subscription plans. Only the paid subscription can earn you commission. 

Here are Squarespace products you can promote and their monthly pricing: 

  • Personal – $12
  • Business – $18
  • Basic commerce – $26
  • Advanced commerce – $40

Anyways, your referrals can pay for the monthly or yearly fee.

How to Sign Up For Squarespace Affiliate Program

If you want to sign up to Squarespace affiliate program, go to Impact radius website. 

Then search for Squarespace affiliate page for you to join the affiliate program. 

Like I said earlier, Impact offers excellent reliable tracking and activity reports. 

Meanwhile, the rate of acceptance into the affiliate program is only about 8%. Hence apart from having worthy contents on your website or blog, you should also drive traffic to it for you to be chanced to get approved in the affiliate program.

Squarespace Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The Squarespace affiliate porfarm have a cookie duration of 45 days. 

Hence, if a referral should click your affiliate link, they need to make a purchase within 45 days. 

Perhaps, the referral was only able to pay for any of the subscription services after the 45 days, you will not be able earn the commission.    

Anyways, the cookie duration is more than the standard 30 days meaning that you have a longer period to convert your audience.  

Commission Rate of the Squarespace Affiliate Program

The commission for the Squarespace affiliate program is a non-recurring $100 to $200 for every paid subscription to the affiliate program.  

Also, the payment frequency is once in 10 days if you are able to reach the $100 withdrawal threshold. 

Wait! How is their commission rate that high? 

I don’t know but since their affiliate program is one of the methods they are relying on in order to drive traffic to their paid plans so it’s quite good. 

Even the likes of Keap, Square and Edx affiliate programs do not have as high commission rate although their cookie duration might be higher.   

Is Squarespace Affiliate Program Worth it? 

Squarespace has a cookie duration and commission rate. 

I’ve always said the cookie duration and commission rate are not enough reasons for you to join an affiliate program. 

In the case of the Squarespace affiliate program, it’s actually worth trying. 


Squarespace is not even amongst the top CRM to join. The brand does not have a reputation as strong as the likes of 

In fact, most referral would have done a lot of research and would prefer picking to Squarespace. 

Also, the products variety is limited compared to likes of WordPress where the commission rate is not recurring and you can still earn on promoting premium WordPress products, plugin or theme.

How To Make Money With Squarespace Affiliate Program 

Here are ways to promote Squarespace paid subscription and make money from it.

  • Create Website designing, hosting and Squarespace tutorials on social media, including YouTube, and share your affiliate link
  • Write blog posts helping website designers insert your affiliate link to your blog.
  • Insert a banner in your blog header or sidebar.
  • Share your tips and tricks for using Canva efficiently on Quora, Twitter or any other social media.

Pros And Cons of the Squarespace Affiliate Program


  • Good commission rate: The commission rate of Squarespace affiliate programs is designed to be very beneficial to affiliate marketers. 
  • Long cookie duration: 45 days cookie duration is very much more than the standard and it is longer to guarantee conversion. 


  • Non-recurring commission: The commission rate of the affiliate program is non recurring. You would only be paid for the first subscription. 

Alternatives Of Squarespace Affiliate Program

If you are looking for alternatives website affiliate program to the Squarespace affiliate program, try out any of the following:

In the meantime, you can check out for the review of other website builder affiliate programs with high commission on our blog, here

Wrapping Up

Are we drawing the curtain here?

Moreover, we have discussed everything we need to know about the Squarespace affiliate program. But, I will advise you to read about the alternatives website builder before making the decision about the Squarespace affiliate program.

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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