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Square Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Here in this article, we will discuss Square affiliate program and everything you need to know about it. 

The cookie duration, commission rate and popular questions about the affiliate program will be explained in this article.

Overview of Square

Square online is a versatile company that facilitate running of business with the assumption of POS. 

They provide any kind of POS solutions to small and medium sized businesses in order to improve their payment method and product order. 

And everything is done online!

Furthermore, they have an affiliate program in the credit card, finance and business niche. 

That is you can make money from their services. How does it work then? 

What is Square Affiliate Program?

Everything you need to know about Square affiliate program

Square affiliate program is a commission per lead and commission per action  affiliate program.

The first instance, which is the commission per lead, is for you to earn your commission on any referral sign up you make for them. 

Also, there CPA program goes into other things, including sending payment, receiving payment and using any of Square online payment services within a stipulated period. 

Similarly, the affiliate program is hosted on Impact Radius. They would be in charge of every other promotional materials needed for the success of your affiliate program. 

You are following all the policies of Impact Radius for the affiliate program. Including, the payment structure, with a limit of $50 threshold before you can be paid. 

Another thing is that, Square is one of the leading online platform for small businesses payment, so the demand is quite high. 

Ok! Where is the products you are promoting?

What are the Products You can Promote in the Square Affiliate Program?

Square has different structure of POS software specifically tailored to the need of every business. 

So, they are not just offering, payment and deposit alone, there are more service around POS which you can promote. 

They include:

1. Square payments: Refer this to businesses for safe and efficient payments from their customers. 

2. Square payroll: you can refer the payroll service to businesses for fast payment of their payroll using square hardware.

3. Square for retail: You can refer online retailers to square. Quick way of processing payment for goods and services. 

4.  Square for Restaurants: Literally, payment method for restaurants, are a but different to genetal. Hence, referring this tailored payment software to restaurants owner would faciliate payment.

5. Square invoices: Sending invoice should be easier for your referrals who start using Square invoice. 

6. Square POS: You can refer people to getting Square POS and licensee for helping others process credit card payments, also, earning. 

How to Sign Up For Square Affiliate Program

As explained earlier square affiliate program is primarily hosted by Impact radius affiliate network. 

Join impact from, here. Then search for Square affiliate program page and join. 

Now to the cookie duration and commission rate. 

Square Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

Square affiliate program: Everything you need to know. Products, cookie duration and commission rate per referral on the affiliate program.

The cookie duration of all the Square online products and services is 45 days. 

If your referrals should tap into your affiliate link right now, they must sign up or use any of the payment service within 45 days, for you to earn the commission. 

Else, any sign up or payment made after 45 days will not be credited to you. 

That aside…

I have come across several affiliate programs in the finance, credit card and payment niche. 

Of course, they are as rich but only a few of them have been able to give anything more than 30 days for tracking cookie. 

Even America Express affiliate program offers only 7 days cookie duration.  

In order words, all things being equal, the conversion you’d expect in 45 days would be higher compared to that you’d expect in lesser number of days. 

Commission Rate of the Square Affiliate Program

Once your referral enters your affiliate link, the first action they take is to sign up. 

For every referral sign up, you would also earn a $5 commission. 

However, the commission rate in every type of Square service is different. Let’s look into all:

1.  Square payments: $15 commission on the very first payment.

2. Square Payroll: 5% bonus on activation. 

3. Square for retail: $233 commission once your referral activates their Square for retail account. 

4. Square for invoices: $7 bonus on activation too. 

5. Square for restaurants: You ear a commission of $166 bonus when an activation processes their first transaction using Square for Restaurants. 

6. Square POS: You earn $25 bonus once an activation start making payment. 

Nonetheless, those are the returns you get on every referral you make to Square.  

Pros And Cons of the Square Affiliate Program


  • Low payment threshold: $50 payment threshold can easily be reached within this stipulated time.
  • Good cookie duration: 45 days cookie duration is long enough for anyone to convert their audience to a complete buyer. 
  • Good support: Once you join the affiliate program, you’d be joined to an affiliate manager.


  • Threshold: In my early days as a digital marketer, I tend to develop phobia for any affiliate program with threshold, Since I already tried some and wasn’t paid. Other affiliate marketers who have experienced such might not want go try square affiliate program. 

Alternatives Of Square Affiliate Program

There are so many alternatives for Square affiliate program. 

Since it’s a payment support for business, affiliate programs from the likes of Paypal Zettle, Shopify pay, Vend, Clover and Toast are good alternatives to Square affiliate program. 

You can check out for all their reviews on this blog too. 

Wrapping Up

Are we drawing the curtain here?

Moreover, we have discussed everything we need to know about Square affiliate program. But, I will advise you to read about the alternatives before making the decision about Square affiliate program. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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