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Shein Affiliate Program Review: Can You Make $1000 Monthly?

Everyone can enjoy the beauty of Fashion. Indeed, that Tag is a memorable one from Shein. 

Shein is one of the top Fashion retailers, able to hold a very strong spot in the apparel industry. 

Now, a 30 billion dollar company is labelled the second most downloaded shopping app on Android.   

The company keeps going rapidly via every means. However, with the help of referrals and affiliate marketers too. 

Hold on! Does Shein have an affiliate program? Yes, Shein does have an affiliate program for anyone with a fashion audience. 

In this article, we will get to discuss everything you need to know about Shein affiliate program. 

So, read on.

What is Shein? 

Shein is a big retailer of fashion products that hail from the city of Nanjing China.

The company started out as a Dropshipping store for Fashion products before becoming a full retailer. 

Shein is a chain of several Fashion products from different brands, moving in and out of countries to maximise the potential of those fashion products. 

Even their wings stretch into Europe, America and Africa plus coverage of over 200 countries on all continents. 

Their products are always cheap too. I think this is one of the reasons they were able to Quickly take over the fashion market.

But then, we wouldn’t forget the fact that the company ultimately relied on influencer marketing. 

Yes, just like a brother to affiliate marketing while some influencers even earn commissions on referral sales. 

How does shein affiliate marketing program work? Do you have to be an influencer before you can try it?  

Hold your cup, and sip your drink because there is a lot to read about. 

Does Shein Have an Affiliate program? 

Yes, Shein has an affiliate program that is booming right now. 

If you are a blogger, YouTuber, social media influencer or media buyer that has accrued a massive audience in that fashion niche, you can earn from promoting Shein products.

Let’s run through how it does work. 

How Does Shein Affiliate Program Work?

Simple, it works like the Boohoo affiliate program. That’s if you are familiar with Boohoo, another tremendous retailer for fashion products. 

Shein affiliate offers a commission per sale affiliate program. 

So, for every product sold within a certain period by an affiliate, there is a specific commission you will earn. 

As explained earlier, the affiliate program is open to many, even if you run a general website. The only exception here is if your website is against the general assumptions of adults contents, inane characters etc.

Similarly, the affiliate program is hosted on Awin affiliate, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate etc. 

Hence, signing up via all these affiliate programs would be fair. Even though I prefer the Awin affiliate because the conditions are better for this affiliate program. 

Besides, Awin is also hosting other top Fashion affiliate programs like Boohoo

We will definitely get to the shein affiliate program sign up, read on please.

What else?

Shein does not have a specific landing page dedicated for their affiliate program. If you are looking to sign up from their page directly or get more information about the affiliate program it is impossible. 

The best you can do is to follow suit as we rely Shein message to you. 


In the Shein affiliate program, you (a marketer or an affiliate) will earn a 10% commission rate per sale made within a 30 days cookie duration.

Now to what’s in it for you in the affiliate program. The cookie duration? Products? Commission rate? Policies and signing up?

What Products Can You Promote in the Shein affiliate program

Shein reportedly has over 600,000 products on their online store. Plus new 500 added daily. And they are all apealing to trending styles and fashion.

You can promote and earn commission on any product on Shein website. 

And the products are divided into categories and subcategories for both men and women.


Shein affiliate program products

Here are the main categories:

  • Shoes
  • Dresses
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Tops
  • Beauty
  •  Activewears
  • Benchwears

Shein Affiliate Program Commission?

Shein affiliate program has a commission rate of 10% per sale. 

This is just one of the highest commission rate I’ve seen for fashion products. 

Even Adidas and Boohoo are offering a  7% commission rate. And Old Navy is offering a ludicrous 1%-4% commission per sale. 

Sincerely, only a few retailer would offer up to 10% commission per sale of a product on their website with the exception of Nike affiliate program.

So, I will say you have yourself a good profit on each sale you made. 

What of the cookie duration?

Shein Affiliate Program Cookie Duration?

Shein affiliate program offers a generous 30 days cookie tracking duration. 

Hence, if a referral should click on your affiliate link and lands on Shein website, a purchase must be made within 30 days for you to earn your commission. 

Likewise, Any purchase made after the 30 days will not be attributed to you. Hence no commission.

You are confused? Well, cookie can be confusing somehow.

Cookie are elements used for tracking affiliates referrals. 

When a visitor lands on Shein website via an affiliate link, he  would be asked to “accept cookies.”

With that, anything your referral does on Shein website for the next 30 days -which is the cookie duration- would be tracked. 

However, after the 30 days, it would no longer be tracked because the the cookies that was accepted earlier are no longer active. 

Well, I think this more than explanatory now. 

Anyway, Shein has a good cookie duration.  30 days is enough to make a decision for your referral. 

Adidas, Bohoo and Nike has 30 days cookie duration too and it’s been a likeable effort for them from fans.

In fact, compared to the cookie duration of Amazon, Walmart and Target in their affiliate, Shein has a wonderful tracking duration. 

How to Sign up to Shein Affiliate Program?

I told you we will be signing up via Awin affiliate network because the offers are better than other affiliate program. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Awin website
  2. Move to the publisher page. 
  3. Fill in the required details:
  •  Personal information
  • Company information (Website, monthly traffic etc).
  1. Confirm that you are inline with the policies.
  2. Click on sign up. You will receive an email within 1-2 working days, stating if your application was approved or not. 

Don’t do that yet. Let’s see how you can make money from Shein program.

How to Make Money With Shein

“I’m not an influencer but I would like to make money from Shein affiliate, Is that possible” – In an Enthusisiatic voice. 

If you are not an influencer, you will have to find a way to command the fashion market for you to promote Shein products to prospective customers.

Either you build a blog, Youtube channel or social media page, enough to give traction to sheins products.

1.   Via a blog

To make money from Shein affiliate programs, you can start a blog around fashion styles, fashion creativities, fashion shows, fashion trends etc. 

Once traffic starts to roll in, you can start writing buying intents blog post on your blog such as:

These are articles that will not only inform the reader but also prompt them to make a buying decision.  

2. Via a Youtube channel

Similarly, you can build a youtube channel around fashion.

Once thousands of views start to roll in, you can start posting buying intent videos on your youtube channel. 

While recording this videos, you can mention related informative about Shein affiliate program.

3. Via Social Media

Another way you can build your blog is via social media. Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter have a lot of people who value their fashion lifestyle. 

If you cann build a worthy audience around fashion, it would be very easy to turn them to buyers. 

Also, you can leverage on celebrity ability and influencing to drive sales for your products. 

Can You Make $1000 Monthly From Shein Affiliate Program? Is It Worth Trying?

Of course, you can make $1000 from Shein affiliate program.  

However, you need a large volume of audience. 

Fortunately, fashion is permanent for everyone. I mean who doesn’t wear clothes or shoes. 

Besides, there are no issues with money because Shein is well known to offer cheap products of high quality. 

So, if you have a good number of audience, you can make $1000 from Shein affiliate program. 

Following the rule of thumb let’s do the small math:

A certain Shein women dress cost $50.

Hence, your 10% commission for any sale made from the products is only $5.

That means you will need  200 sales to reach the $1000.

Trust me, if you have a traffic of about 7000 impression or people coming across your affiliate link, you can easily get 200 sales. 

Pros and Cons of Shein Affiliate Program


  • Good cookie duration: 30 days cookie duration is enough to make multiple commission from a single referral.
  • Good commission rate: Shein 10% commission rate is absolutely one of the best you would ever come across for fashion products.
  • Brand recognition: The Shein I know is a well established brand known for high quality dashion products. 
  • Cheap prices: There are lots of products to promote with very cheap prices. 


  • Shein affiliate program has extremely strict policies. 

Alternatives Of Shein affiliate Program

1.  Adidas affiliate program

Cookie duration: 30 days

Commission rate: 7% per sale

Products: Athletics wear.

Read Adidas affiliate program review

2. Nike affiliate program

Cookie duration: 30 days

Commission rate: 11% per sale

Products: Athletics wear.

Read Nike affiliate program review

3. Bohoo affiliate program

Cookie duration: 30 days

Commission rate: 7% per sale

Products: All kinds of fashion products.

Read Bohoo affiliate program review

4. Overstock affiliate program

Cookie duration: 30 days

Commission rate: 6% per sale

Products: All kinds of fashion products.

Read Overstock affiliate program review

5. Fabletics affiliate program 

Cookie duration: 30 days

Commission rate: 11% per sale

Products: Active wear.

Read Fabletics affiliate program review 

6.  Lululemon affiliate program

Cookie duration: 30 days

Commission rate: 7% per sale

Products: Active wear.

Read Lululemon affiliate program review

Ohh no, I wanted to add Amazon to the list but the 24 hours cookie duration is too short. And there are even better offers from other Fashion affiliate programs.

These are the same reasons Walmart and Target affiliate programs were excluded.  

Wrapping Up

This is my brutally honest review about Shein affiliate program.

The brand has a whole lot to offer customers making it easy for affiliates to make sales. 

Anyhow, have you tried any other fashion affiliate program? What’s your experience like? I’m really curious. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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