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Sephora Affiliate Program Review: Make $1000 Monthly Promoting Beauty Products

This page will open you up to everything you need to know about Sephora affiliate program.

You can’t be a beauty Fanatics in the modern world without getting to know about Sephora. A brand that has grown extensively over the years. 

One of the strategies used to work their way up in the beauty industry is Affiliate marketing.   

In this Sephora affiliate program review, we will discuss the Cookie duration, commission rate, how to join the affiliate program and even make money from it. 

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Overview of Sephora

Sephora is a retail brand that focuses on beauty products, founded in 1969 by  Dominique Mandonnaud and her husband, Joel. 

The company has over 2,600 stores in 35 different countries, offering ranges of beauty products. 

And their retail activities spread to several countries internationally. 

Similarly, the company has over 45,000 products from more than 250 top beauty brands and their private label. 

At Sephora, you can find numerous beauty products from cosmetics, body care etc. 

Regardless, no company would have grown with a good marketing strategy. 

I have come across Sephora Ads on Google. Even, their social media pages have tons of followers…

But it’s very obvious the company is also relying on Affiliate marketing to drive in customers and revenue. 

Can we just discuss how it all works?

How Does Sephora Affiliate Program Work?

Sephora affiliate program is one designed for anyone with an audience in the beauty niche to make money online. 

It is a commission per sale affiliate program. You earn when your referral pays for products on Sephora. 

Sephora affiliate is hosted on different affiliate networks, including Rakuten Share, Vigilink and FlexOffers. 

The affiliate networks manages the affiliate program, sign up, tracking and promotional materials.

Similarly, if you want to join from the website affiliate page directly, it will redirect you to the Rakuten page, since that is the primary host. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Sephora Affiliate Program?

All Sephora products are eligible for commission in their affiliate program. 

Here are the top categories: 

  • Cosmetics
  • Bath Body
  • Fragrances
  • Skin care
  • Gifts 
  • Fashion etc

This products are gotten from 250+ different beauty brand and the primary Sephora beauty supply.  

Nevertheless, you can promote any of the products and earn your money. 

How to Sign Up For Sephora Affiliate Program

You can sign up to Sephora affiliate program via their affiliate page directly. 

Visit the affiliate page. Then, Click on Join Now. Input your information in the registration form and sign up directly. 

If you are already used to Rakuten, you can sign up directly from Rakuten too. 

After creating your Rakuten account, search for the affiliate page and sign up directly. 

In both occasions, you will have to wait for about 24 to 48 hours for you to receive an email signifying your approval or not. 

Once you are approved, then you can start promoting Sephora products.

If not, work on your website and promotional details. They need to be free from inane words and adult content. 

Sephora Affiliate Program Commission 

Sephora affiliate program commission is 5%, which is much better than the 2% commission rate offered in the Ulta Affiliate Program

Amazon, Walmart and Target are offering only 1-3% on beauty products. 

That’s to tell you that Sephora is offering one of the best commission rates for beauty products. 

Although still behind the likes of Nike affiliate program offering 11%.

Sephora Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration of Sephora affiliate program is 24 hours, as seen in DHGate affiliate program

That’s you have only 24 hours to convince your referrals to buy products on Sephora. 

If the referral should make a purchase within the 24 hours, the sale will be attributed to you.

However, any purchase made after the 24 hours will not be attributed to you. Hence, no commission. 

The 24 hours cookie duration is disappointing, looking at how far Sephora has gone. 

Even Mac Cosmetics cookie durarion is 7 days, way more than that of Sephora.

Similarly, the conversion rate will be lower for shorter rookie duration. That’s the case of Sephora.

Hold on! Are you oblivious about cookie duration? 

Regarding Sephora, Cookies are a set of data packets stored in the browser of affiliate referrals and used for tracking the activity of your referrals on Sephora website. 

So, when a referral clicks your affiliate link to visit Sephora website, the data packets would be stored in the browser. 

Any action they take on Sephora website will be monitored and tracked, within the next 24 hours. 

So, if purchases were made it would be tracked back to you. 

Likewise after 24 hours, the cookies will no longer be active in your referrals browser. So, any action they take on Sephora website will not be traced back to you.

How To Make Money With Sephora Affiliate Program 

The demand for beauty and personal care products would keep rising. 

Sephora is one of the top brands in the niche. 

Hence, you can easily sell products to people from Sephora. 

The only thing left is to bring beauty fanatics together, as much as possible, via a smart way. Some of which include:

  • Running a beauty blog with tons of monthly traffic
  • Building a youtube channel to a massive community
  • Building an email list around people interested in beauty. 
  • Or building an audience on social media; maybe a general audience of women will do but it could have been better if you can channel your energy as a Beauty influencer. 

After growing your audience, the next step is to promote your affiliate link actively. Over time, you are going to make sales and earn money from Sephora. 

Pros And Cons of the Sephora Affiliate Program


  • A recognised brand: Sephora is one of the most recognised international retailers for beauty products. So, it would be easier to tell people to buy from them. 
  • Add on offers: Sephora offers free shipping on $50 plus worth of shipping. 


  • Most people would rather buy from Amazon and other general marketplace than to buy from Sephora.
  • Short cookie duration: Except for the likes of Costco affiliate program using a session based cookie duration, nothing would distort the conversion rate of an affiliate marketer than a 24 hours cookie duration.   

Alternatives Of Sephora Affiliate Program

Though Sephora is one of the best affiliate programs in the beauty niche, there are similar ones you can try too. 

Here are high paying beauty affiliate programs that can serve as alternative to Sephora:

1.    Ulta affiliate program 

Commission rate: 1%-5%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Read Ulta affiliate program review

2. Mac Cosmetics affiliate program

Commission rate: %4

Cookie duration: 7 days

Read Mac Cosmetics affiliate program review.

3. Overstock affiliate program

Commission rate: 6%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Read Overstock affiliate program review.

4. Walmart affiliate program

Commission rate: 1%-4%

Cookie duration: 3 days

Read Walmart affiliate program review.

5. Target affiliate program 

Commission rate: 1%-4%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Read Target affiliate program review.

Wrapping Up

To be honest, Sephora affiliate program is worth it but it would be difficult to decide. Though offering high commission rate, but short cookie duration.   

Nevertheless, you should still check out our reviews of high paying affiliate programs in the beauty niche.

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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