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Semrush Affiliate Program Review: Make $1000 Monthly

Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Semrush affiliate program. 

As much as digital marketing is concerned, SEMRUSH is one of the few companies that can not be overlooked. 

Since it’s a Software-As-Service(SAAS) company, it’s expected they make use of Affiliate marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. 

So, what?

This semrush affiliate program review will open you up to the commission rate, cookie duration and how to make money from the affiliate program. 

Read on. 

What is Semrush? 

Semrush is a SAAS company that created an extensive tool kit for digital marketing professionals. 

The SEMRUSH platform has over 50 tools used to optimize marketing campaigns in the digital space.

With over 20 billion keywords and 808 million domains indexed in their database, Semrush is one of the most realistic places to optimize, brand, convert and skyrocket a company returns.  

If you have been in the blogging, SEO, SMM or any digital marketing space, you would have come across semrush once in a while. 

Some of the tools on Semrush include:

  • Keyword research tool. 
  • Website audits tool
  • Backlink building tool
  • Backlink analysis tool
  • Keyword position ranking (SERPs)
  • Domain to Domain comparison
  • CPC map of different regions and a lot more. 

I use semrush for keyword research and backlink audit once in a while. 

According to reports, even the likes of Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Forbes, IBM, and others use Semrush. 

After all of this, does semrush have an affiliate program

Yes, Semrush has an affiliate program. 

The scope of affiliate marketing is definitely not beyond one of the biggest internet marketing companies. 

So, it’s another way to bring more customers to them.  Let’s just see how the affiliate program works. 

How Does Semrush Affiliate Program Work?

Semerush affiliate program review

Semrush affiliate program is another hosted on Impact. And the affiliate program is designed to appeal any affiliate marketer. 

Since the affiliate program is hosted on impact, you will be signing up directly from impact. 

By the way, you might have heard of BeRush, the inhouse host of the Semrush affiliate program. 

BeRush has been suspended for new marketers looking to join the affiliate program. 

So, all the sign up power and affiliate management has now been moved to semrush.


Semrush affiliate program

Semrush has 3 hasic paid subscription plans, -Semrush pro, Semrush guru and Semrush business-, and a free trial. 

You (affiliates) earn commission on every paid plan and the free trial. 

So, whether your referrals pay or not, once they have signed up to Semrush, you can still earn your commission.

Nevertheless, If you are a webmaster, blogger, SEO analyst, or marketing expert you can join the affiliate program. 

Let’s see what is in it for you.

Semrush Affiliate Program Commission?

In the semrush affiliate program, affiliates can earn $200 commission on any paid subscription and $10 for the free trial.

So once your referral signs up  for the Semrush free trial, you can earn up to $10 commission. 

Likewise, you can earn a whooping $200, when they sign up and pay for any of the paid subscriptions.  

In my own books, this is a very great deal for affiliates. 

What is the cookie duration? 

Semrush Affiliate Program Cookie Duration?

Semrush affiliate program cookie duration is 120 days. 

That is, you have an extra 120 days to convince your audience to sign up to semrush for the free trial or pay for the premium subscription plans. 

I guess you couldn’t believe how substantial   the cookie duration is, especially because it is complementing the commission rate. 

 120 days is far more than the 30 days cookie duration standardized in most of the top affiliate programs.  

And that time has been given to enhance the conversion rate of affiliates. I guess 120 days is enough to promote and convince your prospect to sign up for Semrush.

Do you even know what Cookie duration means? Or you are lost already? 

Let’s just quickly run through what cookie duration means. 

Cookies are a set of data packets which are stored in browsers and used for monitoring targeted activities in the browser. 

Hence, if your referral should clink on your affiliate link and land on Semrush, cookies would be stored in their browser.

The cookie would monitor and track all through to the next 30 days in which the cookie will be active. 

So, if they sign up and make a transaction, it will be tracked back to you and recorded.  

How to Sign up to Semrush Affiliate Program?

Semrush affiliate program sign up

Semrush affiliate program is Free to join, however, you need to meet all their requirements. 

Semrush affiliate program requirements include:

  1. A website with at least 1,000 organic visitors and active. 
  2. Or a social media page, highly engaging, with at least 1,000 followers.
  3. Your website and social media contents must be in the digital marketing niche. 

Are those available now? If yes, then, it’s time to sign up. 

Here are the steps involved in semrush affiliate program sign up:

  1. Visit Semrush affiliate program page
  2. Scroll down and click on Join Now
  3.  This would take you directly to impact page to sign up.
  4. Afterwards, Fill in the sign up form with your personal information – social media and website URL.
  5. Click on Sign Up

The only step left now is to wait for their email, which would contain information about your approval. 

Pros and Cons of Semrush Affiliate Program


  • Semrush seems to have one of the highest commission rates I have ever come across amongst affiliate programs. 
  • The cookie duration is long enough for affiliates to convert their visitors.
  • Semrush is one of the most trusted and reliable digital marketing companies, providing worthy tools.  


  • The affiliate program is somehow strict. If you can follow the rules, you have no problem. 

Alternatives to Semrush Affiliate Program

I know choices are different but Semrush affiliate program is worth trying. 

Even so, I would still advise you to try other affiliate programs for marketing tools as alternatives. Such as:

  • Serpstat – earn up to 30% recurring commission
  • SpyFu – 40% monthly recurring commission
  • Mangools – 30% recurring commission

Ahref has an affiliate program too. It seems to be the closest to Semrush in terms of Internet marketing tools for businesses. 

Wrapping Up

Semrush has one of the highest paying commission rates and a long cookie duration.

Do check our reviews of other high paying affiliates programs, if you are looking for an alternative or addition for a semrush affiliate program.

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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