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ResellerClub Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

The ResellerClub affiliate program is a great way to earn money from your digital marketing, website design niche blog and audience. 

If you want to know more about it, this detailed review contains everything you need to know about the Reseller affiliate marketing program and how it works.

Overview of ResellerClub

ResellerClub is a hosting company. The company sells hosting, domain name, Email hosting, SAAS and web design services etc. 

The company is there to empower web professionals around the world by offering them a set of products that help them run their businesses.

Wait, ResellerClub is not your usual hosting company. The company focuses on designers and web professionals, instead of just any basic individual.

Furthermore, the company has an affiliate program which can be an alternative to the likes of BlueHost and A2 Hostjng affiliate program

 So, please read on…

What is ResellerClub Affiliate Program?

ResellerClub affiliate program is available to any one who has an audience in the web professional space. 

You earn money from promoting their hosting, Web App and website services. 

The affiliate program is inhouse hosted and I can say it’s a high ticket affiliate program. 

But then, it has its setbacks too. 

Maybe, you’d be able to get what I’m talking about once we touch the cookie duration and  commission rate.

For now, let’s talk about those products you’d promote. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the ResellerClub Affiliate Program?

Resellerclub provides different products related to hosting for individuals and businesses.

You can definitely promote any of their web hosting, E-Mail hosting, SaaS and security products. 

How to Sign Up For ResellerClub Affiliate Program

If you want to sign up to the ResellerClub affiliate program, go to the affiliate page on the website. 

Here is the <URL>

Then, fill in the form, add the right information and sign up. 

For some days, the affiliate program will be reviewed. Then you’d be notified via email whether it is approved or not. 

Once you have a good website where you can promote ResellerClub stuff, you’d have a higher chance to get approval. 

Once you are approved, you will get access to all the promotional materials needed for your affiliate journey.

ResellerClub Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie tracking duration for the ResellerClub affiliate program is 60 days. 

Ohh wow!

That is if a referral should click your link, they must make a purchase within 60 days for you to earn your commission. 

Any purchase made by that referral after the 60 days will not be attributed to you. Hence, no commission will be realised. 

Agreeably, if you can qualify your audience properly, you’d be able to convert your referrals within 60 days. 

Anyways, if you are still oblivious about what cookie duration means, check out one of the articles we explained it, here.  

Commission Rate of the ResellerClub Affiliate Program

There are different products and services to promote on the ResellerClub websites. 

And if you are not a novice of how hosting companies work, you’d already know their price varies. 

Hence,  their commission rate varies too depending on the kind of products you were able to get converted. 

Even so, the range of the commission rate is around $30-$125 per referral. 

The lowest commission paid per referral is $30 while the highest is about $125 per referral. 

I think it is actually a lot compared to BlueHost and even A2 Hosting. 

Let me add this here, 

Before you’d be able to withdraw your commission, you need to reach the minimum threshold of $100. 

Also, Resellerclub pay affiliates on Net 30 basis (after 30 days of reaching threshold). 

How To Make Money With ResellerClub Affiliate Program 

If you have been approved by ResellerClub, it’s time to take money off the affiliate program. 

You would create intriguing and compelling contents around Reseller club hosting and SAAS products, enough to help them make buying decisions immediately. 

Herr are ways to promote and make money from ResellerClub

1.  Create a ResellerClub Review

If you have a blog, create specialized review articles around what ResellerClub offers, while optimizing for search engine and readers’ intentions. For instance:

  • ResellerClub hosting review
  • How reliable is ResellerClub hosting etc.

2. Write article Related to ResellerClub

Since ResellerClub offers Hosting services, you can write about WordPress or even website designs, and then input the affiliate link of reseller club on your blog. For instance: 

  • How to create a blog
  • How to create an e-commerce website. 
  • Top reliable web hosting company for a new blog etc.

3. ResellerClub video review

If you are like me, owning a digital marketing YouTube channel, you’d definitely make a video review for Reseller Club about the affiliate program. 

The same thing you can do to videos related to Reseller Club, using it to promote their affiliate program.

Pros And Cons of the ResellerClub Affiliate Program


  • Long cookie duration: 30 days is the standard cookie duration for most top affiliate programs. Hence, ResellerClub offering 60 days means they are offering affiliates the chance to get the highest conversion and revenue off their affiliate program.
  • Good commission rate: The Cost per referral for these affiliate programs is high. 


  • Nasty Payment structure: 30 days after reaching the $100 threshold is too long for one to receive one’s payment from the affiliate program.

Alternatives Of ResellerClub Affiliate Program

Right now, there are a lot of companies that offer affiliate programs and they also sell hosting and SAAS services. 

Here, I’m going to mention the very popular ones with high commission rate below:

  • GoDaddy hosting affiliate program
  • Siteground affiliate program
  • Blue host affiliate program
  • Easy WP affiliate program
  • Kinsta affiliate program etc. 

Meanwhile, if you want to try out a long list of this affiliate program,  do not hesitate to check out our chain of hosting companies affiliate program, here.  

Also, if you are only looking for another referral program that pays high commission around website development and digital marketing niche, you can check out any of these:

Wrapping Up

Jumping on this affiliate program now is a serious and money making decision. 

However, I would still advise you to read any of our other reviews in this article. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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