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Qmee Review: Is Qmee Legit? How does Qmee work?

Qmee is another site that offers payment on every survey you complete. 

I know what you are thinking already. Whether Qmee is Legit or not? 

Well, Qmee is Legit and paying. But I would like to explain from the scam view too.

Here in this article, we will discuss how Qmee survey works and how users can make money from the website.

Ready? Go!

What is Qmee?

Qmee is one of the top survey websites. In fact, I could literally say it is at the same position as Swagbucks and co. 

The site offers users the chance to earn money from taking surveys. While you can also make money from cashbacks, browsing and doing all other tasks on  Qmee. 

According to what’s on their site: 

Qmee is a free, easy to use browser and mobile app, where you can earn real cash rewards for sharing your opinion and for engaging with your favorite brands.

For the last one year, the growth of Qmee has skyrocketed… That would take us to how the survey site works. 

How does Qmee work? 

One of the main duties of these Qmee reviews is to teach you how the survey site works. 

First of all, you would have to sign up as a user before you can start taking surveys and tasks on the website. 

The more you take surveys, the more you earn your money. 

However, I hope you know survey sites are created for just part time incomes. So, you can’t just see this platform as one that will provide passive income for you, though still paying.

Also, If you are familiar with survey sites, you would know that they usually add the duration it will take to complete a particular survey…

In my own view, Qmee is only one of the few platforms that is transparent about the duration. Some may tell you a certain survey will take 10 minutes, when normally it would take 25 minutes. Qmee does not do that. 

In addition, their surveys are very easygoing, straightforward and do not ask for a lot of personal information. 

Enough of what their Survey offers. As explained earlier, there are other ways by which you can make money from Qmee. 

So, if you want to earn some extra cash without taking surveys on Qmee, you can try any of the following:

1.   Earn from browsing

You can actually earn from browsing, using the Qmee browser extension. 

Anytime, you are browsing online, you’d be automatically using the Qmee platform and then you can already earn from this. 

Although, you need a PC to install the Qmee browser extension to your phone. 

You Don’t really need to worry about this, since Qmee has an app for Android users already. I think the app will be very accessible too. 

Regardless, the browser extension is available on Qmee website. Click on it and install. (You can check the Qmee guide page on how to install their browser extension).

After the installation, Qmee ads will be displayed every time you search. By clicking on these ads, you would earn. The amount you will earn for each click would be stated on the ads.  

2. Discount shopping

On Qmee, there is a chance for you to save money when shopping online. Instead of paying all the price of that product, you’d pay only for a certain amount. 

These are Cashback deals where you get a percentage back buying stuff online.

Similarly, you just have to enable the Qmee Browser Extension so that when you search online, you can easily get access to coupons and discount codes.  

3. Free contest

There are weekly contests which you can take part in on Qmee. The contests take place on Qmee social media pages every week.

The reward for winning any of their contests is about $10. It’s a game of luck though.  

Qmee referral program

4. Invite friends

The Qmee referral program is a unique referral opportunity for members to make money. 

As a user of Qmee, you will get access to three referral link, with unique reward:

  • Link 1: Your reward gets shared equally, so you and your friend both get 50p/50c.
  • Link 2: You earn 1$\1E anytime your referral get paid in their PayPal for the first time.
  • Link 3 – You give all the reward to your friend.

However, you wouldn’t be receiving any of your commission unless they have received their first payment.    

5. Play Games

Quimee gives you the chance to make money from playing games. 

From Quimee, there is a Game category where you can download certain games. 

Once you download the games and you reach the set target, you will be rewarded. You can earn between $0.5 to $2. 

If Gaming is one of your hobbies, you can earn from Qmee. 

Who Can Join Qmee Survey?

Anyone can become a member of Qmee once you are located in any of UK, USA, Canada or Australia. 

I really wish it was available to 2nd tier countries as well such as India, Nigeria, Brazil etc because the money made from survey sites are much appreciated in countries with high cost of living. 

Nevertheless, perhaps the board behind Qmee is working hard to make other   countries inclusive. Once that happens, I will dedicate my time to update this page again.

How to Sign up to Qmee?

To sign up to Quimee, go to their website,

Fill in the form and then you’d be approved immediately.

Is Qmee Legit or a Scam? Yes, Qmee is Legit. In fact, Qmee pay instantly for every completed activity.

Well, Qmee might be a little silent but this is legit. 

Only a few survey sites show the kind of transparency Qmee shows. 

To the point that, if you were taking a certain survey, almost complete and anything mistakenly happened to the UX of the website, you would be rewarded for it. 

Is Qme legit or scam?

Also,  Qmee TrustPilot rating stands at an average of 4.5 stars from 3,854 reviews (at the time of writing). 

For Google Play, the rating is 4.4 star while the Apple play rating is 4.5 star. 

Similarly, the company is featured on top media outlets such as Forbes and CNNMoney.  

I would not forget how fast their support is. If you have any problem or question that needs urgent attention, they are always available.

In fact, from their Trustpilot page, some complaint review which was dropped was responded to within the same 24 hours.

Is Qmee a scam

Does Qmee Pay?

Of course, Qmee does pay.  

Qmee payment screenshot 2022

Qmee Cashback Offers?

When you buy products and services from Qmee during some days, you will earn a relative cashback. 

For instance, If you sign up from UK, you can get this cashback offers on products:

  • Red Letter Days: Earn 5% cashback when you shop with Red Letter Days.
  • Just Eat: Earn 3% cashback on your first order.
  • Beauty Expert: Earn 5% cashback when you shop with Beauty Expert.

Does Qmee Pay Instantly?

Yes, Qmee pays instantly. There is neither a minimum threshold you need to reach nor a certain date for withdrawal. 

Opt for withdrawal of funds and it will be done within a few minutes. 

How Do You Get Paid on Qmee? 

Qmee pays via PayPal and Gift card. There is no minimum threshold on the amount you would have reached before receiving payment. 

So, once you ask for a withdrawal you would be paid instantly. 

How Much Can You Make on Qmee?

Should I say as much as you want?

How much can you make on Quimee

I’m still right. 

The fact is Qmee is known for low earnings. And as a survey site, I don’t think anyone has the potential to say that it’s that bad since all survey sites are low earning sites. 

However, if you think you have a certain time to spend on it, trust me, survey sites are worth it.

Can You Use Qmee Survey on Mobile?

Qmee survey works on Mobile. You can install the Qmee mobile app, take surveys and earn from it. 

However, the app is a bit limited unlike using their Desktop app. The survey is still the same though.

And you can still earn as much as you want on the survey.

Pros and Cons of Qmee Survey

Here is a summary of what Qmee has to offer. 


  • Instant withdrawal 
  • Free to join
  • Very transparent and legit platform 
  • Several earning method


  • Low earnings
  • Available in only a few countries

Alternatives to Qmee 

Swagbucks is one of the best survey sites too. And if you are looking for a good alternative to Qmee, you will not hesitate to pick Swagbucks which has higher pay.

Other alternatives, high paying survey sites  include:

  • SurveyJunkie
  • Inbox Dollars
  • MyPoints
  • Kasich
  • Branded Survey

These affiliate programs are available in virtually every country, unlike Qmee which is only selective of 1st tier countries.

Wrapping Up

Qmee is a legit and decent survey site to join.  At least, that would be another source of income for you. 

You earn from taking surveys, referrals, cash backs, shopping on apps and so on.

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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