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Qatar Airways Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Enjoying the luxury travel mafia in a smart airline is one of everyone’s dreams. 

You know what?

Qatar Airways got you covered. This is an airline company that gives you the luxury, high end aura in a plane.

Yet, they have an affiliate program for bloggers, influencers, youtubers and marketers in the luxury travel niche. 

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Qatar airways affiliate program.

Overview of Qatar Airways

Qatar airways homepage

Qatar Airways was founded in 1997 as an airline for luxury trips. Since then, we have seen their service extend across 230+ high-end cities around the world. 

…Of which there are Kano, Abuja, Doha, Mumbai, Atalanta, Dallas, Singapore, Washington DC, Chennai and Bangkok. Continents they operate in include the Middle East, Europe, South-East Asia, Africa, and the United States. 

The company, headquartered in Doha, is part of the Oneworld alliance. You can travel from one continent to another amongst their selected cities. 

Qatar Airways’ Hamad International Airport, in Doha, won the best airlines in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2017. And it is one of the few airports given a 5 star review in the last 20 years. 

The reviews of the company on trust pilot and other customer reviews are beyond extraordinary. 

Millions of people are loyal fans of Qatar Airways going around in short, medium, and long-haul flights.

Also, they partner with car booking and hotels to make your trips very immersive. 

The sweetest of all is that they have an affiliate program. 

That is, You can earn from the sales of tickets to their passengers. 

Shall we suppress your curiosity about the Qatar affiliate program now? 

Let’s delve in. 

What is Qatar Airways Affiliate Program?

Qatar airways affiliate program

The Qatar Airways affiliate program is a cost per sale affiliate program. You earn commission based on the sales of tickets made using your affiliate link. 

You will have to go through a series of short steps on their affiliate marketing page in order to sign up. It takes up to three days to get approval. 

Also, the affiliate program is hosted on networks like FlexOffers, TradeTracker, Awin etc.

However, in order to get fast approval into the affiliate marketing program, you need to have a website, blog, email list, display ads, cash backs or any promotional media decoding luxury travel, trips and lifestyle. 

Without much ado, let’s run through the products you are promoting, cookie duration and commission rate of Qatar airways affiliate program. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Qatar Airways Affiliate Program?

Qatar is a popular Airline company. The main product you are promoting here is their flight operation and Luxury travel experience. 

Remember, they have their focused city too. So, any of the flight operations you’d be promoting on Qatar airways must be directed to those cities.

How to Sign Up For Qatar Airways Affiliate Program

How to join Qatar airways affiliate program.

You can join Qatar airways affiliate program  directly from their website Affiliate page. 

Or rather join through other affiliate networks such as  FlexOffers, TradeTracker, Awin and so on.  

Qatar Airways Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

If you are signing up from theffiliate page, you will get a 60 days cookie duration. 

Alternatively, if you are to sign up via most affiliate networks, the cookie duration might not be more than 30 days. 


If a referral should click your link and make a purchase within 60 days, you’d earn the ccommissionn rate. After the 30 days duration, any purchase made by the customer will not be credited to you unless the link is clicked again.

Commission Rate of the Qatar Airways Affiliate Program

The commission rate forthe  Qatarairway’ss affiliate program is 2%. 

Why is it that low? 

It’s not low like you are seeing it. 

The price of a ticket can go from $1000 to $5000. Hence, when acustomer purchases a $3000 ticket, you can earn up to $60 as your 2% commission rate. 

Hence, the commission rate may be low but the affiliate returns aree still high. 

How To Make Money With Qatar Airways Affiliate Program 

If you have a niche blog, youtube channel, email list or and social media fans that love luxury flights, then promoting Qatar airways should not be a deep problem.

Target audience and traffic first…

Then, you can proceed toconnectg your traffic media (blog etc) to one of the affiliate networks or blogs. 

Meaning that you will be promoting Qatar flight tickets directly to the traffic you have.  

Alternatively, branded traffic on your blog/email list can improvethe  conversion rate. 

That is if people that follow you are mostly fans of Qatar airways, You can give them alists of flights they can follow which would also contain Qatar airways. 

Sinc, they are probably loyal to Qatar, they might choose them.  

Pros And Cons of the Qatar Airways Affiliate Program


  • Long cookie duration: The 60days cookie duration ismore than the average cookie duration fora  most affiliateprogramsm.
  • Credible brand: Qatar is a very credible brand. Referringcustomersr to them would not be a mistake. 
  • Good returns: Returns are brilliant too. The 2% commission rate can turn into multiple percent for you. 


  • Destination limitation: Qatar airways only covers about 230+ cities. Hence, anyone going to a different destination would have to take another airline. 

Alternatives Of Qatar Airways Affiliate Program

The travel niche for affiliate marketers is a bit saturated so any bad program can be immediately sidelined., Price line and Kiwi are all airlines and travel companies that offer an  affiliate program. They are good alternatives to the Qatar airways. 

Also, I would would implore you to check out my reviews of highly profitable affiliate programs in the travel niche.

Wrapping Up

Although, Qatar might have a lot of competition in the luxury travel industry, it does not limititsr take on the industry. 

Hence, it would be easier to sell a seat off their flights to anyone descending on trips. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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