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Can Patreons See My Name? (Answered)

Patreon is a subscription-based social platform for content creators to make money. 

Creators post images, videos, visuals, animations or any creative content that would interest their subscribers (except adult-related content). 

The only issue is that most people want to stay anonymous on the platform. 

Can Patreon Creators See My Name? 

Yes, Patreons can see the name on your profile. This doesn’t necessarily mean your real name can be seen on Patreon. 

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If your real name is used as the display name on your profile, then Patreons can easily trace you via your real name. 

However, if you are using another name on your profile, Patreons will not be able to link you up to that. 

It’s more like if you don’t want Patreons to see your name, change your display name to a fake name that can not be traced to you. 

What if you have used your real name on Patreon? 

How to Change Your Name on Patreon

The name on your Patreon page can only be changed from the website, not the app. 

Hence, you would have to log in to the website and follow the steps below to change the name:

  1. Select Settings from the left menu.
  2. Enter the Basic page.
  3. Input the name into the display name field (a name other than your real name or let’s say the fake name). 
  4. Click on the save buttons when you are done. So, the new display name would not be showing on your profile. 

Is My Patreon Profile Public?

Your Patreon profile is public and anyone can view it. 

Besides, Patreon is a social media platform, why should your account be private? 

Other Patreons can see your name, comments, likes, pledges and even earnings.

…. While creators can also access their Patreons user name, membership level and email address. 

I think you should check out how to make your earnings private on Patreon.

However, Patreon does respect the privacy of its users. 

Can a Patreon Be Anonymous?

No, you can’t be anonymous on Patreon, however, changing your display name, email address, and to that of an unknown figure can help you become anonymous on the platform. 

This is literally what most people do to become anonymous on OnlyFans

So, if you want to protect your privacy on Patreon and become untraceable, use a fake name, fake email address and fake pics on your profile. 


Patreons can see your name. It is not possible to stay completely anonymous on the platform, since a social platform is created for people to identify with each other.  

All the same, if you want to stay anonymous and private or protect your information from the public, use a fake name, email address and photo on your patreon profile. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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