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Overstock Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Overstock affiliate program including the cookie duration, commission rate, how to make money from it and a comparison with other affiliate programs in the industry. 

Overview of Overstock

Overstock is an online retail brand that features just anything you need for personal and homelife. 

On, you will find just everything, be it clothes, shoes, electronics, home decors and so on.

The company was founded in 1993 by Patrick Bryne and headquartered in Midvale, Utah, US.

Furthermore, the ecommerce marketplace comprises the Etsy model and the normal online shopping model.

Worldstock, which is the Etsy model, is where you’d find crafts, furniture and handmade goods. 

Shopping is just for you to browse around for clothings, cosmetics, kitchens utensils and related products. 

Anytime you are thinking about the likes of Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc, don’t  forget to add overstock to the list. 

Time to talk about overstock affiliate programs. 

What is the Overstock Affiliate Program?

Overstock affiliate program is a a commission per sale affiliate program. 

If you are familiar with Amazon associate, you already have an idea what you can get from this affiliate program. 

You promote products on, while you will be paid your commission after every sale. 

The affiliate program is primarily hosted by Overstock

Hence, they would be in charge of all the promotional materials and you will get access to on data feed. 

Also, their affiliate program, unlike most general e-commerce stores, assigns dedicated support teams to affiliates.

What are the Products You can Promote in the Overstock Affiliate Program?

There are varieties of products to promote in the Overstock affiliate program. 

No matter the kind of audience you are targeting, you will still find some people to promote to.

Some of them include: 

Jewelry, Bady kits, Electronics, TV, Food and Gift, Fashion and beauty, Health and lifestyle, Pet supplies, home furniture, Toys, Crafts and sewings.

And a lot we can’t even list there, just go to already.

Similarly, the company has grown so well into one of the most trusted e-commerce marketplace in the online market.

So, you count on any products you find on the e-commerce marketplace.   

How to Sign Up For Overstock Affiliate Program

If you want to sign up to overstock affiliate program, you can register on CJ affiliate network.  

Or rather, since, they have a dedicated affiliate page, you can refer to their affiliate page too, here, in order to sign up.  

Fill in the form and sign up for the affiliate program.

Overstock Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The affiliate program has a cookie duration of 14 days. 

Wow! I’m moved. This is a lot longer than affiliate programs from the likes of Amazon, Ebay and even Walmart. 

In fact, most affiliate programs do not offer more than 7 days. 

Amazon offers only 1 day. 

Well, I’m not trying to paint this Overstock affiliate program different to above another. 

Just that, the cookie is one of the reasons I tried earlier and it’s worth my effort. 

Let’s leave the hype for now… 

Looking at it, 14 days cookie duration is enough to make buying decisions for anyone.

Even if they are not buying the products you are directly specifying to them, they  can still scroll around the online store and find something pleasant. 

Commission Rate of the Overstock Affiliate Program

The commission rate for Overstock affiliate program is 6%. 

Amazon offers 4% for most products and 7% for only a few categories products. 

We should even talk about the likes of Walmart and Target, where you only earn, 4% commission rate on all of their products.

Must be really bad in the retail industry? 

Maybe, Overstock deserves the commendation compared to other retail affiliate program, not all though. 

How To Make Money With Overstock Affiliate Program 

The most important part of any affiliate program is making money from it. 

Fortunately, there are lots of videos to promote on the affiliate program. 

Firstly, do you have a ready target audience? If you have a target audience, then every other step needed to make money from this affiliate program is simple. 

You can’t promote every products on the website except you have been building a general audience for a while now.  

Anyway, know your target audience. 

You can build your target audience via several means, which include:

1.  Blogging: A blog is an informative website updated regularly to answer the questions of your ideal audience. 

If you can practice SEO properly on your blog, traffic will definitely flow in. 

By this time, you can start promoting niche products  to your blog audience. They make purchases and you make commissions. 

E.g If you have a fashion blog, you can promote clothing’s yo them.

2. YouTube

While some people prefer going to Google to search and find a solution to their problems, others prefer Youtube. 

You can own a YouTube channel in any niche, give solutions to unresolved issues of your ideal customers and promote products on to them. 

Such as owning a gaming YouTube channel, and then promoting game consoles, game pads etc to your viewers.

3. Social media

Being an influencer in the athletic apparel niche means that you can promote products to a wide array of people on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest etc. 

After building your target audience, promoting overstock products should not be a problem. 

Pros And Cons of the Overstock Affiliate Program


  • Brand credibility: Overstock is a multibillion dollar company that have a significant reputation with providing shoppers with varieties of products. 
  • Product variety: You have a lot of product from different brands to pick from, maybe, not as numerous as those on Amazon but it’s a whole lot of stretch. 
  • Good commission rate: The commission rate of the affiliate program is designed to give you the utmost returns on any product you promote.   
  • Worthy conversion: The 14 days cookie duration is enough to generate the best conversion rate for the affiliate program. 


Considering most factors used in deciding whether an affiliate program is designed to generate the good revenue for affiliate marketers, I’m yet to find any dispute for this affiliate program. 

Alternatives Of Overstock Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program has always been a go to for affiliate marketers. Only a few e-commerce store tend to go near it. 

Since, it is being referred to as the as the standard of the market, you might like to choose it over Overstock affiliate program. 

Well it’s a decent alternative. 

Other alternatives to Overstock and Amazon affiliate program include:

  • eBay partner network
  • Aliexpress affiliate program
  • Walmart affiliate program
  • Target affiliate program

In short, each of the alternative affiliate program to Amazon associates and Ebay have been reviewed in some other post.

Wrapping Up

Overstock is most famous for selling electronics, but also offers apparel, home and garden products, and jewelry.

Overstock affiliate program is one of the most compelling and remains surprisingly competitive alternative to Amazon affiliate program. 

Would you like to try it out? 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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