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Olymptrade Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Olymptrade affiliate program. 

How it does work? Who should join? The cookie duration and commission? And even how to make money from the affiliate program?

All of this would be explained in this Olymptrade affiliate program review. 

Overview of Olymptrade

Olymptrade is a binary options trading platform. It allows for the trading of Forex and enjoying the financial brokerage system. 

The platform is represented in over 100 countries since it’s operation started about 5 years ago. 

Well, Olymptrade has an affiliate program you can benefit from. 

It’s available for bloggers, YouTubers and media buyers for audience in the finance, stock and forex niche.   

Any other thing you need to know about the affiliate program will be explained in the next subtopic.

What is Olymptrade Affiliate Program?

The Olymptrade affiliate program is a Cost per acquisition affiliate program. 

And it is hosted ordinarily by Kingfin Network even though a few otherr affiliate networks hosted the program too.

The program works in a way to generate optimum returns for affiliate themselves. 


Apart from earning commission for referral sign up, you’d also earn a certain amount of the price of your product. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Olymptrade Affiliate Program?

Everything about Olymptrade is Microinvestment. 

And I believe before anyone can start trading forex or trying micro investing on a given platform, they must feel safety and trust. 

Hence, the main thing you are promoting is the platform to traders, mostly forex traders and brokers.

How to Sign Up For Olymptrade Affiliate Program

As explained earlier, kigfin is the host of the affiliate program. And if you want to sign up, you need to do that directly from Kingfin. 

Just go to to sign up for Olymptrade affiliate program. 

After which you’d be provided with your affiliate link and other promotional material.

Olymptrade Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for Olymptrade affiliate program is life-time.

They continue to pay commission on every trade made by your referral. 

Once your clients or referrals are active you are going to get back your returns no matter the time interval.  

Commission Rate of the Olymptrade Affiliate Program

The commission rate is about 50%-60% of your referrals trades. 

If your referral should deposit $100 and starts trading with all, you’d earn $50 or $60 as your commission. 

That’s to show how amazing the commission rate is.

How To Make Money With Olymptrade Affiliate Program 

Promoting Olymptrade affiliate program shouldn’t be a problem if you have a blog or YouTube channel…

Charcterised by tutorials into binary options topics and high end finance topics. 

The audience that follows this kinds of website or youtube channel are always opened to trying new things on new platforms regarding trading. 

So, it’s fair to promote to them, while you also earn from it.

Pros And Cons of the Olymptrade Affiliate Program


  • Good commission strategy: The returns will continue to come up for year’s. 
  • Recognised brand: People don’t just entrust their money on any platform except that it’s a recognized brand. 


  • Risk Management: The finance niche is banded with a lot of risk. So, it’s really difficult promoting a particular trading platform go people. 

Alternatives Of Olymptrade Affiliate Program

There are several binary options affiliate program you can try apart from Olymptrade such as:

  • affiliate program
  • Binary cent affiliate program
  • iQ options affiliate program
  • Wow partners affiliate program
  • Nadex affiliate program

In fact, you should really look out for the review of any of this affiliate program on this blog.  

Wrapping Up

If you have a blog or YouTube channel where you cover tutorials about high end Finance topics, you can try out Olymptradr affiliate program. 

If you ask me about my verdict, I would say it is actually worth it, once you can get your referral to trust the platform. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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