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Old Navy Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Fashion, clothing and apparels are for everyone.

The annual growth rate of the Global fashion industry is expected to increase by about 14.2%.

With this, the demand for apparels will continue to skyrocket, in fact, the market capacity could touch $67.2B by 2023. 

Old Navy is a clothing and apparel retailer.  They sell clothes of different styles for men, women and even babies. 

Furthermore, they have an affiliate program for bloggers, influencers, media buyers, YouTubers and anyone who has a buying audience in the Fashion niche. 

You can earn from their affiliate program under simple terms. 

In this article, we will discuss those terms, cookie duration and commission rate of the Old Navy affiliate program. 

Let’s just start!

Overview of Old Navy

Founded in 1993 as a  warehouse under Gap Inc. In 1994, the company was turned into the clothing retail company we know today. 

The company as of 2019 has over 1,106 stores with the headquarters located in San Francisco, California. 

In terms of affordability of clothings and accessories, the company is one of the most accessible.

Selling clothes for men, women, plus sized people, kids and even babies. 

According to a page on their website, they were the fastest fashion retailer to reach $1B in four years. 

Is that a hype? Maybe, but they have been a reliable clothing retail company all along. 

What is Old Navy Affiliate Program?

Everything you need to know about Old Navy affiliate program

Old Navy affiliate program is a commission per sale affiliate program. 

You promote their products, you referrals buy and then, you earn your commission rate. 

However, the big question is if the Old Navy affiliate program is really worth it? 

The brand has a good reputation. And the products you are promoting are of utmost high level. 

Furthermore, the affiliate network is hosted mainly on Impact radius, yet, you can still find it In a few other affiliate networks like Skimlink. 

Additionally, any affiliate marketer in the clothing niche is open to the affiliate program. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Old Navy Affiliate Program?

I know you already know what you are promoting to your audience. 

Let’s just have a quick run around it:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes, 
  • Accessories
  • Baby kits
  • Maternity wear etc.

Most importantly, they are one of the top brands that focuses on all types of clothing. Be it newborn, kids, men and women.

How to Sign Up For Old Navy Affiliate Program

If you want to sign up for an Old Navy affiliate program, you can do that directly from Impact radius. 

Sign up to impact radius, if you don’t have an Impact radius account.

Then finally, search for the affiliate program page, and join. 

Old Navy Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for the Old Navy affiliate program is a day. 

After your referral has clicked your link, a purchase must be made within 24 hours for you to earn your commission.  Any purchase made afterwards will not be attributed to you. 

A 24 hours cookie duration is too short to guarantee conversion.

It means that no matter the time and work you put in bringing your referral to book, if they can’t buy any product within 24 hours, it is useless.  

Besides, the cookie tracking duration of other top fashion affiliate programs is usually 7 days. 

This is to show you that the cookie duration is too short.

Commission Rate of the Old Navy Affiliate Program

The commission rate of the old navy affiliate program is 1%-2% depending on the products.

Isn’t this too low?

Of course, it is just too low. Even worse when compared to the products. 

Most of the clothes and accessories are below $100.

That is you might only earn $1 or $2 for every $100 products. 

This is just too low.

The work put into eventually converting your referral might not earn you more than $2. 

In my humble opinion, 2% commission rate is poor. 

How To Make Money With Old Navy Affiliate Program 

The most important part of any affiliate program is making money from it. If you are not able to decipher the best ways to sell an Old Navy product you can’t make your commission. 

Firstly, do you have a ready target audience? If you have a target audience, then every other step needed to make money from this affiliate program is simple. 

When selling any Old navy products, you will focus on people that see utmost fashion as a part of their lifestyle. 

Then, you can narrow down to kids, men’s or women’s wear. With that, you will know who you are selling to directly. 

You can build your target audience via several means, which include:

1.  Blogging: A blog is an informative website updated regularly to answer the questions of your ideal audience. 

If you can practice SEO properly on your blog, traffic will definitely flow in. 

By this time, you can start promoting Old Navy products to your audience. They make purchases and you make commissions. 

2. YouTube

While some people prefer going to Google to search and find a solution to their problems, others prefer Youtube. 

You can own a YouTube channel in the fashion or lifestyle niche, give solutions to unresolved issues of your ideal customers and promote Old Navy products to them. 

3. Social media

Being an influencer in the fashion niche means that you can promote Old Navy products to a wide array of people on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest etc.   

Pros And Cons of the Old Navy Affiliate Program


  • Product variety: There are  varieties of product styles for you to promote to your audience. 
  • Brand credibility: Old Navy is one very credible top brand in the fashion industry.


  • Low commission rate: The 2% commission rate is too low. It’s a lack of respect for affiliate marketers who have put in the work to drive sales for them.
  • Short Cookie duration: 24 hours cookie duration is not enough for sceptical prospects to make a purchase. 

Alternatives Of Old Navy Affiliate Program

The fashion industry is blessed with profitable affiliate programs. 

Some of which include the affiliate program of Zaful, New Chic, ModCloth, Harrods etc. 

All of these affiliate programs are alternatives to the Old Navy affiliate program. 

Wrapping Up

The Old Navy affiliate program has a very short cookie duration and low commission rate. 

Sincerely, Old navy might be a top brand, but their affiliate program is just below par. 

It is difficult to make good money from it. The affiliate program is not designed to generate conversion and good returns for affiliates. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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