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Nvidia Affiliate Program Review: Can You Make Money With The Nvidia Affiliate Program?

Nvidia affiliate program is a great way to earn money from promoting gaming products and gaming video cards on your blog or YouTube channel.

If you have a tech, gaming and gaming product review blog, youtube channel or audience, this is an article you should read. 

We are going to touch everything you need to know about the affiliate program, plus the cookie duration and commission rate. 

Overview of Nvidia

Nvidia is a company that creates hardware and software in the gaming industry. 

The company creates high end GPU and Graphics cards installed into laptops and devices to increase the efficacy of games. 

GPU is the device used in  PCs laptops, workstations, and mobile phones to create interactive graphics.

In addition, they also create software, pertinent to increasing the graphics of different devices during augmented movement and games. 

Don’t let us get into the middle of the Jargons we know of Nvidia now. 

Let’s just talk about their affiliate program. What they have for you and the best ways to make money from the Nvidia affiliate program. 

Ready… Go.

What is Nvidia Affiliate Program?

How Nvidia affiliate program works
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Are you a blogger in the computing or gaming niche? How long have you built your audience around the Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) and improving the quality of digital illustration? Or you already have a youtube channel for a while around tech software and hardware? 

Another way to make money is from the Nvidia affiliate program.

One reason I respect this affiliate program is because it’s rare and unique. 

Most of the top e-commerce stores, including Walmart and Target affiliate program, do not include gaming-tech products into quantifiable products. 

How does the affiliate program work though?

The affiliate program is a commission per sale affiliate program. It’s an inhouse hosted affiliate program and I think that’s a big Kudos to the Nvidia team.   

The affiliate program is free to join and designed in a strategic way…

With the commission rate being very low, while the cookie duration is high. 

Don’t judge yet, there are still simple things to see about their cookie duration, so I would advise you go read on. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Nvidia Affiliate Program?

There are several kinds of  Nvidia GPU’s. Every time a new one comes out, it adds to the quality and versatility of the earlier model. 

Also, the GPU has unique specialisations. Some can be installed to Laptops or PC,  gaming & entertainment and others for cloud & data center.

Nevertheless, you are promoting GPU’s and softwares for improving Graphics interface in the system. 

How to Sign Up For Nvidia Affiliate Program

Nvidia has an in-house host for their affiliate program. So, if you want to sign up you can do that directly from their website. 

Nvidia has an affiliate page you access via this <URL>.

Fill in the form and wait for a few days to receive an email about the progress of your application, whether it is approved or not. 

Nvidia Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for the Nvidia affiliate program is 45 days. 

That is, if a referral should click your affiliate link, a purchase of a GPU model must be made within 45 days for you to earn your commission. 

Alternatively, if at all, the referral did not pay for the GPU within 45 days, and then makes a purchase later on, it will not be attributed to you since the cookie duration has already run out.  

I’m kinda satisfied with this because the cookie duration is longer than the standard 30 days offered by Overstock and a lot better than Amazon 24 hours cookie duration.

What of the commission rate?

Commission Rate of the Nvidia Affiliate Program

The commission rate on every product from Nvidia is 2% per sale.  

I told you earlier that the commission rate is low…

But I really don’t think it’s going to be a big deal in your returns. 

Most of the GPU worth $1000. So, for the sale of a $1000 GPU, you will earn $20 as your returns.     

Ok… Maybe it’s still poor compared to the price of other products. 

But in this industry, you might not be able to significantly rate your commission for the sale of every product.   

Pros And Cons of the Nvidia Affiliate Program


  • Brand recognition: Nvidia produces one of the most efficient Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) for laptops and devices. It’s a well known brand too.
  • Good cookie duration: The cookie duration for the Nvidia affiliate program is quite high. 


  • Poor commission rate: The commission rate is still poor even though it seems to be one of the leaders of the market.

Alternatives Of Nvidia Affiliate Program

When we talk about Gaming affiliate programs you can try, Nvidia should be one of the top but it has its competitors too. 

And I think you should try out some of the alternatives to the Nvidia affiliate program, especially if you are looking for one with a high commission rate. Here there are:

  • Vortex affiliate program 
  • Green Man Gaming affiliate program
  • Adtogame affiliate program 
  • 2Game affiliate program 
  • GameStop affiliate program
  • GameFly affiliate program
  • Razer affiliate program. 

Well, you can check out the review of all this gaming affiliate programs here on this blog.

Wrapping Up

The Nvidia affiliate program is actually one of a kind. It’s one of the best gaming affiliate programs you can join. Sincerely, the affiliate program conditions makes it easy to make $1000 from it monthly once you have built your audience. 

But the question still remains, Would you like to join? Drop a comment about what you think.  

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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