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Norton Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Norton is a company that specialises in online security and protection against malware. 

The rates of cyber attacks by malware keep getting worst everyday. 

In fact, a statistics from Broker states that about 66% of small and medium-sized businesses have experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months.

Hence, Norton came up with quality software, VPN and antivirus to protect you against vulnerable people against online breach. 

Also, they offer an affiliate program which you can benefit from. 

Are you here to know more about their affiliate program? Cookie policy? Commission rate? or what again? 

We will touch every important aspect of the affiliate program. Follow through. 

Overview of Norton

Norton is an American software security company from the parent company Symantec Corporation. 

Founded by Peter Norton in 1990 and headquartered in Mountain View, California. 

The company produces excellent security solutions for data breach, safe browser lock, malware counter applications, database security and breach, email protection etc.

It is one of the oldest companies to be in charge of human database and protection. 

Imagine joining their affiliate program and proffering solutions to common cyber-attack of individuals, start-ups and small companies. 

Let’s run through the distinct feature we were able to come across in their affiliate program.

What is Norton Affiliate Program?

Norton affiliate program is a commission per subscription affiliate program. 

They offer premium subscription software services for you to promote and earn commission per subscription. 

Their affiliate program is hosted by some of the top affiliate programs including Vigilink, Lemonads, Cuelink and Impact radius. 

Of course, this affiliate networks will be in charge of providing you with promotions materials. 

Unlike the McAfee affiliate program, there is no dedicated page that  contains information about the affiliate program. 

Still, it is managed by the networks and they have totally been at their optimum. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Norton Affiliate Program?

The products you can promote in the Norton affiliate program include Antivirus, Mobile App, Software, VPN and PC gaming security applications. 

I conclude you are familiar with how this products work before reading about their affiliate program here. 

That aside… 

According to a study, Norton antivirus and security software-generated about $2.49B in sales in 2020. 

…that’s enough to deduce the product validity and credibility of Norton. 

How to Sign Up For Norton Affiliate Program

Of course Norton is hosted on top affiliate networks such as Viglink and Impact Radius. 

To sign up for the affiliate program, join any of the affiliate networks.

Then search for the affiliate program page, and join other publishers. From there you’d be moved to your dashboard. 

Norton Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

Norton affiliate program has a 60 days cookie duration. 

Ok… what does cookie duration mean?


If a referral should click your affiliate link now and purchase were made within 60 days, your commission will be credited to you. Alternatively, any purchase made after 60 days will not be. credited to you.

60 days is a lot of days for a referral to make a decision about buying or not. 

Also, 60 days cookie duration would help to improve the conversion rate. 

Commission Rate of the Norton Affiliate Program

Norton affiliate program has a 20% commission rate. 

Let’s see how realistic you can profit from this…

Norton antivirus plus is priced at $59.99 while the Norton 360 with LifeLock have the price tag to be $149.99. 

A 20% commission rate for the LifeLock plus is about $30 while that of antivirus is about $12. 

Hence, we can conclude that the commission rate is high and the commission return is high too, at least for software. 

How To Make Money With Norton Affiliate Program 

 Before you can think of making money from any affiliate program, you need to have a target audience.

In the case of the security products and antivirus on Norton, your target market might be anyone that is an enthusiast of their security online. 

Sincerely, most people don’t even know how vulnerable they are while browsing online. If you can go through the steady steps to make them understand, promoting and selling antiviruses and security software should not be a problem. 

However, if you don’t know how to promote Norton products to them, use any of these methods:

1.  Blogging

A blog is an informative website, decent enough to solve the problem of their users and target markets. 

Creating a website about online security, antivirus, malware, tech updates, software updates and Practicing SEO can help drive traffic to your blog.

In the long run, you would promote products on your blog for these people to buy while you earn from the products.

2. Youtube 

While blogging is to relate to search engines mostly via text, YouTube can help you reach a lot of vulnerable online users via videos. 

Get a youtube channel, practice SEO, and post valuable information about online security in your videos. 

Then, attach your contents in your youtube channel. 

3. Local promotion

It is possible for you to set up online seminars and social media events about online security. Within the events, you can promote Norton products to these people.

Pros And Cons of the Norton Affiliate Program


  • High commission rate: The commission rate for the Norton affiliate program is responsibly high.
  • Long cookie duration: A 60 days cookie tracking duration is enough to close any referral and get more conversion rate.
  • Credibility: Virtually every PC and smartphone user that is keen about online security is familiar with Norton and its security solutions.


  • No affiliate page: There should be a certain webpage dedicated to Norton affiliate program. Instead, they allow only third-party networks to be in charge of their affiliate program.

Alternatives Of Norton Affiliate Program

The reason of online security is becoming increasingly important. There are so many companies looking to bridge the gap amongst non-techy people and unauthorised cyberpunks. 

If we are to name a few, Avast, Kaspersky and MCafee would not miss out of the list. Of course, their affiliate programs can serve as alternatives for Norton. 

Nonetheless, you can check out all the reviews on our blog.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for another way to monetize your blog, YouTube channel or a product for media buying, Norton has a lot you can promote. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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