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Nordstorm Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Many Fashion designers outsource most of their product to retail stores in order to reach more people. 

With that, they would be able to get more sales.

We have seen several fashion retail stores such as Old Navy, Boohoo and Nordstrom that help other fashion designer brands to remarket their goods. 

Moreover, most of them have an affiliate program since it has always helped improve brand and product visibility. 

Nordstorm has an affiliate program I think you should read about…

Especially if you have an audience around the fashion niche. 

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about Nordstorm affiliate program; while we touch the set of product you’d promote, commission rate, cookie duration and making money from the affiliate program.

Can we delve in now? 

Overview of Nordstorm

Nordstorm is a fashion retailer founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin.

The headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. 

Nordstorm services its customers through its over 247 stores in the US. 

In addition, the retail store covers over 30 countries including Canada and the UK. 

So, if anyone is interested in buying clothes, apparels and shoes, do not hesitate to try out Nordstorm.

How about earning money from referring people to Nordstorm? How does it really work? 

Curious? Do well to read on…

What is Nordstorm Affiliate Program?

Nordstrom affiliate is a cost per sales affiliate program. It is available for every single product on their website. 

You earn  money on every purchase made via your affiliate link. And as a fashion blogger or Youtuber, it should be easier to earn from the affiliate program if you have traffic.  

The affiliate program is hosted on the Rakuten affiliate network. Hence, all the affiliate activity and promotional materials are managed by Rakuten.

Furthermore, the kind of products you’d be promoting in the affiliate program are high end, premium priced and luxury products. 

Even though they are from different fashion designing and style brands.

What are the Products You can Promote in the Nordstorm Affiliate Program?

There is a diverse selection of products to promote in the Nordstorm affiliate program. 

The list is long for eligible products. However, you can divide them under several categories:

  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Accessories
  • Men
  • Women
  • Health & Beauty
  • Cosmetics
  • Department Store
  • Clothing

Also, you can promote high end products from the top brands such as Spade, Gucci, Ted Baker Patagonia, Nike and Adidas. 

How to Sign Up For Nordstorm Affiliate Program

If you want to sign up to the Nordstorm affiliate program, you can do that directly from their host, Rakuten Network. 

Sign up to 

Search for the affiliate program page. And then join. 

You should wait for about 2 to 3 days for you to be added into the affiliate program. 

Nordstorm Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The Cookie duration for Nordstorm affiliate program is 14 days. 

That is after your referral has clicked your referral link, they must make a purchase within 14 days in order for you to earn your commission. 

Any commission made after the 14 days cookie duration will not be attributed to you. 

This is incredibly short, below the standard 30 days cookie duration offered by Bohoo affiliate program  

Besides, the Gucci affiliate program has a far longer cookie duration, 45 days.  

If you don’t know about cookie duration, check them out, here

Commission Rate of the Nordstorm Affiliate Program

The commission rate for Nordstorm affiliate program is 2% per sale of each qualified product.  

Most of the products have 2% as their affiliate program, while a few have a high commission rate of up to 10%.

Also, you need to reach the $25 threshold before you can withdraw your commission from the affiliate program. 

How To Make Money With Nordstorm Affiliate Program 

Sincerely, it takes some serious work to make money with Nordstorm affiliate program. 

In fact, amongst competitors such as the Old Navy affiliate program, Nordstorm seems to be the hardest to make money from. 

How can you make money from the affiliate program then?

  • Building a niche blog in the fashion niche
  • Building a niche  audience in the fashion niche with influencer marketing
  • Building a niche YouTube channel in the fashion industry
  • Engaging and Updating your email list every now and then in the fashion niche. 

Pros And Cons of the Nordstorm Affiliate Program


  • Top brand: One of the most recognised retail brands in the fashion industry is Nordstrom. So, a lot of people already trust the brand.


Alternatives Of Nordstorm Affiliate Program

If you are looking for affiliate program in the fashion niche, you can definitely rely on Nordstorm affiliate program. 

However you should read about alternatives that are cool too: 

Wrapping Up

Nordstorm is one of the largest online shopping destinations for Fashion products. 

So, promoting their products can be another source of income for you.

However, I will advise you to check out our review of other affiliate programs in the fashion niche

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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