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Nike Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

In this article, we will discuss every single thing you need to know about Nike affiliate program. 

How do I even start this? Nike doesn’t really need a big introduction…

It’s a brand you and I know already.  

Nike is the largest sportswear brand in the whole world. The company and Adidas have been coming a long way to satisfy every sport wear enthusiast.

The brand has different partnerships with football giants such as Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Galatasaray etc…

Likewise with sportsmen such as Christiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski etc. 

Maybe you are going to be the next partner in the business via their affiliate program. 

However, I think you should learn everything you need to know before joining to be a partner of the brand. 

Does Nike Have An Affiliate Program 

Of course, Nike has an affiliate program. 

Affiliates would be open to promoting sports wear products tagged to Nike to your audience. 

The program is open to bloggers, YouTubers, media buyers and influencers. 

Nike Affiliate Program: How Does It Work

Nike affiliate program

Nike affiliate program is location dependent. 

Hence, it has different host depending on where you are located. 

If you are located in the UK, you can sign up via Vigilink. Likewise if you are located in the US or Canada, you will be able to sign up via the AWIN network.  

I can categorically say Nike has one of the best affiliate programs for the Fashion and sport industry. 

Nike affiliate program has a good commission rate of about 11% per sale while the cookie tracking duration is 30 days.

As a Nike affiliate, you will be open to a lot of free benefits, which is limited in close alternative affiliate programs, such as Adidas. 

Before we go on and on, let’s see which kind of products you’d be promoting. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Nike Affiliate Program?

Nike is a sportswear brand. 

So, the products you’d be promoting include jerseys, fitness gears, snickers, designer apparels etc. 

Perhaps, we should even categorise them:

  • Athletic foot wears for men and women
  • Sports and fitness apparels
  • Men’s fitness apparel
  • Women’s fitness apparel
  • Sport and fitness equipment.

Their online store has everything you can buy as sportswear. Especially for passionate sports fans. 

They sponsor football clubs with a very big fan base, so it is cool to have a lot of products around the jerseys of those FC; the likes of Chelsea and Barcelona.

Alternatively, apart from sportswear for Men and women, you can also promote customised products that has Nike logo on it.

Nike Affiliate Program Sign up

Nike affiliate program is hosted on AWIN, Vigilink and CJ. 

Unlike some other affiliate programs, Nike has a dedicated page for their affiliate program. 

From this dedicated page, you can sign up directly to Nike affiliate programs. 

You fill the form, then pend your website amongst every  other information. 

Similarly, make sure your website is one that is neatly built, covered with valuable contents and with a ting of traffic around sport and sport wear. 

In addition, If you are going to register from any country, It’s preferable you register with the Nike affiliate program US…

Although, when signing up, you would automatically be moved to any of the networks dedicated to your location. 

The reason is that AWIN has a better offer compared to other affiliate networks.

For instance, the commission rate and cookie duration on AWIN is far better than what we other affiliate networks are offering. 

Nike Affiliate Program Commission: Affiliates can earn up to 11% commission on valid sales. Nike has one of the best commission rate per sale  for physical products. 

I have come across the affiliate commission of several physical products, and I can say Nike has one of the highest. 

In fact, only a few affiliate programs for physical products are tagged with more that 10% commission rate.

Even though not all their products have their commission to be 11% but a host of them…

Regardless, if you were to be an affiliate on Amazon associate, you would only be offered a commission of 7% for the sale of Nike products. 

So, which is better now? 

Also, if you are a fan of Adidas affiliate program, I’m just going to say, Nike has a better commission rate than Adidas. 

Meanwhile, you should read about Adidas affiliate program too.  Adidas is a sportswear brand too, that offers affiliate programs, with a remarkable cookie duration but a slight difference compared to Nike commission.  It’s not even bad. 

Nike Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 30 days cookie duration for Nike affiliate program. 

Seeing this, Nike has come to offer one of the best affiliate program incentives. 

Their cookie duration is standard for physical goods, and also a medium to improve conversion rate.

Wait? Did you just say, you are oblivious about what cookie duration means? Here is a brief:

After your referral clicks your link and lands on Nike website, some packets of data will be released into their browser. 

These tracking cookiee that help to monitor every action of your referrals on Nike website.   

So that, if your visitors should make a purchase on Nikes’ website within 30 days, it would be tracked back and accredited to you. 

After the 30 days, the cookie would have expired, and any sales made by your referrals would not be attributed to you because the cookie is no more active and the sales can not be tracked back to you.   

Hence, Nike has a good commission rate, in fact one of the best. 

And another 30 days cookie duration to complement their high cookie duration. 

Meanwhile, if you are promoting Nike products from Amazon affiliate program, cule, you have just 24 hours as your cookie duration. 

We are going into the rosy part now. Making money!

How Do I Promote My Nike Products 

Before you can go into affiliate marketing, you should have built your audience to a particular point. 

However, if that’s not the case, here are methods for you to build  your audience, promote and make money from Nike products.  

1.   Via a blog

To make money from Nike affiliate programs, you can start a blog around athletic wear and fashion. 

Once traffic starts to roll in, you can start writing buying intents blog post on your blog such as:

  • Nike pro kit review 2022
  • Which Nike hoodie has the royal design in August?
  • Why should you buy a Nike fan shirt today?  

These are articles that will not only inform the reader but also prompt them to make a buying decision.  

2. Via a Youtube channel

Similarly, you can build a youtube channel around athletic wear and fashion.

Once thousands of views start to roll in, you can start posting buying intent videos on your youtube channel. 

3. Via Social Media

Another way you can build your blog is via social media. 

If you have a worthy audience around sports wear, it would be very easy to turn them to buyers. 

Especially if you are a Fitness coach, lifestyle influencer etc.

Hopefully, via any of this methods you would be able to make up to $1000 per month promoting Nikes’ products. Trust me, it’s very possible and achievable.

Pros And Cons of the Nike Affiliate Program


  • Brand recognition: Who doesn’t know Nike. Even if you are not familiar with the name, that logo is stingy to one’s head. It says “Just do it.” Hence it would be a lot easier to make sales, since Nike is already trustworthy. 
  • Good commission rate: 11% cookie duration is by far one of the highest commission rates I have seen for physical products.
  • Standard cookie duration: It’s a 30 days cookie duration we are talking about. This is very rare for most physical products. 
  • Product variety: There are just too many products to choose from without minding the extreme competition. 


  • Indirect competition: Adidas is the direct, closest competitor to Nike. But when it comes to indirect, online stores such as Amazon are wild competitors. This is because consumers prefer to buy products on an online marketplace rather than Nike or Adidas websites. 

Nevertheless, if Amazon had been offering something better or close to what Nike offers, it might have been easy to start promoting Nike products from the website directly.

Well, during my research, I found out that Overstock offers higher commission rate and cookie duration for Nike products. So, instead of turning to Amazon, overstock could be a good alternative. 

Let’s see other close alternatives too. 

Alternatives Of Nike Affiliate Program

Nike has a good affiliate program but it is important to talk about some other close affiliate programs too. 

  • Adidas affiliate program: Adidas is the largest second sportswear brand coming after Nike. 

They have an affiliate program with 7% -10% commission rate and 30 days cookie duration. 

Read about the review of Adidas affiliate program

  • Fabletics affiliate program:

Fabletics is an active wear brand too. 

Similarly, you can make up to $20 commission on all sales, with a 30 days cookie duration. Seems cool too! 

Read the full review about Fabletics affiliate program

These two affiliate programs alone have core features worthy enough to be referred to as good alternatives to Nike. 

Wrapping Up

For me, there is no fault to what Nike is offering. The affiliate program is worth it. 

Except, if your audience are brand picky or they prefer other sportswear brands, you will surely make good returns. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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