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Mikkel Leutgeb Car Accident – The injured students from Tenafly were “deliberately pursued.” In a car that collided with a tree in Tenafly on Sunday after being “deliberately followed,” four of the five occupants were hospitalized and underwent numerous surgeries of various kinds. A GoFundMe page set up for Mikkel Leutgeb’s Recovery claims that on October 9, 2022, as Mikkel was leaving a friend’s birthday party, several automobiles chased after him and rammed into his car aggressively and repeatedly, pretending to be police cruisers to knock him off the road. The car had significant damage as a result, was unable to continue moving, and crashed into a tree while the perpetrators fled the site of the collision.

The collision caused Mikkel to sustain face injuries, a lumbar spine fracture, and a shattered right femur.

Information on the GoFundMe campaign page for Mikkel Leutgeb’s Recovery is as follows;

Hi, I’m Michael Leschner, and I’m fundraising for my good friend Mikkel Leutgeb. On Sunday, October 9th, 2022, Mikkel was leaving his friend’s birthday party when multiple cars deliberately pursued his vehicle and intentionally, repeatedly and violently banged into his car, including impersonating a police cruiser, to force him off the road. This caused serious damage to the car, which was then unable to sustain further driving and smashed into a tree while the aggressors left the scene of the accident. Four out of the five occupants in the car were hospitalized and have undergone multiple surgeries of various kinds (which are confidential to protect their privacy).

Mikkel suffered facial damage, a fractured lumbar spine, and a broken right femur.

On the record- Mikkel’s blood tests came back with a BAC level of 0.00*, meaning this atrocious accident was not due to alcoholic influence.

I met Mikkel during my senior year of high school in 2021 when he transferred to Tenafly from Dumont and joined our basketball team. We began talking at every game and grew an incredible friendship and bond as a result. He is one of the strongest kids I know, and after just rehabilitating from sustaining a shoulder injury from last season, he was supposed to come back stronger than ever. Additionally, Mikkel’s father just passed away on September 24, and Mikkel had just returned from his father’s memorial before he attended the aforementioned birthday party.

Now more than ever, Mikkel needs all of the support in any way he can get to recover from his recent tragedies.

He hasn’t even been able to mourn the loss of his father in peace. The recent events that have transpired have not only cost him his physical health and shattered his dream of playing college basketball but have emotionally and mentally exhausted him, bringing him to the verge of serious depression.

The money raised by this platform will be used to help pay for Mikkel’s medical expenses, therapy, treatment, and other necessities to allow him to recover. Mikkel is such a sweet kid with a bright future ahead of him. He dreamed of playing college basketball, playing his heart out and never giving up no matter the setbacks like the shoulder injury. Now, this dream of playing college basketball is over.

Please allow Mikkel to be able to continue his journey. PLEASE HELP!!!!

*This information was approved by Mikkel and his family*

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