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Micheal’s Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Michaels is a supply store for art and craft, decorations, furniture and home decor. 

Also, they have an affiliate program which you can benefit from.

If you have a blog, Youtube channel or an audience that appreciates art and craft, you can make money from their affiliate program. 

Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Micheal’s affiliate program. 

Ready to learn more about the cookie duration, Commission rate and making money from it? 

Read on!

Overview of Micheal’s

Michaels is an arts and craft supply company. They create new craft and handmade products. 

Also, they are into Mortar and Brick business too, but the main one, they have a website for is their Art and craft.

Furthermore, they have an affiliate program. 

Believe me, the Micheal affiliate program can actually be worth it if you have an arts and crafts website.

However, you should know more about it, so follow suit.  

What is Micheal’s Affiliate Program?

Michaels affiliate program is a commission per sale affiliate program. 

That is you’d only earn commission on the purchase of products on Micheal’ by your referral. 

The affiliate program is hosted on CJ affiliate network. Hence, they would be in charge of tracking, analytic and your promotion materials.

One thing about this affiliate program is that most of your audience already know about Micheal’s, so it would be easier to promote their products. 


Which products wee we talking about though? 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Micheal’s Affiliate Program?

You are promoting Arts and Crafts. The website contains a huge selection of art supplies. 

Similarly, this are the same same sets of products affiliate promotes in the Hobby Lobby affiliate program, hence you are opened to a lot of returns. 

How to Sign Up For Micheal’s Affiliate Program

If you want to sign up to the Micheal’s affiliate program, you can do that directly from

Firstly, you sign up as a member of CJ, here. Then join for Micheal’s affiliate program from their affiliate page.

Micheal’s Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

Michaels only offers 1 day (24 hours cookie duration). 

That is, it you referral should click your affiliate link to land on Micheal’s website, purchase must be made within 24 hours inorder to guarantee commission. 

Any Purchase made by your referral after the 24 hours would not be attributed to you. Hence, no commission will be paid to you. 

Isn’t this too short? 

Of course, yhe cookie duration of Mickeals affiliate program is too short. And it is in the same range with Amazon. 

Fortunately, the closest alternative to Micheal’s affiliate program, which is Hobby lobby affiliate program, offers 30 days cookie duration. 

This is a good response from Hobby Lobby and you can check out for the review, here

Nevertheless, if you are yet to understand what cookie duration really means, you can check out its short explanation, here

Commission Rate of the Micheal’s Affiliate Program

The commission rate for Micheal’s affiliate program is 2%. 

Did I just hear you say the affiliate program is poor? 

I’m disappointed with Micheal’s, because this is a big brand. 

They should at least offer something above the 4% commission offered by the Hobby Lobby affiliate program.

What does this mean? The cookie duration is short and the commission rate is poor. 

Hence, the affiliate program is not designed to a peak to the core needs of affiliate promoting the affiliate program.

Is Micheal’s Affiliate Program worth it?

In my own book, Micheal affiliate program is not worth it. 

If there are competitors proposing better returns for their affiliate partners in the art and craft niche, then it is better to go for them. 

Even if you are going to use Micheal’s affiliate program on your blog. Make sure you are targeting a “Micheal’s arts and crafts loyal” audience. 

Those “Micheal’s arts and crafts loyal” audience can be easily converted.

However, on a general arts and crafts blog, you can still use it, even though it us very unrealistic to make $1000 from Michael affiliate program in a month. 

Better still, you can use Micheal affiliate program, Hobby Lobby affiliate program, Display ads and other methods to monetise your blog. 

Regardless, Micheal’s affiliate program can be used on Drawing Knitting, Painting and even wall decor blog.  

Ok… Hold on

You can promote crafts and furnitures in the overstock affiliate program and earn 6% commission per sale. So, I will advise you to check out everything you need to know about it, here.  

Pros And Cons of the Micheal’s Affiliate Program


  • Recognised brand: Micheal’s is a leading brand for crafts and home decor supplies. 
  • Product variety: Creativity goes into a lot. So, there are varieties of products to printed in the Micheal’s affiliate program.


  • Low commission rate: 2% commission on products that are averaged below $100 is really bad. 
  • Short tracking duration: Within 24 hours, Micheal’s cookie would no longer be active in your referrals buyer. Hence, any purchase made afterward is a waste for you. 

Alternatives Of Micheal’s Affiliate Program

Michaels affiliate program may be below par, it doesn’t mean there are no affiliate program in the arts and crafts niche not doing well. 

You should check out everything you need to know about Hobby Lobby affiliate programs, here, because it is a nice alternative. 

The biggest alternative is actually an Etsy affiliate program

Wrapping Up

I’m not saying you should not try the Micheal affiliate program. However, the program conditions are poor enough to not consider it. 

Consequently, you can just read the detailed list of profitable  affiliate programs with high commission, here.  

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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