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How to Make Money as an Attractive Female

Dear beauty, with an exceptional body, would you like to make money from your attractive structure?

In this article, we have outlined a list of ways to make money as an attractive female.  

1. Become an Instagram Influencer

You can become an influencer on Instagram and make money from it. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media out there with over 1.9 billion users, according to Statista

If you are an Instagram user, you would be conversant with influencers and people with high social media following. 

These are usually influencers that have built their audience and credibility on IG. 

So, they make money from posting their photos and videos on IG. 

You can also make money from posting videos and photos around a particular niche. 

Then you grow your audience. Over time, you can sell your products, services or even other peoples’ products to your audience. 

Trust me, you don’t need a lot to become an influencer or gather your audience together 

Just a Good Camera and a Real lifestyle. 

In fact, with about 1000 followers you can kickstart your IG micro influencing career. 

Here is an article you should read on how to become a Micro influencer on Instagram

2.   Become a Model

Models are making a lot of money online. 

In fact, Kendall Jenner is totally worth $40 Million according to LofficielUSA and she is only a model. 

Modelling involves representing brands and companies. Most of the brands out there, demand an Ambassador to help them reach their target customers faster. 

The demand for attractive girls who can serve as models is on the rise and starting a business in this realm is very profitable. 

Become a model and partner with brand ambassadors for top brands.

Well, if you want to start, do this:

  • Grow your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and your other social media pages around a particular niche e.g fashion and beauty.
  • Maintain social media clarification and build credibility. 
  • Join ambassador programs of Fashion and beauty brands e.g Shein, Nike, Adidas etc.  
  • Make money from promoting and selling their products. 

Read our article on how to join and make money from Shein Ambassador Program.  

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

You can make money online as a virtual assistant whether you are an attractive female or not. 

It’s a plus if you are attractive. 

There are lots of virtual assistant jobs on Contena, ZIP Recruiter, Upwork, Facebook, Linkedin etc. 

You can check out Alison for a free Virtual Assistant course to obtain a certificate that you will use for getting gigs online.  

4.  Build a Lifestyle Blog

Make money as an Attractive lady blogger

If you have a flair for writing, You can also build a lifestyle blog and earn from it. 

You can choose a niche under lifestyle blogging: fashion, beauty, pet, cosmetics etc. 

Then, you write contents on your blog, while also adding your videos and photos etc.  

Let’s use blogger Kate Arrend as a Case Study…

She owns a fashion blog Wit & Delight. This is a blog for women who are looking to improve their fashion, beauty sense and lifestyle in general. She makes money from her blog. 

5.  Join an Affiliate Program in the Fashion Niche

Affiliate marketing is the process by which retailers offer their products and pay commission to publishers who promote and direct referrals to them.

According to a survey, the fashion industry makes up a Quarter of all affiliate marketing accounts. 

Hence, there is a lot of money to take from these niche. Fortunately, this niche is mostly for attractive males and females. 

You’d be promoting these products to these sets of people. For every sale you make, you will earn your referral link.  

So, one way you can make money as an attractive female is via affiliate marketing. 

In addition, you can check out our comprehensive review of high paying affiliate programs in the fashion and beauty niche.  

6. Webcam model

As a webcam model, your duty is to show men what they want to see while making money from it. 

Might not necessarily be grown up stuff, though typically.

So, this is it: 

You will join those Webcam websites, then post your explicit videos and photos at your own terms. 

OnlyFans and Fansly are the most popular Webcam websites which you can try out. 

Corina Kopf is reportedly earning over $100,000 monthly from OnlyFans alone. 

Similarly, you can make money as a Webcam model without showing your face. 

Follow me on medium and read the post I explained how to make $1000 monthly from OnlyFans anonymously, here

7.   Sell Feet Pics

Sell feet pics

Personally, I really appreciate amazing Feet.. I’m always attracted to any good looking Feet I find on the internet. 

Do you even know you can make money from posting your feet online? 

You are like, how possible? 

You snap your feet, then post them on Feet websites and you will be paid per sale or per view. 

Examples of those websites are: 

  • FeetFinder
  • InstaFeet
  • Feetify
  • Printify
  • Your own beauty (lifestyle) blog
  • Etsy
  • Snap chat

In addition, you can still price each of your feet pics at $5 and above. 

8.   Sell Body Pictures

Sell body pictures

Apart from Feet pics, you can also sell your body pictures. 

Etsy is a large marketplace for arts, crafts and pics. So, you can take cool pictures of your body and put them up for a price on Etsy. 

Similarly, you can sell stock photos of your body on Websites like  

Below are other sites where you can sell your body pictures:

  • Stocksy
  • iStock Photo
  • BentBox
  • SquarePeep
  • Getty Images
  • Fancentro
  • IsMyGirl

9. Make Money From Youtube and Instagram Skit 

Joining skits, movies, comics acts etc on Youtube and Instagram can increase your visibility.

It’s even a very smart way to make money online. 

You can partner with top actors and artists and Make money from acting with them.    

As a case study,

In 2013, Model Joan Smalls was part of the Yoncé music video next to Beyonce. 

So far, the song has over 18 million views on Youtube.  

That’s to tell you how far this attractive lady has gone. 

In fact, According to Net Worth Roll, she is currently worth over $9 million (as at the time of writing).

Which option would you go for?  

In our own realistic view, these are the easiest ways for an attractive woman to make money both online and offline. 

If you find any other business idea or side hustle worth trying for women, leave us a comment. We will not only add it to this list but use your experience as a case study.   

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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