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MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

The beauty industry, may be already saturated for baby brands to set in, but you can still find your way around it. 

In fact, you do not need to get your store or customised products. 


The industry is already blessed with the likes of Sephora, Ulta and MAC cosmetics. 

Fortunately, for those who are looking to have a share and influence in the beauty niche, most of the beauty brands have their affiliate program.

Hence, to find your way around the industry and build your own brand, you can just promote product from these top brands.

In this article, we will be discussing MAC cosmetics affiliate program. 

If you don’t know, MAC cosmetics is one of the big minds selling cosmetics and beauty products. 

Let’s end the chit chat and delve into the MAC affiliate program review…

Overview of MAC Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics is a family-owned cosmetics, make up and beauty retail brand. 

The company was founded in March 1984 by Frank Toskan and his family members. 

Now headquartered in Toronto, Canada but then the company stretches to Europe. 

It has over 4,500 stores around the world, out of which 133 is located in the UK.

In fact, each of the stores is operated by professional make up artists. 

Likewise, the company is in charge of make up for actors and celebrities. 

What else?

They have an affiliate program for bloggers, marketers, media buyers, influencers and 

What is MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

MAC cosmetics affiliate program is a cost per sale affiliate program.

The affiliate program is hosted by third-party affiliate network such as Skimlink, FlexOffer, Rakuten link share and Vigilink.

In order to join the affiliate program, you need to have a website in the beauty and cosmetics niche. 

Your website will be reviewed within a very limited time for it to be linked to MAC database. 

After it has been linked, you’d get access to your affiliate dashboards, banners, etc which would play roles in your affiliate program.

Then the next thing is to promote their product.

What are the Products You can Promote in the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

Makeup are the main products you will find on MAC cosmetics. 

The sets include Lipstick, lipgloss, eye premier, eye shadow, mascara, lip premiers, mascara, lip pencils, palette, cometic kits etc.

There a lot of products from a wide array of brands on MAC cosmetics. 

How to Sign Up For MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

If you want to sign up to the affiliate program you can do that directly from any of the affiliate network. 


Sign up to (currently, the network offers the highest commission rate amongst all networks).

Search for MAC cosmetics affiliate program and then join. 

Note that it is important for you to have a standardised website around the beauty, make up and cosmetics niche.

MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for MAC cosmetics is 7 days. 

Within the first 7 days your referral clicked your affiliate link, there must be a purchase from the referral to earn your commission. If purchases are coming afterwards, you will not earn any commission?

Why is it that short? 

Well, MAC cosmetics is a beauty brand and only a few beauty brand tend to place their cookie tracking duration more than 7 days. 

I believe, it takes only a few minutes or even hours to make decisions about buying make ups or not. 

So, the cookie duration of 7 days might not really affect your conversion rate. 

Except that the recurrent commission you’d expect for continuous conversion will be much lower than expected. 

By the way, even some bigger brands offer way less days to track affiliate links.  

Commission Rate of the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

If you are signing up for MAC affiliate program via Vigilink, the commission rate is 4%. Other affiliate networks offer way less than the 4%. 

Must be ridiculous? 

4% commission rate looks small indeed. Alternatively, when compared to the prices of products, the return is still beyond par. 

Most of the products are below $45. A 4% commission rate on a $40 product is expected to earn you only $1.6. 

Perhaps, that’s way low. 

However, when compared to the beauty market calling, it’s not that low. The volume of audience in the beauty market is high. 

Nonetheless, even the other brands too around beauty niche have their commission rate within the same range.  

Conceivably, the market norms supports low commission rate and low cookie policy. 

How To Make Money With MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program 

According to AskWonder, 80% of women in the US wear make up daily. That’s about 161 million individual.

Outrageous numbers there from the US alone. Sincerely, the beauty market is so large in volume that you have a lot of people to sell to. 

In another report from Zippia, the Global cosmetic industry is about $380.2 billion as at the end of 2021 and this is expected to rise by 5.3% yearly. 

These are big reasons that you can definitely take your share of revenue out of the market. 

If you have a blog filled with value for beauty enthusiast, you can promote MAC cosmetics products to them. 

Since the products are coming from MAC cosmetics, most beauty enthusiasts are familiar with the brands credibility. 

So, it will be easier to sell to them.

However, you would not only relent on deep linking to do all of the work for you. 

Discount coupon codes, banner ads and a few other promotional materials can be used to improve conversion. 

Just place them at the decisive areas on your website or blog pages, conversion must turn in. 

Pros And Cons of the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program


  • Product Variety: it’s very common for most beauty brands to be stocked with varieties of make up products customers can choose from.
  • Brand credibility: The name of the brand alone is a good factor to increase conversion for their affiliate products.   


  • Low commission rate: This has always been the most juicy part of most affiliate program. A low commsion rate on MAC product will result in low revenue.
  • Low cookie duration: The cookie duration for MAC affiliate program is 7 days. It is short to guarantee continuous conversion. 

Alternatives Of MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

The Beauty niche is filled with a lot of wonderful brands. Most of which have their affiliate program.

Sephora, Ulta, Fenty Beauty, Target, Babebox and a host of others have their affiliate program. 

So, if you are looking to join an alternative affiliate program, read their reviews on this blog. Or rather visit this page to see a list of beauty affiliate programs worth trying in 2022.

Virtually all of the top beauty affiliate program would be reviewed on this blog. So, you can just hang around the blog and search using the search bar. 

Wrapping Up

Everyone keep taking care of their beauty,  it’s a wholesome satisfaction on it’s own. 

In this MAC cosmetics affiliate affiliate program review, we touched the cookie duration which is 7 days, commission rate to be 4% and other core informations.

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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