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Lululemon Affiliate Program: How to Make $1000 monthly 

Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Lululemon affiliate program.

This is one of the few affiliate programs you can find in the Yoga wear niche. 

We know Nike and Adidas produce athletics wears.

Fabletics does the same for active wear.  

But Lululemon creates unique styles of dresses and products needed for Yoga and Athletics. 

So, if you are a blogger, social media manager, influencer, Youtuber or media buyer and you have a good audience around this niche, I would implore you to read these articles.

But firstly, I think Lululemon needs an introduction.

Overview of Lululemon

Lululemon is a Yoga and athletic wear company. The company creates stylish apparels and kits for fitness and yoga activities. 

Founded in Vancouver, Canada and has since been one of the fastest growing sportswear brands, with about 470 stores around the world.

Actually, the company has a unique view of creating exclusive women’s styles for Yoga activities. 

Over time, the company took pleasure in creating apparels for athleisure, especially for cycling, swimming and running. 

Furthermore, like other top brands, they have an affiliate program which I would be explaining in the course of this article.

What is Lululemon Affiliate Program?

Lululemon affiliate program, known as Lululemon collective, is one created to drive in sales for the brand. 

It is a commission per sale affiliate program. And it is audience targeting. 

That is you must have an audience around athletics wear before you can be approved into the affiliate program.

Don’t get scared yet, it is very easy to join the affiliate program. 

Besides, the affiliate program has almost the same property as Adidas affiliate program. Like Adidas…

Nike affiliate program has a good commission rate of about 7% per sale while the cookie tracking duration is 30 days. Also, you’d have access to an affiliate marketing team whenever you needed support.

Similarly, the company has an affiliate page on their website, which is missing on Costco website for their affiliate program.  

In fact, the page has some extreme word of difference for their affiliate partners, saying:

“It’s our affiliate influencer program designed for anyone living and aspiring #thesweatlife through sweat, meaningful relationships and personal growth. 

As an affiliate marketer, you are expected to promote the company’s products via social media posts including the #thesweatlife tag and earn commissions through your leads”

The affiliate program is hosted by a not so popular affiliate network, Patnerize and they have shown dedication to the affiliate program over the years.  

What are the Products You can Promote in the Lululemon Affiliate Program?

Lululemon is an athletic apparel brand. And from that you should know they create different athletic wear styles for men and women…

And in any kind of athletic department, including Yoga, swimming, cycling, golf etc.  

You can promote any of the products available on their online store and earn your commission per verified sale. 

Lululemon Affiliate Program Requirement

To join any affiliate program, you need to be able to show anything that depicts you are going to make sales very soon…

Whether it’s a worthy website or blog, Youtube channel or social media account etc to be approved. 

And it’s the same for Lululemon collective. You need the audience first. 

Other than that, the other requirement for the affiliate program are:

  • You must be based in Canada or USA
  • You must have have a public Instagram Creator or Professional account
  • You must have at least 3000 subscribers or followers.
  • A short reason why you want to get into the affiliate program 

How to Sign Up For Lululemon Affiliate Program

Since Lululemon has an affiliate page, you would have to sign up from there. 

So, go to the Lululemon collective landing page and click on  Apply button. 

Then, it would take you to their page on Partnerize affiliate network. 

Fill in the sign up form with your right details, public social media account and website. 

Done? Now tap on sign up

However, you would have to wait for their email within the next 24 to 48 hours for you to be confirmed or not. 

Lululemon Affiliate Program Commission: Affiliate can earn up to 7% commission per verified sale on every Lululemon product. 

Fortunately, the Lululemon affiliate program has a good commission rate, just like that offered by Adidas in their affiliate program

Hence, on a Lululemon leggings priced $100, you will earn $7 as your commission rate for every sale made via your affiliate link.

Just that, most of the products have low prices compared to what you’d find on high end athletic wear companies like Adidas.  

Alternatively, if you are to sign up to Nike affiliate program, you can earn 11% commission which is more than that of Lululemon and Adidas. 

Lululemon Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 30 days is the cookie tracking duration.

The standard cookie duration for most of the top affiliate programs is 30 days. 

For me, I think this is very cool for physical products. 

Nike, Adidas and Fabletics affiliate program offers 30 days cookie duration. Precisely, it’s a good tracking duration trend for athletic wear affiliate programs. 

Wait! Did you just say you don’t know what cookie duration means?

It refers to how long your referrals are being tracked after clicking your affiliate link. 

Once referrals clicks on your affiliate link,  all their activities on Lululemon website will be tracked to you. 

If they should make a purchase within 30 days, it would be detected and attributed to you. Hence you earn your commission. 

Else, any purchase made by your referrals after 30 days, since the cookie is no more active, will no longer be attributed to you because your referrals are no longer tracked.  

Can You Make $1000 From the Lululemon Affiliate Program? 

Of course, you can make $1000 from the Lululemon affiliate program.

What you need is the right audience, conversion and traffic. 

Assuming you are promoting a product of $100. 7% commission will surely earn you $7. 

You will need 143 sales monthly for you to make $1000 from the sales of the products. 

The rule of thumb states that only 3% of your proposed customers will eventually convert at a particular time. 

Hence, those 3% are the 143 referrals that will eventually pay for your products. 

That is,  you will need about 4400 people to see your affiliate link or visit your website for you to eventually make $1000.

How To Make Money With Lululemon Affiliate Program 

In affiliate marketing, having a website is a prerequisite for success. 

If you can drive traffic to your website, then you can make money from any affiliate program. 

There are other methods to make money from Affiliate programs including video promotion on Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. 

The former, via a website, seems easier because you would have authority and autonomy over all your blog visitors compared to social media platforms. 

Let’s discuss all one by one:

1.   Via a blog

To make money from Lululemon affiliate programs, you can start a blog around yoga, general athletics, sportswear and fashion. 

Once traffic starts to roll in, you can start writing buying intents blog post on your blog such as:

  • Lululemon pro kit review 2022
  • Which Lululemon leggings have the royal design in August?
  • Why should you buy a Lululemon fan shirt today?  

These are articles that will not only inform the reader but also prompt them to make a buying decision.  

2. Via a Youtube channel

Similarly, you can build a youtube channel around athletic wear, Fitness and Yoga.

Once thousands of views start to roll in, you can start posting buying intent videos on your youtube channel. 

3. Via Social Media

Another way you can build your blog is via social media. 

If you have a worthy audience around sports wear, it would be very easy to turn them to buyers. 

Especially if you are a Fitness coach, lifestyle influencer etc. 

Pros And Cons of the Lululemon Affiliate Program


  • 30 days cookie duration: The 30 days cookie duration is long enough for you to concert your audience. 
  • Good commission rate: The 7% commission rate is actually good too. 
  • Recognised brand: Lululemon is a top Canadian brand in the fashion and apparel industry.  


  • There is a much stronger brand, Nike, with a better commission rate. I’d rather go for that.  

Alternatives Of Lululemon Affiliate Program

The sport and athletic wear industry has a lot of profitable affiliate programs. Hence, there are good alternatives for the Lululemon affiliate program. 

Here they are:

  • Fabletics offering up to $20 commission per sale in their affiliate program – (Fabletics affiliate program).
  • Nike offering 11% commission per sale in their affiliate program – (Nike affiliate program).
  • Adidas, largest sportswear brand in Europe, has the same commission rate and cookie duration as Lululemon – (Adidas affiliate program review). 
  • Puma affiliate program is another good alternative. 

Wrapping Up

We are drawing the curtail here. 

I hope this Lululemon affiliate program review has revealed everything you need to know about yeh affiliate program.

Do you think it’s worth it or not?

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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