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Lowe’s Affiliate Program: Make $1000 Monthly (Honest and Complete Review)

Here is a comprehensive review, on the Lowe’s affiliate program.  

Lowe’s has an affiliate program, worth trying, though has it setbacks too. 

In this Lowe’s affiliate program review, we will run through the commission rate, cookie duration and how the affiliate program works. 

Ready! Go. 

What is Lowe’s?

Lowes is a retail company that sells home appliances and home improvementnts products. 

According to Wikipedia, the company is the second largest of its type, in the US and Whole World… 

Siting closely behind the main Giants Wikipedia. 

The company, just like Home Depot, operates in the USA, Canada and Mexico. 

And to gain traction, they are relying on the concept of affiliate marketing too. 

Let’s delve into how their affiliate program works.

How Does Lowe’s Affiliate Program Work? 

Lowe’s has a commission per sale affiliate program. 

That is referrals have to purchase products on Lowe’s website for you to earn your commission. 

The affiliate program is hosted on Although, you can also find it on the likes of Impact. 

These days there are two Lowe’s affiliate programs hosted on One is for the US market while the other is for Canada. 

For anyone you are planning to join, you will be promoting lowes websites in both countries, and is for the US market while is for Canada. 

Obviously, there is a geo fragmentation in the affiliate program, which I don’t think is a big deal. 

Lowe’ is the 66th most popular website in USA, according to Similar Web (as at the time of writing).

So, the visibility of the brand has gone wild enough to convince your referrals of their credibility.  


What are the Products to Promote in the Lowe’s affiliate program

Lowe’s affiliate program has a lot of products for you to promote. 

The company reportedly has over 2 million products on their online store. 

You can earn commission on virtually all their products except for installation services. 

The products have been divided into categories and subcategories which include:

  • Home appliances
  • LawnMowers
  • Garden tools
  • Home decor products
  • Home security systems
  • Power tools
  • Propane grills

How much would you earn on promoting all their products then. 

Lowe’s Affilliate Program Commission

The commission rate for Lowe’s affiliate program is 2%. 

That is you will earn 2% of the amount your referrals pay for any product they buy on Lowes. 


Amazon offers 8% commission on their home improvement category. 

Ikea affiliate program has a 7% commission per sale 

That’s to show how worst the commission rate is. 

Lowe’s Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for the lowest affiliate program is 24 hours, as seen in the Home Depot affiliate program

That is you have only 24 hours to convince your referral to make their purchase on Lowe’s affiliate program.

Are you lost? Well, cookie duration can be hard to understand at first. 

Let’s explain…

Cookie are a sets of data packets that are used for monitoring the actions of a certain browser. 

In the case of home depot affiliate program, 

Once a referral clicks your affiliate link and accept cookies. This data packets will be stored in their browser. 

Hence, any action they take on lowe’s website will be monitored and tracked back to you for the next 24 hours. 

24 hours… the cookie duration. 

If a referral should make an eligible purchase within the 24 hours, you will earn your commission. 

After the 24 hours, their browser would not be monitored and tracked back to you anymore. 

Why is it that small? It’s okay.

How to Sign up to Lowe’s Affiliate Program

Anyone can sign up to Lowe’s affiliate program, once, they have followed the right procedures. 

Firstly, you should at least own a website or build a social audience around home improvement demographics. 

To join the affiliate program, visit lowe’s affiliate program page.

It has everything you need to know about the affiliate program. 

Without doubts, you can also sign up directly from there. Just tap on the Sign Up Button

It will take you right to the sigh up page on CJ, precisely for your location.   

Similarly, if you have CJ account, you can sign up to the affiliate program directly from there too.  

How to Promote Lowe’s and Make Money from the Affiliate Program

First of all, Lowe’s has a profitable affiliate program, even though it has it’s own set backs. 

In fact, it is possible to make $1000 monthly especially if you are in the home decor niche. 

Moreover, there are lots of products, with high prices, some even priced more than $500 to promote on 

However, there is a process to get to that position. How can you make money from the affiliate program? 

You are already aware you need a website, worthy of gathering visitors to your website. 

A YouTube channel built around home improvement can offer worthy returns too. 

Even email marketing, of a whole lot of people who are home decor fanatics can be another medium to make money for you. 

Is that all? Definitely not. It would have been the same old story with other affiliate program if this is all you need to make money form the affiliate program. 

From my experience, home improvement products are always different. 

Most people just buy any, not sure of a peculiar brand. 

So, if you are going to be creating a video or writing a blog post around home improvements products, they should be listings.

Such as: 

  • Best   lawn mowers in 2021.
  • Top 10 best brand curtail. 
  • 50 floor covers you should try (Latest designs).

These are reviews, but not peculiar to a certain keywords.

Audiences in the home improvement niche are confused about what to buy, when you compare and contrast with your contents, it would be easier to convert them. 

Similarly, the concept of social media can help you make money from Lowe’s program. 

However, you need to drive your social media audience to your website first. 

Lowe’s does not allow direct social media referrals in their affiliate program.

Lowe’s Affiliate Program Review: Pros and Cons 


  • Lowe’s is one of the largest brands in the niche.


  • The 24 hours cookie duration is extremely short. 
  • The 2% cookie duration is too small.
  • There are better alternatives, at least from top brands.

Alternatives to Lowe’s Affiliate Program

There are lots of affiliate program in the home improvement niche. 

We have reviewed a host of them here too:

1.   Ikea affiliate program 

If you are targeting European giants such as Germany and Spain, it’s better to go for Ikea affiliate program. 

Commission rate: 7% 

Cookie duration: 30 days

Read Ikea affiliate program review.

2. WayFair affiliate program

This another American Giants retailer in the home improvement niche.

Commission rate: 7% 

Cookie duration: 7 days

Read WayFair affiliate program review.

3. Home Depot affiliate program

There’s no way you’d be taking about home enhancement products without making a move towards Lowe’s. 

Commission rate: 1% -8% 

Cookie duration: 1 days

Read Home Depot affiliate program review.


Lowes affiliate program, doesn’t not look like the best we can go with the moment. 

Fortunately, there are better alternatives. You can check out reviews of other high paying affiliate programs in the home improvement niche

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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