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Lenovo Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Here in this article, we will discuss Lenovo affiliate program review and everything you need to know about it. 

The cookie duration, commission rate and popular questions about the affiliate program will be explained in this article.

Overview of Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese international tech giant.  The company specialises in designing and manufacturing electronics, computer, software solutions and smartphones. 

The company was founded and headquartered in Beijing, China.

Lenovo products are currently being sold in over 180 countries. 

The company also has an affiliate program in the tech niche. 

What is Lenovo Affiliate Program?

Everything you need to know about lenovo affiliate program

Lenovo affiliate program is a commission per sale affiliate program. 

So, if you are specifically looking for a tech gadget niche affiliate program, instead of a general store, lenovo has an affiliate program for you…

Whether you are a blogger, influencer, YouTuber or media buyer, you are welcome and can earn from the affiliate program.

Furthermore, the affiliate program is hosted on Impact radius. Hence,  all the promotional materials and tracking details are directed by Impact which is a third party affiliate network. 

Should we rest here a bit!

Let’s see the list of products you’d be promoting on the affiliate program.

What are the Products You can Promote in the Lenovo Affiliate Program?

In the last 30 years, Lenovo has been a key player when it comes to creating styles and new tech designs for PC, Smartphones and so many other gadgets. 

So, it means you have a lot of new product releases to choose from. 

Phones, smartphones, headphones, softwares etc are those things you can promote from lenovo. 

You can check out to catch a glimpse of the trending and latest releases from the company. 

How to Sign Up For Lenovo Affiliate Program

Impact radius and Lenovo are partners when it comes to the affiliate program. 

So, if at all you’d like to sign up for the affiliate program, then it would be from Impact radius. 

Firstly, do you have an impact radius account? If not, sign up to

It might take 2 to 3 working days for your impact account to be verified. 

Then you search for Lenovo affiliate programs

Lenovo Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration of the lenovo affiliate program is 3 days. 

Meaning that…

If a referral should click your affiliate link and make a purchase within 3 days, the sale will be attached to you. 

However, if after 3 days, any purchase is made by your referral, you are not accountable to the commission. 

Nevertheless, cookie duration is a common phrase, however, if you are new to affiliate marketing, you can check out this post, here

Commission Rate of the Lenovo Affiliate Program

The commission rate for Lenovo affiliate programs is 5%. 

If a PC is tagged $1000, a 5% commission on the sale of a PC, will give you a commission of $50. 

Once the referral that lands on the lenovo website makes an eligible purchase, you are definitely getting your commission paid.

Nevertheless, it is easier to reach the $1000 goal of the Lenovo affiliate program within a month. With 50 to 100 sale’s, you can beat $1000.

Compared to some other PC, electronics and smartphone affiliate programs, the 5% commission rate is somehow fair. 

Even if one should compare the electronics category of top e-commerce stores, e.g Amazon, to that of Lenovo, the latter carries the day for the commission rate. 

Pros And Cons of the Lenovo Affiliate Program


  • Good commission rate: The commission rate might not look really high but the return is substantial.
  • Top brand: Lenovo is a company of high end reputations, so you can trust that any product from them is original.
  • Product variety: There are varieties you can pick from any of the lenovo gadgets.


  • Poor cookie duration: The 3 days cookie duration is too short for affiliates to capitulate on multiple conversions from their users. 

Alternatives Of Lenovo Affiliate Program

Lenovo affiliate program is one of the best laptop affiliate programs, although it has its own set backs.

Other affiliate programs that can serve as alternative to Lenovo, especially if you are looking to promote laptops are: 

  • HP store affiliate program
  • Razer affiliate program
  • ASUS affiliate program
  • Acer affiliate program

In one of another comprehensive review, we highlighted some good affiliate programs that are alternatives and even pay a high commission rate compared to Lenovo. You can refer to it, here.   

Wrapping Up

Sincerely, I think the lenovo affiliate program is worth a try, at least if we are to judge by my experience and information in this article. 

Would you like to try it? 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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