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Konga Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Konga affiliate program. 

Also, answers will be provided to those unpleasant questions turning around in your mind. 

Whether the Konga affiliate program is a scam or not? We will get to know.

Overview of Konga

Konga is the 4th largest e-commerce company in Africa and the second largest in Nigeria.

The company was founded in 2012, as an online mall, selling its own product. 

Although, as at 2014, the company moved from being an online mall to a retail marketplace.

Moreover, that is what other top online marketplaces now offer, Amazon, Jumia, Souq etc. 

So, Konga has an affiliate program that you can join, promote and earn from.

The list of products you are going to promote is so long, depending on the category you like. 

What is Konga Affiliate Program?

Konga affiliate program is a commission per sale affiliate program. 

That is for every profitable product your referral buys on Konga, you’d earn commission. 

The affiliate program is termed Yuboss and it has been in existence since 2015. 

Furthermore, the affiliate program is hosted on third-party affiliate network, Post Affiliate Pro. 

I’m surprised the affiliate program is not self hosted like the Jumia affiliate program

Enough of the chit chats now…

You are going to sell a lot of products, trust me.

What are the Products You can Promote in the Konga Affiliate Program?

It is clear that online stores including Overstock, Khols, Amazon, Walmart etc categorizes their products. 

They usually have a lot of products and you know this. 

However, some product categories are promotable while others aren’t. 

Trust me, konga is different. You can promote any product you like under any category. 

There are no cogent stats for the number of products available In Konga. 

Maybe, we can say it’s also in the same thousands of products range, as on Jumia

Since you can promote all of their products, look out for any products under the following category:

  • Computers and Accessories
  • Phones and Tablets
  • Electronics
  • Konga Fashion
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Baby, Kids, and Toys
  • Beauty, Health & Personal Care
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Groceries
  • Books & Media Library
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Generators & Power Solutions
  • Automotive
  • Building & Industrial
  • Agriculture

How to Sign Up For Konga Affiliate Program

To sign up or join Konga affiliate program, go to their affiliate page, here

Fill in the sign up form. Then it would be reviewed for some days. 

Afterwards, you will be emailed about the promotion information and affiliate links.

Konga Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for the Konga affiliate program is 60 days. 

Compared to Jumia affiliate program, you have 30 more days to get conversion from your referrals on Konga.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have an idea what it means check this out.

Commission Rate of the Konga Affiliate Program

The commission rate for products varies just like every other general online marketplace. 

However, the commission rate is within the range of 1% and 3%. 

Are you disappointed? 

Well, I expected more from the Konga affiliate program. Jumia is offering up to 11% as commission rate, even Amazon products have 3%-7% commission and Khols offer 3% and above commission. 

Nevertheless, the commission rate has been divided into 4 tiers for each product category. 

Tier 1

  • Phones and Tablets –1%
  • Books, Media, and Library – 1%
  • Games and consoles – 1%
  • Computers and accessories – 1.5%
  • Furnitures – 1.5%

Tier 2

  • Electronics – 1.5%
  • Home, Kitchen – 1.5%
  • Office & School Supplies – 1.5%
  • Power – 2%
  • Food, Wine & Spirit – 2%

Tier 3

  • Agricultural – 2%
  • Sports & Fitness – 2%
  • Baby, kids, And Toys –2%
  • Automobiles & Industrial 2%

Tier 4

  • Konga Fashion – 3%
  • Beauty, health & Personal Care – 3%

Is Konga Affiliate Program a Scam 

Ok… I have a trusted friend who received payment from konga early last year.  

He got fed up with Konga and diverted to Old Navy affiliate program, since he runs a lifestyle blog. 

However, he never reported any scam. 

In addition, even  some of my affiliate marketing students vouched for Konga late last year even though they know I’m a fan of Jumia affiliate program.

On the other hand, the rate at which the Konga affiliate program has been termed a scam is rigorous. 

Of course, there are reports, even from close sources, that they weren’t paid. 

Is that a red flag? 

Maybe, but then even the jumia affiliate program was termed scam earlier, and I still earned 6 figures from it for the 5th consecutive month. 

What could have happened to Konga affiliate program then?  

Payment Structure of the Konga Affiliate Program

After your referral has bought a product. Your commission would display on your dashboard as pending for a week. 

Within this time frame, Konga would be able to manage the customer inventory and verify a successful purchase. 

Also, within that period, if your referral was not able to make the purchase anymore, then the pending commission will be cleared. 

On a normal ground, if it was successfully purchased by your referral, the commission will be released in a week’s time. 

Once the commision is released, you can withdraw it to your Konga wallet. 

Similarly, your Konga wallet balance must be more than threshold which is a default 10,000 naira. 

After you reach the threshold, you can now withdraw to your bank account from Konga wallet. 

Anyway, you can increase your threshold if you like to. The default threshold is 10k, you can change the default to 50k if you like. But then, raising the threshold means you’d only wait until your balance reaches 50k for you to withdraw.

How To Make Money With Konga Affiliate Program 

Get a website!

Get a YouTube channel!

Own your audience and target them

In any affiliate marketing program, a website, which might not look primitive to you, is the most invaluable means of driving traffic to affiliate products. 

Same for Konga affiliate program, a website or blog can increase traffic and conversion when your audience is targeted. 

Then you can update your website regularly with informational and buying intent articles. 

Also a YouTube channel packed with valuable videos for your audience is another way to promote Konga products. 

Pros And Cons of the Konga Affiliate Program


  • Good cookie duration: Konga deserves an applause for the 60 days cookie duration. 
  • Product variety: There are thousands of products on Konga to pick from and promote. 


  • Nigerian audience: Unfortunately, most Nigerians see buying things online as appalling and they prefer the physical, traditional market. 
  • Low commission rate: Sincerely, the commission rate is very disappointing and meager.  
  • Scams: The controversial reviews online is probably enough to let go of the Konga affiliate program. 

Alternatives Of Konga Affiliate Program

If you are targeting Nigeria audience alone, the best alternative to Konga affiliate program is Jumia affiliate program. 

You can also try Amazon affiliate marketing, overstock affiliate program, Khols affiliate program, Lenovo affiliate program, sincerely there are a lot to recommend.

Wrapping Up

Have you tried the Konga affiliate program yet? Do you think the affiliate program is a scam or not? What’s your experience like with the affiliate program?

All the same, you can try out any of the alternatives to the Konga affiliate program. Other than this, you can check out a lengthy list of affiliate programs outlined here

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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