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Jumia Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Jumia is Nigeria’s leading online marketplace. Generally In Africa, it is one of the rocks behind e-commerce. 

They have an affiliate program you can benefit from if you have a blog or YouTube channel. 

If you are targeting an African audience on your blog or YouTube channel, do not hesitate to read up this piece because…

In this article, we will discuss every single thing you need to know about the jumia affiliate program, including the cookie duration, commission rate, how it works and how to earn from it. 

Overview of Jumia

Julia is an e-commerce giant in Nigeria and Africa at large. 

There are rarely any products you’d start looking for online without finding them on Jumia.

Products can be reached from any category including electronic devices, kitchen utensils, fashion wear, household items, gadgets and so on. 

Even though there are the likes of other e-commerce platforms like Konga and Jiji, Jumia still has the highest share of the market. 

Furthermore, Jumia has an affiliate program which is regarded as one of the best in Nigeria. 

For me, the Jumia affiliate program is number one amongst other Nigerian affiliate programs. 

However, your opinion matters, if you’d like to try it, pls read on.

What is Jumia Affiliate Program?

Jumia affiliate program is designed to create products for affiliate marketers specifically in Nigeria. 

It is a commission per sale affiliate program. And there is no limit to the amount of product you can promote to referral daily.   

The affiliate program is definitely self hosted but then, you can also find it on affiliate networks like CJ. 

That’s to show how credible Jumia must have been with their affiliate program.

To be honest, I joined the program late last year too. 

That was the beginning of my blogging career. Well, things weren’t booming at first. 

Got only a sale in 2 months but towards the December period, the volume of products I sold on Jumia skyrocketed.  

Since then, the Jumia affiliate program has always been my first choice affiliate program for a Nigerian audience. 

One thing is that the commission rate is not fixed for every product.  And you’d agree with me that all online marketplaces do this, so it is not a big deal. 

I know you’d want to ask if I still use the Jumia affiliate program on my tech blog? Yes, however, with Overstock, Lenovo and Khol’s affiliate program.  

What are the Products You can Promote in the Jumia Affiliate Program?

There is a lot to promote on Jumia. 

I started from promoting power banks, to Samsung and Apple products. Remember, as a tech niche blogger, I would rather focus on gadgets. 

According to stats, there are over 50,000 products on Jumia… That’s huge.

Anyways, the products you can promote are in varieties and specifications no matter the niche you find yourself.   

You can get products from any of these categories and promote them: 

  • Automotive and motorcycles 
  • Books and stationary
  • Cameras and accessories
  • Computing
  • Default  goods
  • Fashion   
  • Games and consoles 
  • TVs, audio, and video  
  • Sports and fitness 
  • Kids and babies 
  • Home and living
  • Health and beauty
  • Mobiles and tablets

How to Sign Up For Jumia Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is self hosted so if you want to sign up for the affiliate program, just go to

Fill in the form with required information and sign up. 

It would take within 24 hours or so to get a response about their review. 

However, you must have a website that follows all their rules and regulations. 

Then, after review, you get an email from Jumia.

Jumia Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

All products on jumia have a 30 days cookie tracking duration. 

Meaning, if your referral should click your Jumia affiliate link right now, they would have to make a purchase within the same week. 

Any purchase made after the 30 days of tracking your link, would not be attributed to you. 

Commission Rate of the Jumia Affiliate Program

The commission rate of products on ecommerce stores usually varies depending on the products. Only very few, including the Overstock Overstock affiliate program, havea fixed commission rate.

Here is a list of all the categories and the commission rate rate attached to each products sold under them:

  • Automotive and motorcycles      6%
  • Books and stationary    10%
  • Cameras and accessories      6%
  • Computing      5%
  • Default      4%
  • Fashion    12%
  • Games and consoles      4%
  • TVs, audio, and video      5%
  • Sports and fitness      10%
  • Kids and babies      7%
  • Home and living    7%
  • Health and beauty      10%
  • Mobiles and tablets 5% 

How Does Jumia Affiliate Program Works 

Jumia affiliate program is a traditional affiliate program. It works exactly the same way Amazon associate and Khols affiliate program works. 

Well, lets run through it.

Firstly, you’d sign up and join other affiliate marketers from the affiliate page. 

Once, you have been approved, you would be provided with your affiliate links, banners and other promotional materials. 

After that, you start promotion on your blog, youtube channel or landing page. The goal is to target a given audience that can purchase any product on Jumia within the 30 days cookie duration. 

Furthermore, you will earn commission on every purchase made. 

However, for the payment structure, the threshold for payment is 10,000 naira. Having passed the threshold, you’d be paid 15th and 25th of every month, but if you weren’t able to reach the threshold, payment would be extended to the following month. 

How to Check The Money you’ve Earned On Jumia

When I started as a Jumia affiliate, one of the most dramatic things I did was checking my money every time I had the chance. 

Well, every newbie does that in order to quench their curiosity and give a bit of motivation. 

So, if you want to check the money you have earned on the Jumia affiliate program too, login to your dashboard. 

Then, choose your country and a report of activities and earnings would be displayed. You can also adjust the time frame for a more detailed report. 

By the way, the Jumia affiliate program is not available in Nigeria alone. Even in Eastern African countries such as Kenya, the affiliate program is available. 

How to Generate Jumia Affiliate Links

There are several promotional materials available for Jumia affiliate marketing. Most people still prefer affiliate links over banners and other promotional materials.

Nonetheless, in order to get your affiliate link, you will need to add your affiliate ID to the back of each product link. 

For instance, if you want to promote Redmi 10 pro, you could go to the main Jumia website to search for the 10 Pro, then copy this link. 

Afterwards you attach your affiliate ID to the back of the Redmi 10 Pro. 

If you don’t know where to get your affiliate ID, follow this steps:

  1. Log in to your affiliate dashboard
  2. Click on tools > link builder
  3. Select your country
  4. Copy the link, and paste it at the back of the product URL. Hence, you have created the affiliate links.

Pros And Cons of the Jumia Affiliate Program


  • Product variety: You have over 20,000 Jumia products to promote to your audience. 
  • Brand Credibility: Jumia is the biggest e-commerce and retail store in Nigeria and a top figure in Africa too.
  • Good commission rate: The commission rate, though varies for products, is quite good.
  • Cookie duration: The cookie duration of the Jumia affiliate program is 30 days. So, it is long enough to get multiple conversions from a single referral.

Alternatives Of the Jumia Affiliate Program

If you are looking for alternative affiliate programs here in Nigeria, try out the Konga affiliate program. 

However, overall, when we start discussing e-commerce marketplaces and their affiliate program, we must surely pick:

  • Amazon associate
  • eBay affiliate program
  • Overstock affiliate program
  • Kohl’s affiliate program
  • Walmart affiliate program
  • Target affiliate programs and a lot of them.

Wrapping Up

There are over 50,000 products to choose from when promoting products on Jumia. 

You just have to learn the affiliate marketing games accordingly.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an affiliate program with high commission and good cookie duration to try on your website or YouTube channel, check out these guides and reviews, here

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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