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InstaCart Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Instacart is an online store for fresh groceries and food components. 

Guess what? 

They have an affiliate program for bloggers, influencers and YouTubers to earn from. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about InstaCart affiliate program; including the cookie duration, commission rate and making money from it.  

Let’s quench your curiosity the… 

Overview of InstaCart

InstaCart is a grocery delivery and pick up store. It’s a portal for several local grocery stores.  

From the online stores, shoppers only need to choose the products they are interested in, it would be delivered within 24 hours. 

Actually, there is more to Instacart and we might not be to discuss all here but read on for their affiliate program 

The big question about them is if InstaCart offer an affiliate program or not. 

Well they offer one, which we will be discussing right now. 

What is InstaCart Affiliate Program?

InstaCart affiliate program is a cost per action affiliate program.

Vrbo affiliate program and InstaCart affiliate program has a lot in common in terms of how they work.

Both affiliate program can be divided into two, one for shoppers referral and the other for store owners referral. 

Hence, you can earn your commission for every shopper you refer to InstaCart to make a purchase. I’m talking about a pick up purchase here. This is the InstaCart Shopper affiliate program

Also, you can earn commission for any referral that registers on InstaCart as a customer. This is the InstaCart Shopper affiliate program.

Sincerely, since they have a lot in common, you should check the comprehensive review of Vrbo Affiliate program

Furthermore, the affiliate program is registered on Acceleration Partners. 

So, Acceleration Partner will be in charge of everything concerning the affiliate program, including signing up, tracking and providing  promotion materials. 

What else?

What are the Products You can Promote in the InstaCart Affiliate Program?

Although InstaCart sells Groceries, those are not what you are promoting specifically. 

You are promoting a customer membership and a shopper pick up. 

If you find anyone interested in picking up goods for shoppers, you can refer them to InstaCart. 

While, you can also refer shoppers who prefer home delivery. 

All in all, both look good.

How to Sign Up For InstaCart Affiliate Program

Acceleration partners are the host of the affiliate program. And if you want to sign up to the affiliate program, you’d have to go to InstaCart program page ok acceleration partners. 

Here is the affiliate page

Then fill in the form with your basic information and most importantly website information. 

Note that your website will be reviewed so make sure it has a  good traffic percentage and helpful contents. 

InstaCart Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for the InstaCart affiliate program is 30 days. 

That is if a referral should click your affiliate link, they must either complete their sign up as a customer or shopper on the website within a 30 days period for you to earn your commission. 

If your referral should go back to InstaCart after 30 days to sign up, it would not be attributed to you. Hence, no commission will be paid.

Seems cool… 30 days is the average cookie duration for most affiliate programs. 

And, All things equal, it should not take up to 30 days for your referral to make their decision. 

Commission Rate of the InstaCart Affiliate Program

Remember the affiliate program is divided into two,  so Instacart has a varying affiliate program.

For every customer you refer to the InstartCart website and a first purchase was made, you’d be paid $10.

Wait, that varies too depending on the kind of website you are referring from:

  • If you are referring from a blog or content sites, you’d earn $10 for the first customer purchase. 
  • If you are referring from a loyalty site, you’d earn $5 for the first customer purchase.
  • If you are referring from a coupon/deal site, you’d earn $2 for the first customer purchase. 

This is very small, compared to the likes of Keap referral program and Vrbo affiliate program where you about $25 per referral. 

InstaCart will now pay $25 for each shopper that finishes their first shop or delivery.

Pros And Cons of the InstaCart Affiliate Program


  • Brand credibility: InstaCart is a popular pick up and home delivery store for essential home products and groceries. 
  • Good Commision: The $25 commission rate for Instacart Shopper is good.
  • Good Cookie duration: The 30 days cookie duration is long enough to convert your audience.


  • Low commission for customers: It is easier, but it’s profitable to refer shoppers to InstaCart for direct purchase.

Alternatives Of InstaCart Affiliate Program

InstaCart affiliate program is Grocery delivery affiliate program. 

So, if you are looking for good alternatives, you can try any of:

Wrapping Up

It is unrealistic to make $1000 from InstaCart affiliate programs in a month. 

However, if you are looking for better alternatives, not only for Grocery delivery stores, you can check out this page, here. It contains detailed information about affiliate programs that offer high commission. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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