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8 Importance of Search Engine Submission

Do you need to submit your website to search engines? That’s a question I have been coming across for a while now. 

Search Engine Submission is very important if you want to get organic traffic from search and also increase your visibility. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the reasons search engine submission is necessary. Do read on.  

What is Search Engine Submission? 

Search Engine Submission is the process of submitting your website to search engines. 

That is as a webmaster, you’d be submitting your website to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines for it to be indexed. 

I think virtually all webmasters do this. 

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary? 

Importance of search engine submission

Yes, Search engine submission is important. It ensures that your website is discovered, crawled, indexed, and ranked among top searches. 

What if it is not submitted? Does that mean your website won’t be discovered at all?  

Most search engines do not rely on manual submission to index and crawl a website. 

These days, once an authority website links to your website, it is likely for search engines to crawl your website. 

If anything worthy enough to support a query is found on your website,  it would be indexed. 

Advantages of Search Engine Submission 

1. Increased Visibility

A very visible way to increase your website visibility in the digital space is by submitting it to search engines. 

After submitting your website to search engines. It would be easy for search engine bots to crawl your website, index it, and rank your website for some keywords. 

So, the chances of being found online become easier with the help of search engines. 

2. More Traffic

As much as you might be relying on other traffic sources for now, Organic traffic from search engines is substantial.

Search engine submission is an incredible way to get more traffic to your website. 

Whenever your website pages rank on the Google first page, searchers are likely to click into your website. Hence, bringing in more traffic. 

Similarly, your organic visitors can still share your web pages to their social media pages bringing in more traffic for you. 

3. Improved Ranking

Only when you submit your website to search engines would your web pages rank for some keywords.

And without ranking, it would be very difficult for you to drive in organic traffic to your blog. 

So after submitting your website to relevant search engines you should also plan content, keywords, and SEO strategy. 

4. Helps in lead Generation

You can generate leads from search engines. 


By submitting your website to search engines. 

If you have an e-commerce website, affiliate website, product, and services website, etc, or a landing page that has an offer, submit your website to Google, Bing, and other search engines to generate leads. 

Funny enough, you might not even put in a lot of work to convert your leads into customers or clients. 

Search engine submission can help build brand awareness

5. Better Branding

The fact is, websites that are known to not getting validated on Search engines are spammy websites

Or should we just say, these are websites that are known for scamming people. 

So, if you want to give your website a good image and outstanding branding, then it should be registered on Google’s first page. 

6. Take Your Business to the Next Level

So, I was talking to a friend days ago about the next step to growing our Print-on-delivery business. 

His response was, “submitting the website to more search engines”.

I couldn’t agree less to that. 

Although the website was already validated on the Google search console we had to submit to 2 other search engines: Bing and Yandex. 

Once you start getting traffic from search engines, it becomes easier to expand. 

Submit your website to different search engines and make sure you are getting as much organic traffic as you should be getting. 

Within a while, your business will be able to expand. 

7. Cost Effectiveness

You don’t need to pay anyone to register on a search engine. 

I’ve registered over 15 websites on Google and Bing and I didn’t pay anyone to do such. 

Those SEO companies that do say getting indexed on Search engines require payment are only voluptuous eaters. 

They are looking to squander your money as they wish. 

Interestingly, you can do this yourself within just 5 minutes.

Ahrefs Joshua Hardwick, has a full guide on how to submit your website to search engines. 

8. Long-Term Strategy

Once you have submitted your website and it gets indexed, you would not have to worry again about resubmitting. 

A website indexed on a certain search engine already has a history on the search engine.

The more you put in the work to provide quality to your proposed visitors, the more you gain more trust or authority on the search engines. 

So, it’s a lasting, lifetime strategy.  

How do you know if your website has been submitted to a certain search engine? 

Like many other guides, you have to go to to check if your website is indexed. 

Similarly, you can check Google Search Console to know website is already submitted on Google. 

For Bing, Check their Bing Webmaster tool whether your website has been submitted or not. 

Better safe than sorry!

Just submit once and for all. 

Besides, it cost nothing to register your website on all these Search engines. 

Interestingly, Submitting your website to Google and Bing gives you access to free tools to help improve your website

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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