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IKEA Affiliate Program: Make $1000 Monthly (Honest and Complete Review)

Here in this article, we will run through everything you need to know about Ikea affiliate program. 

Ikea is one of the top European companies for furnititure end home decor products. 

They have grown over the years via several marketing strategy. And affiliate marketing can not be overlooked amongst the ways they have used to grow.  

In this Ikea affiliate program review, our focus would be about commission rate, cookie duration, how the affiliate program works and how to promote Ikea. 

Let’s delve in immediately. 

What is IKEA?

Founded in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad. 

Ikea is a retail company that sells furniture, home decors, accessories and kitchen utensils. 

It’s a Swedish conglomerate, headquartered in Netherland but has stores in a lot of country including Germany, USA, UK, France and China. 

The company now has over 400 stores, in different location internationally. 

And what? Ikea has a website where customers can make orders. 

Their furniture are usually made of high quality, modernist design. 

In 2021, Ikea generated $12.88 billion dollars in profit, signifying how big the company is. 

Kudos to their marketing effort too.

They are still one of the best retailers for furniture products… Interestingly, the competition is somehow intense in the market. 

Regardless, every company keep copying and re-cycling competitors strategy. 

Ikea uses affiliate marketing as one of it’s strategies. 

And that would bring us to the big question. 

Does IKEA Have an Affiliate Program?

Ikea has an affiliate program. Interestingly, it is directed to their German market. And it’s an avenue to make money online, especially for  affiliate marketers and bloggers. 

Anyways, I have a lot to disclose to you in the affiliate program. 

Hang around buddy…

How Does IKEA Affiliate Program Work? 

Ikea affiliate program is a commission per sale affiliate program. 

You earn commission by referring new customers to order products on Ikea websites.  

The affiliate program is not US based. In fact, it is not avalible for English  speaking countries, UK inclusive. 

Similarly, the affiliate program is hosted on three networks – inhouse based, Tradedoubler and Admitab affiliate network. 

The inhouse based hosts are focused on the Spanish market. While Tradedoubler and Admitab affiliate network hosts the German market. 

That’s to tell you that the affiliate program is splitted for their main markets, at least for now. 

The affiliate program used to be hosted on AWIN too, which is, until recently when it is no more available. 

In short, the affiliate program is available in Germany, Netherlands and Spanish speaking companies. 

Meanwhile, if you are targeting the excluded English countries, you can go for WayFair affiliate  program

What Products Can You Promote in Ikea Affiliate Program

Thousands of products are available on Ikea website. 

As an affiliates, you can promote all of their products and earm commission from them. 

Like other e-commerce stores, their products are in categories, popular ones are: 

  • Furniture
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Home Accessories  
  • Home decor etc.

IKEA Affilliate Program Commission

The inhouse host of Ikea affiliate program offers a commission rate of 6%. While Tradedoubler is offering 7%. 

The main difference here is the variability in countries.

So, if you are sign in up via their inhouse host, you will earn 6%. 

And you will be promoting to their spanish audience. 

All the same, I believe you know the drill already. 

I wouldn’t say the commission rate is that bad. WayFair offers 7% in their affiliate program too. 

Even Amazon and Walmart offers 1%-4% commission for furnishings and home decor category. 

IKEA Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

Ikea affiliate program cookie duration is 30 days, for the inhouse hosts and the affiliate networks.

Hence, you have an extra 30 days to convince your referral to buy products on Ikea websites. 

You only get commission on any purchase they make within the 30 days after they have clicked your affiliate links and lands on

After the 30 days, you will not earn any commission on their purchases. 

30 days is the standard cookie duration and it is tantamount go the fact that affiliate program is designed for higher conversion rate. 

At least, Overstock and other too affiliates programs are offering 30 days cookie duration.  

Let’s go slow a bit and talk about what cookie duration means in context:

Cookies are set of data packets that are used for monitoring a browser activity. 

In the case of Ikea, 

If your affiliate referral should land on Ikea website, a sets of data packets (cookies) would be stored on their website. 

These cookies would monitor all of their activities on Ikea website for the next 7 days. 

Remember 7 days is the cookie tracking period. 

Well, any of their activity within that period will be monitored and tracked back to you. 

Any of their activities after the 7 days would not be tracked back to you, since the cookies would no longer be active.  

How to Sign up to IKEA Affiliate Program

Ikea affiliate program has 3 main host. 

The inhouse host, Admitab and Tradedoubler.

I have explained the concept behind the 3 above. 

Depending on the country or market you are targeting, you should be able to choose the right ones to sign up.

Their conditions are almost the same too. At least you will earn up to 5% commission per sale.

IKEA Affiliate Program Review: Pros and Cons 


  • The commission is low, but on a more detailed look, it’s better than most in the same market. 
  • The cookie duration is high. 30 days is long enough to convince your audience. 
  • Ikea is a contender for one of the best retail stores for furnitures and home decor. 


  • The affiliate program is limited to certain countries alone. 

Alternatives to IKEA Affiliate Program

There are several affiliate programs in the furniture and home decor niche. 

Some of which are worthy as alternative to Ikea affiliate program:

1.    WayFair affiliate program

Commission rate: 7%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Read WayFair affiliate program review.

2. EBay affiliate program

Commission rate: 60%

Cookie duration: 24 hours

3. Walmart affiliate program 

Commission rate: 3%

Cookie duration: 3 days

Read Walmart affiliate program review.

4. Branch affiliate program

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie duration: 45 days

Read Branch affiliate program review.

4. Ashley furniture affiliate program

Commission rate: 5% 

Cookie duration: 30 days

Read Ashley furniture affiliate program review.

5. Target affiliate program

Commission rate: 3% 

Cookie duration: 7 days

Read Target affiliate program review.


In this Ikea affiliate program review, I hope you have learnt everything you need to know about the affiliate program. 

Would you like to join or choose an alternative? There are reviews of other affiliate programs in the niche. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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