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HubSpot Affiliate Program Review: Make $1000 Monthly Promoting HubSpot Tools

Here in this article, we will run through a whole lot of information about HubSpot affiliate program.

HubSpot, is one of the marketing giants that can not be overlooked in the online space.

If you have been in the digital marketing and business field for a while, Hubspot tool kit would not be new to you. 

I hope it has been of great help to your marketing journey as much as it is to me. 

Nonetheless, we can’t keep talking about Hubspot growth, without mentioning their affiliate marketing program. 

Of course, affiliate marketing is one of their expressive strategies to drive leads and customers.

If you can read this Hubspot affiliate program review to the end, you will learn about:

  • Hubspot
  • The affiliate program cookie duration
  • The affiliate program commission rate
  • And even how to promote and make money from Hubspot

How about you just read on!

Overview of HubSpot

Hubspot is a CRM established to optimize business marketing strategies and get the best out of business potentials. 

It was founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. 

The business tool kit has the following tools:

  • Marketing hub: Used to grow traffic and optimize conversion rate.
  • Sales hub: Used a kit for selling, automation and sales analytics
  • Service hub: This monitors, optimizes and standardizes customer service experience.
  • CMS Hub: Content management system
  • Operations hub: Analyse and optimise operational concepts. 

Rather than taking on all of  that work, you could easily outsource to Hubspot marketing hub. 

It would help run your campaigns, sales automation and optimize customer service experience. 

The company has over 15,000 marketing resources. Hence always following up with the latest trends in digital marketing. 

Hubspot software has reached the landscape of over 40,000 customers. 

What about the Hubspot affiliate program?

What is HubSpot Affiliate Program?

Hubspot affiliate program

Does Hubspot have an affiliate program? Of course, Hubspot does have an affiliate program. 

It’s an opportunity for anyone that understands how online marketing works.

I have come across several Business CMS and CRM affiliate programs, yet, Hubspot is pulling one of the best shots. 

Firstly, the affiliate program is hosted on Impact. This is a proven affiliate Network already. 

Similarly, the affiliate program has a unique commission rate and very long cookie duration. 

The affiliate program is a commission per acquisition affiliate program. 

You only earn when referrals pay for any of HubSpot premium softwares. I was thinking they could have pulled out a commission for free trial sign-up, as seen in the Semrush affiliate program cookie duration.

In addition, you don’t necessarily need to be a user of Hubspot to become an affiliate. However, I would still advise you to sign up for the Free trials. 

You can’t explain what you have not yet tried. Research wouldn’t have beaten practice. 

Even before I posted this Hubspot affiliate program review, I joined the affiliate program and then made extra research, enough information to make money from the affiliate program. 

Regardless,  which products are you promoting?

What are the Products You can Promote in the HubSpot Affiliate Program?

HubSpot is a SAAS brand so it’s normal if you will only be promoting paid subscriptions to their software. 

There are no minimum sale requirements for any of their products. 

Precisely, there are three products that you can earn commissions on:

  • Starter plan: Costs $50
  • Professional plan: Costs $890
  • Enterprise plan: Costs $3,200

So, those are the HubSpot software subscription plans you can promote to your audience and the monthly fees your referrals are expected to pay before they can be opportune to use any. 

How to Sign Up For HubSpot Affiliate Program

Hubspot affiliate program sign up

Hubspot is hosted on Impact primarily. Even though you can still get to find it on other affiliate networks. 

Besides, I don’t think signing up via any other affiliate network will be approved.

If you want to sign up, visit the Hubspot affiliate page and click on Apply Now

Choose your desired commission payment option.

Fill in your personal information and website prerequisite.

Once done,  you might need to wait for an email within 24-48 hours to ascertain whether your application was approved or not. 

Meanwhile, I would advise you to tender a website with clean history – no inane words or inappropriate content. 

HubSpot Affiliate Program Commission 

Hubspot affiliate program commission is available at 15% recurring for the first 12 months or a 100% commission for the first month’s revenue. 

Do you understand this statement? Let’s retract then. 

When signing up you will have to choose one of two options stated for commission payments. 

Firstly, you either earn a 15% monthly commission from your referral’s monthly subscription fee for the next 12 months. 

Perhaps, if you don’t like that, you could just go for the option to receive 100% commission in the first months. That is you will be paid all your referrals subscription fees in the first months. 

Let’s compare each subscription plan. 

1.    Starter plan ($50)

If you are going for the 15% monthly commission, you will earn $7.5 monthly for  12 months, yet accounting for $90 over time. 

The second option, a 100% commission rate will only earn you $50 commission in your first month.

2. Professional plan ($890)

If you are going for the 15% monthly commission, you will earn $133.50 monthly for  12 months, yet accounting for $1,602 over time. 

The second option, a  100% commission rate will only earn you $133.50 commission in your first month. 

3. Enterprise plan ($3,200)

If you are going for the 15% monthly commission, you will earn $480 monthly for  12 months, yet accounting for $8,960 over time. 

Similarly, for the 100% one-time commission, you will find the full $3,200.

I think the 15% monthly commission has higher returns but will take longer to take up your commission payments. 

While the 100% commission pays lower, it would be paid almost immediately. 

Go for the formal if you are patient enough. The latter commission rate is for those that want to take their profit immediately.  

HubSpot Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

Hubspot affiliate program cookie duration is 90 days. 


You have 90 days to convince your prospects to pay for subscription fees, at least for you to qualify for your choice of commission. 

Then, if after 90 days, they decide to pay for the subscription fees, it would not be attributed to you. 

Before you start to crack down on what cookie duration is, read a still simple explanation of cookie duration.  

Cookies are a set of data packets stored in browsers and used to monitor users’ activity on a particular website or web page. 

So, once your referral lands on any affiliate page, these cookies would be settled in their browser to monitor their activities on the affiliate website. 

There is a time frame for the cookie to be active. After this time frame has been covered, the activities of your referrals will no longer be tracked. 

In the case of Hubspot, your referrals land on the HubSpot website. They get monitored, if they should purchase within the 90 days time scale, it would be traced back to you.

Finally, what’s impressive about this commission rate is that it shows Hubspot are keen on optimising affiliates’ conversion rates. The longer the days, the more the conversion.

How To Make Money With HubSpot Affiliate Program 

Hubspot is worth promoting. It is very realistic to make $1000 per month. 

I want to believe you have been growing your audience in the business niche for a while. 

Once you have a blog, youtube channel or an audience around SMBs or businesses in General, you can make money from promoting Hubspot.

So, here are the ways to promote and make money from Hubspot.

  • Get a blog in a business or digital marketing niche. Optimise posts around Hubspot.
  • Build your YouTube channel and post enlightening videos about Hubspot.
  • Social media, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are wonderful ways to grow one’s audience online.

Pros And Cons of the HubSpot Affiliate Program


  • Long cookie duration. 
  • Good commission rate.
  • Very clear and comfortable returns.
  • HubSpot is already a well-recognised company with outstanding portfolios. 


  • The prices of Hubspot products are indeed very high. 
  • Commission per referral is not approved in the affiliate program.

Alternatives Of HubSpot Affiliate Program

1.  Semrush affiliate program

Commission rate: $10 commission per free trial referral and $200 commission on every paid subscription.

Cookie duration: 120 days

Read Semrush affiliate program review.

2.  Squarespace affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $200 for paid subscription. 

Cookie duration: 30 days

Read Squarespace affiliate program review.

3. Keap affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $300 per referral 

Cookie duration:

Read Keap affiliate program review.

4. Square affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $233 commission per sale

Cookie duration: 45 days

Red Square affiliate program review.

Wrapping Up

Hubspot affiliate program offers you a decent commission rate, long cookie duration and very good support as an add-on. 

Though it looked like you aren’t going to miss a lot, I would advise you to check our review of high-paying SAAS, CRM software affiliate programs

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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