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How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

Can you sell feet pics and make money?  

The short answer is “Yes.”

… But, how is that even possible when there is a high rate of getting scammed?

Who would have bought fet pics when they can just screenshot it? 

Can you even get where to sell feet pics online? 

These are questions that might be borthering you right now…

For these reasons, this page has been dedicated to how sell feet pics online without getting scammed. 

What are Feet Pics?

Feet pics are the pictures of the feet. 

So, making money from feet pics involves snapping your feet, giving it finishing editing touches and selling it online.  

But wait… is it safe? 

Is Selling Feet Pics Safe?

Yeah, it is 100% safe to sell feet pics online. 

If you are a lifestyle micro influencer, with an attractive feet and a good camera, this can be a smart way to make money online.  

Interestingly, People who buy feet pics do that for a good reason. 

Who Buys Feet Pics

Come to thing of it, why would anyone buy feet pics when they can take photos of their feet? 

Here is a list of those category of people that buys feet pics:

1.    Bloggers

Bloggers need visuals, such as photos and videos,  in their blog contents and one shouldn’t use users. 

Similarly, it might be a certain feet pics that would have the main features they are looking for. 

For instance, if a tattoo blog is looking to write content about a “cat tattoo on the lap, with a certain length and width”, they can buy from you.   

2. Stock photography platforms

Stock photography platforms are platforms that buy digital photography on a certain website and resell them on their website. 

Most digital marketers or media buyers tend to buy attractive photos from Stock photography platforms.

Hence, these stock photo platforms would have to buy from you first before reselling at a higher cost. 

A good example of a stock photo platform is Shutterstock. 

3. Modelling agencies

Modelling agencies are agencies that require attractive pictures to promote or market their products. 

If there is a demand for feet pics for certain products, it would be best for them to buy. 

For instance, if these modelling agencies are looking to promote acne creams for the feet, and yours matches their criteria, they might just buy. 

4. Content creators

As a content creator, I can’t deny the fact that I buy images on the likes of for professional photos. 

However, if I had been looking for feet pictures, FeetFinder is the first place I would visit. 

So, let’s just say a decent number of content creators in the beauty niche make Feetpics purchases once in a while to optimize their content. 

5. Movie production companies. 

If you are taking your feet pics as a real business. I mean, developing your brand as a Feet pics seller or foot model, you might get selected by movie production companies. 

And the only thing you will be doing for them is to provide pictures of your feet. 

6. Feet image lovers

If you don’t know, some people are die-hard fans of feet pics. 

I mean just like how some of us would prefer to have the photos of celebrities (or role models) as our wallpaper, they do prefer Feet pics.

How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

This days, it’s really difficult to do anything online without falling into the scam put. 

There are lots of scam website claiming to help people reach their money goals.  

… Despicable set of buyers aren’t helping too, for any feet model looking to sell directly. 

So, it’s difficult to sell feet pics online without getting scammed. 

However, one thing you should start doing on all your pics is to make sure they are copyrighted. 

Put a watermark on all your picture. The watermark must be peculiar to you. And then anyone looking to pay for it would ask for one without watermark. 

Nevertheless, the best ways to avoid feet pics scam as a seller is to identify those legit websites and list your products on them.

Best Websites to Sell Feet Pics

1.  InstaFeet

2. FeetFinder

3. DollarFeet

4. Zazzle

5. Etsy

6. Craiglist

7. Personal websites/blog

8. Feetify

9. Stock photo sites

10. OnlyFans

11. FeetFinder


How to Sell Feet Pics on Social Media

1. Instagram 

2. TikTok 

3. Twitter

4. Reddit

5. Facebook

How Much Should You Sell FeetPics

Most feet pics sellers charge $5-$100 per feet pics. So, you can put your price around any of thesee range. 

Tips to Selling Feet Pics Online Without Getting Scammed

Here are important things you should take note of, without getting scammed: 

  • Sell on a legit website. 
  • Add watermark to your images, in order to prevent. 
  • Stand on your price.
  • Be careful of over emphasized offers. 
  • Don’t meet client’s in physical places.
  • Have a good payment method.


What is the safest way to sell your feet pictures online?

  1. Do not show your face in the picture.
  2. Do not reveal your location or primary identity.
  3. Do not pay the client, unless it is a legit website you are sure off. 
  4. Do not accept to meet in person. 
  5. Do not accept physical products unless the buyer is from the same city. 
  6. Add watermark to all of your images.
  7. Make sure you have confirmed payment before releasing the pics. 
  8. … and a lot of those practices.

Where can I sell my feet pictures to make money?

  1. FeetFinder
  2. Feetify
  3. Twitter
  4. Instafeet
  5. Craigslist
  6. Foap
  7. OnlyFans
  8. Dazzle
  9. Etsy
  10.  Personal website or blog 

How do I start selling feet pics anonymously?

  1. Do not disclose any of your personal information such as name, address to buyers.
  2. Do not show your face in your pics.
  3. Do not accept to meet in person.
  4. Do not accept physical payments and gift cards.  

How much should I charge for feet pictures?

Though it depends on the market you are charging, the price range for most sellers is between $5 – $100. 

Wrapping Up

Are you still looking for the best places to sell feet pics online without getting scamed? 

Everything you need to know has already be explained in this article. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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