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How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

With over 1.44 billion monthly users on Instagram, it is obvious you can find a way to sell your feet pics.  

…But how? 

What is the process involved in selling feet pics on Instagram? How can a foot model sell feet pics on Instagram safely, without falling into scams?  How would you even maximise earning and make lots of money from foot pics on Instagram? 

Here in this article, we are going to run through everything you need to know about running a foot pics business on Instagram and making real money from it. 

Shall we begin? 

What are Feet Pics?

Feet pics

Feet pics are pictures of the feet, usually used for promotions, media buying and product ads. They can be sold online in exchange for real money.   

Is Selling Feet Pics Safe? 

Yes, selling feet pics is both safe and legal. 

It’s not as if your face would be showing in the real picture. 

So, you are at least safe even in the case of your photo being used in defaming. 

And again, I don’t think any con in their right mind would have thought of using feet pics for despicable acts when there are free face pics roaming around the internet. 

Besides, most people that buy feet pics are people who are interested in using them for content creation, promotion and marketing.  

How much money can I make selling pictures of my feet on Instagram?

I could vividly remember watching an Instagram Feet Model saying she makes up to $30,000 selling feet pics. 

Make money from selling feet pics on instagram

Cool right? 

Except you have built your audience, the returns you will be getting from selling pictures on Instagram would be low. 

However, it should be able to bring back its actual worth in terms of a side hustle. 

How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

There are two ways by which you can easily sell feet pics on Instagram, which are:

  1. Selling directly from Instagram.
  2. Or selling indirectly from other third-party websites but on Instagram. 

1. Selling directly on Instagram: This means selling directly to your audience. 

2. Selling indirectly from other third-party websites but on Instagram: This means selling from another third-party marketplace but promoting and getting leads via Instagram. 

Anyways, let’s discuss the steps involved in selling feet pics on Instagram:

  1. Create an Instagram account 
  2. Set up and optimise your profile
  3.  Take excellent shots
  4. Advertise and Promote
  5. Use Hashtags
  6. Optimise your bio as a Feet Pics seller/model
  7. Be consistent
  8. Collaborate and engage your profile
  9. Rely on trends
  10. Boost your Instagram page

1. Create an Account

The first thing you should do is create your Instagram account. 

Download and install the Instagram app. Then sign up with your email, name, and phone number. 

Verify your email and phone number, and then let’s run through the next step. 

I want to assume you already have an Instagram account though.

2. Set Up and Optimise Your Profile

The next step is to set up and optimise your profile and this is where the real work is.  

What you would be optimising on your profile include your profile pics, cover pics, bio, and website… just make sure you add anything that would summarise what your character looks like. 

Firstly, you should make sure you snap a properly lightened profile picture, that will show your face. 

Then write a bio that signifies exactly what you do e.g “I’m a fashion enthusiast and a feet model” is a very short summary of what a bio can look like.

Probably, you can add cover pics that show another part of your lifestyle e.g if your profile is about the fashion modelling niche, you can have a picture of yourself during a trip as a cover picture.

If you have a personal website, do make sure you add it to your profile.

In all you do, make sure you optimise your profile around being a feet pics model and selling pictures of your feet. 

What’s next?

3. Take Excellent Shots

Like I do say, you need excellent shots, and quality pictures to have a say in the social media space. 

Make sure any photo (feet pics) you would be posting on your profile are those terrific impression. 

Similarly, after taking those pictures, you can edit using photoshop for finishing touches.  

This would also improve the quality of your pictures and feet pics. 

It’s advisable to add a watermark peculiar to your brand to any of your pics to prevent copyright infringement. 

There are no ways to blur the photos on IG, as seen on FeetFinder. So, the best you can do is to add a watermark.

Similarly, you can also create an exclusive video of your feet. Instead of posting photos on your Instagram alone, you should create short videos that can be posted on reels or stories once in a while.

4. Post and Optimise It

Post your pictures and videos and make sure you optimise them for viewers and the instagram Algorithm. 

The explanatory and captivating captions will help support your videos and photos too. 

Such as using “bubble feet with clean vibes”  as a caption for a photo of your feet with bubble stuff being the background of your photo.

How about hashtags? 

5. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are also needed for feet pics. I guess it’s difficult to find hashtags for Feet pics, one enough to drive traction to your website. 

So, check out this list of trending hashtags that can help your feet pics and   videos go viral on Instagram: 

#beautifulpics #instafeets #uniquefeetz #feetfinder #footpic #smoothfeetz etc. 

6. Advertise promotemAte

At the end of it all, everything boils down to advertising and promotion. 

Looking at it, if you can promote your Instagram page on other social media pages or even use the Promote Page feature on Instagram, you can easily get more followers and fans. 

7. Be Consistent

Consistency matters most, whenever it comes to growing social media pages. 

Fortunately, you are only going to be posting foot pics, so it does not look too difficult to create content. 

Just 1 or 2 feet pics and feet videos will do every single day. 

8. Collaborate and Engage Your Profile

You can’t push it by yourself, collaborate with other foot models or even body models and create worthy content with them.

They might even refer you to bloggers, media buyers and model agencies who would be interested in buying feet pics. 

9. Rely on Trends

There are trends in the foot- selling niche too which you can rely on to create your content. 

Use pics and content that attract the most viewers to your profile. Replicate this kind of post now and then. 

Finally, make sure you post what people are willing to pay for. 

… But come to think of it, we have not started discussing selling in-depth. 

10. Sell

Make sure your content is actually around the feet of the pics you want to sell. 

You can post pictures and videos of how people can take care of their feet. 

Then, post a picture of your feet now and then too. 

However, signifying out those you would be selling. 

If you are hosting your feet pics on another site, you should post content around it, and then link back to the third-party site you are selling on. 

Similarly, if you are selling directly, you can post the preview of the main feet pics you want to sell. Find a way to blur it and add a watermark to it, so it would be difficult to copy. 

After all, just make grow your Instagram page first, promote your page and sell your feet pics to your audience. 


How can I sell my feet pictures on Instagram without getting scammed?

Simple, you should make sure you are adding watermarks to your photos to validate your ownership. 

Also, do not send the original pictures to your clients before receiving payment. 

However, it is even better if your feet pics are listed on feet pics marketplaces websites like Etsy, FeetFinder and InstaFeet. 

Is it safe to sell FeetPics on Instagram?  

Yes, it is 100% safe to sell feet pics on Instagram. Besides, you can even stay anonymous on Instagram, without getting affected by any breach of privacy.

How to collect payment for your feet pics on Instagram?

If the buyer is from your locality, a bank transfer can work. However, Paypal, Stripe and Payooner are payment methods for international buyers. 

Can you sell feet pics on Instagram? 

My first advice to you as a feet model is to make sure you have a watermark on all your feet pictures, which would serve as copyright.

Then, build your Instagram audience to make sales. 

All the same, you can try out our other post, where we explained how to become a micro-influencer on Instagram to get more information about building your brands and making money via Instagram.

Would you like to add any other thing? Please, do let us know in the comment section. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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