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How to Sell Feet Pics on Foap

There are several apps and website that claims to manage transaction between buyers and sellers of Feet Pics. 

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to distinguish between the legit and the despicable ones. 

Where can we categorize Foap app too? Are they amongst the despicable ones or is the Foap app legit? 

Foap is a legit app for foot models to make money from selling foot pics.  

… Even at this, it does not mean it is worth using. 

I mean, it does not mean one can make good money selling feet pics on the Foap app. 

Guess what…

In this post, we are going to run through everything you need to know about making money on the Foap app and selling Feet pics on it.

What is Foap? 

Foap is an application that allows you to sell your pictures to brands, agencies and companies. 

The company was established by Alexandra Bylund and David Los in 2011 to help improve the emergence of selling photos online. 

Foap app is one of the biggest online websites to buy and sell pictures in the USA. 

Is the Foap app free?

The Foap app is free for buyers and sellers. 

Sellers post their products for free on the platform, while buyers pay compensation for each picture. 

Once the seller makes sales, Foap will then take their own 50% commission per sale. 

What are Feet Pics?

Feet pics is the picture of the feet. 

If you are not looking to take a picture that will show your whole face online, you can just take one that will show only your feet or leg. 

Interestingly, it is also very easy to sell your feet’ pics online and make money from them. 

If you go to websites such as FeetFinder, Instafeet and OnlyFans, you will find a lot of them.  

Meanwhile, if taking a picture and selling pictures online does not look like something that interests you,  there are other ways you can make money online. 

You can join the likes of Ferpection and TryMyUi to make money from User testing. 

Or rather try high-paying survey apps such as Qmee

If this does not interest you, try Scribie. It’s a website that pays you for transcribing audio and video. 

Anyways, let’s discuss the benefits of using Foap app to sell feet pics and the advantages over others.  

Benefits of Using Foap App to Sell Feet Pics

1.   Free

Foap is a Free Application for selling your pictures. So, there is no subscription or first-time payment as seen in FeetFinder

2. Very accessible

Unlike the likes of Adobe, you can easily use Foap on a mobile phone. You can easily upload a 1280×960 pixels photo. 

3. Big market

Foap has one of the biggest online photos market in the USA. So, as a seller, if you should register on Foap, it means you are putting yourself up for a much larger audience. 

4. Image batch

Whenever you are uploading your post, you can batch upload it on Foap. 

5. Security

Your photos are very safe and secured on the platform. Also, Foap is a website to trust with your privacy. 

How to Sell Feet Pics on Foap

To sell feet pics on Foap, you will have to create an account as a seller, take high-quality pictures of your feet, and post and optimise them on your Feet pics account. 

From there your buyer would have to buy directly from Foap, pay for it and you will receive your corresponding returns. 

Let’s run through how to make money from the Foap app: 

Creating an Account on Foap

First of all, you will need to create an account on the Foap app. 

You can Install the app from both the play store and the app store.

After installing, sign up and create your account. 

You will have to sign up via your Facebook account and your email address. 

It will take your name directly from Facebook. Then you have to complete the signup form Enter your birth date and your country to complete the sign-up form.

Taking High-Quality Feet Pics

After completing your sign-up and verifying your email, the next step is to optimise your page. 

Optimising your profile simply involves posting high-quality feet pics on your Foap account. 

However, before you can do that you ought to take taken a picture worth posting so that buyers would be able to exchange their money. 

No one wants to buy an awful photo, so make sure you are taking well-lightened pics of your feet. 

If possible, you can also edit the pics with photoshop or contact a graphics designer for help.    

However, do not allow anyone’s face to show in your pics, even yours.  

Posting Your Feet Pics

The camera icon at the bottom of the screen is used for uploading pictures. 

To upload, follow these steps: 

  1. Press the camera icon. 
  2. Choose upload the picture (from any of your media files).
  3. And it will be uploaded immediately after it has completed loading up. 
  4. Make sure you add a buyer’s optimised title to the picture. 
  • It must contain a keyword people are searching for e.g “Feet pics”, “Under feet pictures” etc. 
  • It must be attractive and captivating. 
  • Use a caption related to the pics. 
  1. Then, you should answer all the other questions such as “Are there any people in your photos?” “Are the faces in this image recognizable?”. 

Selling and Getting Paid

After this, you can try a bit of promotion to get sales on your Foap app. 

Whenever you get a new sale, you will receive a notification.  

Then, Foap makes payments to sellers only via PayPal, just like the userfeel testing website

You will get an application form which fills them up within 15 days of that month to receive payment, or else your payment will be moved to the next month. 

Marketing and Promotion

The next step you need to follow is to market and promote the pics. 

Just mere sharing your Foap profile to your Facebook or Instagram page can help generate sales. 

Best Alternatives to Foap App for Selling Feet Pics

There are lots of apps that can serve as alternatives for selling feet pics, which include: 

  1. InstagramInstantstafeet
  2. Feet Finder
  3. Dollar Feet
  4. Foap
  5. Whisper App
  6. Onlyfans
  7. Stock Photo Sites
  8. Zazzle


How much do feet pics sell for?

The price of Feet pics can be around $5-$100. Most Feet Models always put their price at the $50 level.  

Make money on Foap?

Yes, you can make money on Foap by selling pictures on the platform. 

What app is good for selling feet pics?

Foap, InstaFeet, FeetFinder, OnlyFans, Feetify and social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok are apps that can be used for selling feet pics. 

Wrapping Up

Are you still looking for where to sell your feet pics without getting scammed? 

Foap is that legit site’s site. I hope with this post, you have learnt everything you need to know about selling your feet pics on Foap. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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