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How To See How Much Someone Makes on Patreon?

Do you know you can see how much someone makes on Patreon? 

And you can also discover if other Patreons can view how much you are making on Patreon. 

For a good reason too, if you would like to keep your earnings private, you  will learn it on this page. 

If you don’t know…

Can You Make Money From Patreon? 

Patreon is a platform that allows creators to make money from posting what they love. 

… While other Patreon will subscribe to your Patreon page.   

How To See How Much Someone Makes on Patreon

It is possible to see how much someone makes on Patreon.  

The earnings are usually displayed on the profile.  So, you can easily see it from their profile. 

However, if you can’t see the earnings on their profile?   

So, if it has been hidden by the person, you would not be able to access their earnings. 

All the same, I feel those that hide their earnings do this for personal reasons, usually privacy and security.

On the other hand, most Patreon creators show their earnings inorder to build affluence and audience on the platform. 

The higher the earning, the higher the audience growth. .

What if you want to do the same to your earnings too? 

How Do You Know If Your Earnings are Publicly Displayed on Patreon?

Once your Patreon page is public, your earning would be  public too. 

Go to your profile, if you see “public”, your earnings are public. By the way, the default settings is “public.”

If your patreon page is private then your earning is private and can only be viewed by you.  

You’d see “private” under your page. 

If you actually don’t want your earnings to show to the public, then you should change the profile display to “private.”

… But how?

How Can I Hide My Earnings on Patreon (Step by Step)

Here is how to hide your earnings on Patreon:

  1. Sign into your patron account. 
  2.  Tap on “My Page” link on the left side bar. 
  3. Tap on the “Page Controls.” 
  4. Click on “Edit Page.”
  5. You will see earning visibility settings, just change it to “private.”
  6. Finally save changes. 

Normally, the earnings displayed on your profile is your estimated earnings in a month. 

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What would happen to your earnings when they are private

Nothing will happen to your earnings after the visibility has been changed to private, except that Patreon would not be able to see your earnings on your profile. 

Back to you now, dude!

Do you have any questions about this? Or Patreon as a whole? Let me know in the comment section. 

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