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GoDaddy Affiliate Program: Make $1000 Monthly 

Here in this article,  we will discuss how GoDaddy affiliate program work.

According to a report, there are over 252,000 new websites created daily. 

That’s to tell you that there is high demand for Web products, domain and hosting every minute. 

Fortunately, there are lots of companies offering this service. 

Some of which include the likes of Bluehost, Go Daddy, Ahosting, ResellerClub etc. 

From what I know, the smartest marketing strategy used by most of them is Affiliate marketing. 

In the long run, they all want to make sales and bring in as many customers as possible.

Nevertheless, let’s discuss everything you need to know about the GoDaddy affiliate program.

What is GoDaddy? 

GoDaddy affiliate program

GoDaddy is one of the most reliable hosting and domain registrar companies. 

Even I bought my domain from Godaddy. And it has been nice working with this wonderful company.   

Their tag “the world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs around the globe” is worth their recognition. 

The company is said to have the largest market share in the web hosting,  domain name registration, SAAS and web development services market. 

The company has over 84 million domain names already registered under them, plus a revenue of 4 billion dollars in 2021. 

In fact, their US market has over 1.3 million users -as at the time of writing. 

They are indeed dominating the landscape of website hosting and domains. 

Yet, Godaddy has an affiliate program for bloggers, Youtubers and media buyers. 

How Does GoDaddy Affiliate Program Work?

How does GoDaddy affiliate program work

Go Daddy affiliate program is a commission per acquisition affiliate program. 

The affiliate program is hosted on CJ affiliate network. So, everything you will need to run GoDaddy promotion is managed by CJ. 

Before you can join the affiliate program, you need to have your own website. 

The Godaddy affiliate program does not support Media Buying. That is you can’t run ads to Godaddy products in the affiliate program.

Regardless, if you are a blogger or a YouTuber, you can earn money from promoting GoDaddy products. 

Now, let’s discuss what afiliates would earn from the affiliate program. 

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Commission?

The commission rate of GoDaddy affiliate programs varies depending on the products. 

In short, you can earn up to $15 from the first purchase your referral makes on Godaddy. 

Precisely,  if your referral should buy a domain or a hosting package, you will earn $10 per sale. 

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Cookie Duration?

The cookie duration for GoDaddy affiliate program is 45 days. 

Hence, if a referral should click your affiliate link now, they should be able to make a purchase within 45 days, for you to earn your commission.  

Besides, any purchase made by your referral after 45 days will not be attributed to you since the cookie is no more active. 

Yet to understand what cookie duration means? Let’s run through it. 

First of all, cookies are a set of data packets that settle in the browser of your affiliate referrals during a period of time, while tracking the referral action on a certain website. 

So, when your visitor clicks on your affiliate links and lands on GoDaddy website, they would have to accept cookies. 

Once cookies are accepted, all your referral actions on GoDaddys’ website would be tracked for the next 45 days. 

Within that period, if they should make a purchase, it would be tracked and traced back to you. 

However, since the cookie duration is no longer active after the 45 days, any purchase made would not be traced back to you. 

Now, I think that’s more explanatory. 

Regardless, 45 days cookie duration is long enough for your referral to decide whether they would like to make a purchase on GoDaddy or not. 

Even though they could have given the grace of more days. Maybe, 60 days cookie duration, Just like the ResellerClub affiliate program, would play a major role in improving the conversion rate.

How to Sign up to GoDaddy Affiliate Program?

GoDaddy, unlike Shein affiliate program, has an affiliate page. 

Hence, you can sign up directly from their affiliate page even though the affiliate program is managed by CJ. 

As explained earlier, you must be a website owner to register on Godaddy as an affiliate. 

And your website must be filtered off from illicit contents. 

Here are the steps involved in joining the affiliate program:

  1. Go to the GoDaddy affiliate page
  2. Press Join Now
  3. Fill in the form and press on sign up 
  4. Within 1-2 days you should receive an email, whether your application will be approved or not. 

How to Make Money With GoDaddy

How can you promote Godaddy? You can promote Godaddy on your niche website, blog, YouTube channel and  social media pages. 

GoDaddy sells hosting and domain names which are the basic foundation for any given website.

Hence, your target audience would be aspiring website owners and web developers. 

To promote to these people, you will likely need a niche website, YouTube channel or via social media. 

The niches you can focus on in order to promote Godaddy products are:

  • WordPress tutorials niche.
  • Web development guide
  • Blogging niche
  • Tech niche
  • Website Design etc.

Once traffic starts rolling in, you can write buying intent articles around Godaddy and then find a way to input your affiliate links organically.

For instance, articles such as:

  • Best web hosting 2022
  • How to Build a Website
  • GoDaddy review: Top Web hosting company.
  • Where can I buy domain and hosting for my website etc? 

These are top notch articles that will not only inform your reader but also push them to making buying decisions. 

Similarly, once your Youtube channel starts gaining traction, growing in views and subscribers, you can create videos around Godaddy. Videos with topics, like the instance I sighted earlier, are buying intent articles.

Similarly, email marketing is another dimension you can use to promote Godaddy to your audience. 

At first, you should build your blog to one with worthy authority. Then set up a email marketing system, usually using a Lead Gen to build emails. 

Over time, you send compelling and persuasive emails to your subscribers around what Godaddy offers.

Social media? It works too. 

It is one of the smartest ways by which one can promote Godaddy. You can send your social media fans to your Godaddy affiliate Landing page and then earn decent commissions. 

Can You Make $1000 Monthly From GoDaddy Affiliate Program? Is It Worth Trying?

Of course you can make $1000 monthly from GoDaddy. 

The market is absolutely large. So, there is no problem regarding who you are promoting or who will eventually buy. 

Furthermore, the conditions of the Godaddy affiliate program are not designed to be rigid for affiliate returns. 

Good commission rate and a long cookie duration, though we might be expecting more.

If you can get 100 different referrals registering their first domain every month within the 45 days cookie duration, then you have already marked $1000. 

All you will need is massive traffic of people able to buy Godaddy products, hosting or domain. 

Should we summarise this Godaddy affiliate program review already? Indeed.

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy Affiliate Program


  • Good cookie duration: 45 days is more than the standard 30 days cookie duration even though I was expecting more.
  • Brand recognition: Godady is a leading domain registrar and hosting company by far. Having 17 million plus customers and taking the largest share of a certain market is not a joke.  


  • Inconsistency: Godaddy once stopped their affiliate program and changed the products affiliates can promote etc. This happens every now and for no worthy reason.
  • Low commission rate: Bluehost offers $60, ResellerClub offer $30-$125. GoDaddy $15 commission is nothing compared to other related affiliate programs.

Alternatives to GoDaddy affiliate Program

In this Godady affiliate program review, we have discussed at length what you (an affiliate) can get from the program. 

If GoDaddy’s offer doesn’t stand well with you, then there are alternative hosting affiliate programs you can try. Such as:

1.   Bluehost affiliate program

Commission rate: $60 on shared hosting

Cookie duration:

Type of products: Shared hosting

2. Reseller Club affiliate program

Commission rate: $30-$125 per referral 

Cookie duration: 60 days

Type of products: Hosting and Domain name.

Read Reseller Club affiliate program review.

3. A2 Hosting affiliate program 

Commission rate: 

Cookie duration:

Type of product: Hosting and domain name.

4. Hosting affiliate program 

Commission rate: 

Cookie duration:

Type of product:

5. Squarespace affiliate program

Commission rate: $100-$200 per referral paid subscription 

Cookie duration: 45 days

Type of product: CMS, SAAS, Hosting and domain name. 

Read Squarespace affiliate program review.

Wrapping Up

GoDaddy affiliate program is worth a try, but other affiliate programs are offering way better commission rates. 

Who would have waited on GoDaddy though? 

But then, Godaddy is another smart way to monetise one’s website without having any issues. 

We are drawing the curtain here, but you should not forget to read our list of high-paying hosting affiliate programs, especially if you are looking for an alternative to the Godaddy program. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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