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How To Get Paid To Write Jokes (7 Tips)

“Dude that was funny you know, you got me.”

Ain’t you tired of only the online reviews without a return on your talent? 

Do you even know there are ways to get paid for writing jokes online?  

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to make money from writing jokes. Read on.  

How Getting Paid For Jokes Work

There are lots of ways to make money online. 

However, I always tell people to face their hobbies, talents, and personal ideas. 

It would be easier to succeed if you already know what you are good at. 

In this case, I want to believe it’s writing jokes. 

It’s cool to be Mr. Funny. 

Though laughable when Mr. Funny is broke. 

Cracking jokes

So, I found ways by which you can make money from your joke-writing creativity. 

There are lots of magazines looking for comic writers. 

Blogs and websites looking for writers that are based on comedy stories. 

Lots of skit makers are still buying funny scripts they would like to turn into their acts. 

That’s to tell you that writing jokes can be very profitable. 

Yes, you can get paid for writing jokes, cheerful blog posts, Merry scripts, and hilarious articles.

Do you want to know how? 

7 Ways To Get Paid For Write Jokes

1. Start A Joke Blog

You can make money from writing jokes on your website or blog. 

It can be the building block for your joke-writing business. 

Now, you can start your blog directly from Bluehost.  

Then build your blog via a CMS like wordpress. 

Post your jokes on your website. 

After gaining a little bit of traction and traffic from top media, search engines, and social media, try monetizing your joke blog.

You can try any of the top Ads Network e.g Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, etc.

Or rather join affiliate networks such as Shareasale and Clickbank to earn commission on every product you promote and sell on your website. 

Also, you can sell your Joke Book, products, or services. 

2. Sell Your Jokes To Prominent Comedians

You can also make money from writing comic scripts for actors and comedians. 

Let me tell you a secret:

You see most of your favorite artists can’t write their songs and the actors can’t even think of a worthy story to act. 

So, you can create a script of jokes. Then send messages to your proposed actors and comedians on Instagram. 

Send your script to them, charge them and earn a fair amount per script you sell to them. 

3. Sell Jokes to Websites

There are lots of websites looking to buy your jokes. As in, you would be able to submit your jokes and if approved you would be paid for it.  

4. Sell Jokes to Greeting Cards Companies

Some greeting card companies would like to publish funny jokes. 

If you are genuine with your lines as a Comics writer, some of your jokes can be placed on greeting cards and you can be paid for it. 

5. Sell Jokes to Magazines And Newspapers

Make money from writing jokes

In every traditional newspaper, there is always a place for Jokes. 

These magazines and news outlets are looking for people who are very talented at writing jokes in newspapers and magazines especially if it is related to the primary theme of the company. 

Some of these Newspapers and Magazines can later accept you as an in-house joke writer where you will be paid your salary monthly. 

Similarly, online e-zines and media websites do hire someone worthy to write humorous lines for website visitors and social media pages. 

6. Make A Joke Book

You can create your joke book and sell it online via Amazon kindle. 

Kindle has one of the biggest markets for books.  

Your book can be in a long or short form. The length doesn’t hinder the sale. 

However, you should also learn how to aggressively market your books.  

Similarly, there are other online bookstores such as Bookreads, Audio format using Audible, etc. 

7. Become A Freelance Joke Writer

Freelancing is one of the most beautiful ways to express your talents and skills. 

I remember starting as a freelance writer some time ago before I started building my blog. 

It’s a sweet journey, though it has its ups and downs. 

Create your portfolios as a joke writer: scripts, articles, etc. 

Then you join freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiveer, Linkedin, Indeed etc. 

So, anytime you come across jobs, you can easily apply and start making your own money. 

Anyways, do you think you have what it takes to apply to be a writer at top companies, magazines, and media outlets?  

Best Websites to Get Paid for Your Jokes

How to make moeny from writing jokes

1. Cracked

Cracked is a popular online magazine known for its explicit and humorous content. 

Their website has different kinds of contents dedicated to serving people’s humor – articles, videos, gif, images etc. 

They accept guest writing from writers. So, you can submit your joke write-ups to their website. 

If approved, you’d be paid $150 for your first 4 articles and $250 for any other kinds of articles. 

You can check out their submission guidelines page for writers, here.  

2. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is one of the best online communities to read humorous stories. 

Their contents revolve around jokes, funny true stories, funny quotes, infographics, etc. 

You can also submit your joke write-ups to the company and you will get paid once it is approved. 

Their pay range is about $100 for stories and $25 for jokes, gags, or funny quotes. 

You can check out the Reader’s Digests’ submission guidelines page, here.

3. Funny Times

Funny times was established in the late 19s and the company has been serving its audience for the last 35+ years. 

The magazine company publishes stories that cheer the mind. Their main goal is to make their readers laugh. 

So, to submit your articles to Funny times, go to their submission page, here

They pay $75 per story which is expected to be between 500-700 words. 

4. Country Magazine

What do you have to say about country living that would make people laugh? 

Obviously, those are the kinds of stories in Country Magazine. The magazine is made for Country inhabitants. 

The company already has an editorial calendar for topics. You are expected to choose from those topics and write a humorous article about them. 

Then, you can pitch Copy Chief Deb Mulvey. If your article is accepted you are going to be able to earn up to $250 per assignment. 

5. Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is one of the most popular online platforms for writers. Their posts are always top-notch from every walks of life. 

The standard of Writers’ digest has been raised. The competition is high. So, it’s quite difficult for anyone to be approved for the website.  

However, if your articles are actually worth it, it would be approved. 

If you want to submit your articles, go to their submission page. It contains everything you need to pay about their payment pattern and guidelines.  

6. The New Yorker

Laugh and make money from jokes

This is a magazine that combines humour with fiction. Their style of writing involved fictional stories though very funny.

If you can mix those two genres together, dude, you can easily submit your stories and pay for it. 

Check out their kind of samples:

Their pay is not directly stated but it is determined by the kind of story you are submitting. 

Send your pitch to their submission email, here

7. Guide

This is a magazine that takes Christianity into humor for Teens. 

We all know decisions can be overwhelming during the adolescent age, so, this magazine helps to relieve their pressure. 

There is a lot to make the readers laugh under the concept of Christianity. 

Their stories are typically between  450 to 1,200 words and the pay is $0.07 to $0.10 per word. 

If you wish to submit your funny write-ups, go to write-ups on the submission writer guidelines page

8. Upwork

There are tons of freelance writing jobs on Upwork, specifically for comics and humorous acts. 

So, just create and optimize your Upwork profile. Then apply for jobs that convince you. 

9. Indeed

Indeed is one of the best online Job boards out there. Most of these top agencies and companies specifically post on Indeed when they need a writer. 

If you can look closely amongst their daily job vacancies, you will find some companies where you can work for writing jokes. 

Find a way to pitch these companies and send them your portfolios. 

10. ProBlogger

The demand for humorous writing is high amongst bloggers. Usually, your job as their joke writer might not exceed writing captions on social media and they would be paying great. 

For fashion websites, they can hire you to create funny content for their social media posts once in a while. 

Other niches can hire your for the same purpose too. 

Humor is part of life. 

Humor is part of life

You can earn from your joke writing talents without needing to overwork yourself. 

Try out any of the methods that have been explained in this article. Keep your eyes around those companies too, they tend to pick writers now and then.

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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