Following A Two-car Collision In Butler County Due To Road Rage, A Man Is In Court.

After a confrontation involving road rage, two vehicles collided on a busy Butler County highway, and a man was arrested. “I was only shocked. Being that it was the first time, I wasn’t sure how to respond. Joshua Franks, 17, claimed, “I’ve never been in an accident. Franks was traveling on Liberty Fairfield Road in the rear of the other vehicle. According to the police, there was a pattern of tailgating and brake testing before things got out of hand.

Franks confronted the driver in front of him after stopping at the Route 4 stop sign. “I got out of the car to see what he was saying and then I walked up to the door, ‘What are you doing?’ Like, come on, and then I see he pulled a knife out. So, I back up,” Franks said. The driving altercation continued south on Route 4. Franks said he went to pass the other driver. Police said the other driver deliberately swerved into Franks’ vehicle.

“Like if it wasn’t for me maintaining the control of the car, like we could either be dead or like critically in critical condition in a hospital or someone else in another car could be hurt,” Franks said.

Franks pulled over and called police. Later the other driver, Christopher Turner, contacted police.

Turner was in court Wednesday. Officers said Turner took responsibility for the crash, admitted he was at fault and that he pulled the knife.

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