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Ferpection Review: Is Ferpection Legit or Scam? 

Here is a comprehensive review of Ferpection. 

If we are listing out legit user testing sites that pay, Ferpection fwould be added to the list. 

Does that necessarily mean that Ferpection is worth trying? How much do they pay? How about how it works? 

These are queries we need to talk about before you should sign up for the website. 

What is Ferpection?


Ferpection is an online testing website founded in France.

You will get to be paid for testing and reviewing websites and apps. 

For every approved review, you will earn about £5 to €20. 

Moreover, it is way easier to use perfection compared to other user testing websites. 

Most tasks just require written comments and screenshots, unlike the likes of TryMyUi where you must record the apps. 

Furthermore, the platform’s homepage clearly states that they have over 100,000 registered testers working from home.

I don’t care about this, since there are no explicit ways to find out if this is the truth. 

But then if it’s about the legitimacy of the site I can vow for it. 

Is Ferpection Legit or Scam?

Perception is a legit site that pays its users upon the approval of their tasks. 

So, after completing each website or app test, it would be reviewed. 

Once your test has been approved you are going to be paid for it.   

So, it is amongst the likes of TryMyUi, Userfeel and other legit testing websites. 

How To Get Started on Ferpection?

First of all, you must be at least 16 years old to sign up as a tester on the Ferpection website. 

How to get started with Ferpection

So, once you want to register, go to their website and sign up using your Email address or Facebook account.  

After which you will have to complete your first trial test before you can be approved as a tester on the website.  

Upon approval, you will earn €2. 

How Does Ferpection Work?

How does Ferpection work

Ferpection works with clients, partners, organisations or companies to carry out market research. 

So, the main part of market research Ferpection is focusing on is user testing. 

They would be paid by the clients to test their websites or apps.

Then the task would be passed to the testers, you and I. We test the website (apps) and then Ferpection would pay us once the users have approved the website. 

The test is regarded as Missions on Ferpection. 

For every Mission, you would have to follow the brief and instructions attached to it before you proceed to take the Mission. 

Ferpection users reviews

After you have completed, you will then need to drop your comments and send a screenshot of the app or website you reviewed. 

So, I think it would be good to install a different screenshot tool to make things easier.

Similarly, you might be required to record the mission or a video review of your mission might be required. 

Just do what the instruction is all about.

Once your mission has been completed and approved, you will receive a reward. 

Many people complain about Ferpection not paying them even though they have completed the mission. 

You see, your payment is dependent on the clients. 

If the clients have not yet approved your mission, you would not be paid. 

If your mission is not approved at all, you will not be paid. 

To improve your Mission approval, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Read and follow the instructions of each mission. 
  • Analyse the website and app properly and carefully. 
  • Then, provide an honest comment. Remember, no one is paying to see “your website is cool,” or “this app is cool” kinds of comments. Instead, you should provide comments like “you should change the location of the signup button so it can be easily accessible.” 
  • Your comments must contain
  • Write complete sentences.
  • Your feedback must contain only 1 idea.
  • Provide at least 1 feedback per step.
  • Report at least 2 problems.
  • Mark 1 problem as important.

A crude issue on this platform is the scarcity of missions.  

You would receive emails about a new mission, which you are expected to quickly book your places immediately. 

It’s a first come, first serve and you might not be getting more than 3-4 missions weekly. 

What Does Full Mission Mean?

Once there are enough people who have bid for a mission, it would be termed “full.” Then the mission will be greyed too.  

This is a reason I started earlier you should immediately bid for any mission once you get an email about a new mission.

There are not enough missions on the platform. 

How Do You Get Paid

Ferpection user testing website is legit

You will earn about £5 to €20 for every completed and approved mission. 

Then, once you have reached a €20 payment threshold you will receive your payment.

Payment would be automatically remitted to you at the end of each month PayPal. 

Also, just like the surveyor,  you can receive your payment via Gift cards or vouchers, which would be sent to your email at the end of the month.

Pros and Cons of Ferpection


  • You can make money via user testing on the website. 
  • Offers a convenient payment method. 
  • It is far easier to give feedback for most of their missions than on other User Testing websites. 
  • It is Free to join. 
  • It is available on PC and Mobile phones. 


  • The number of missions one can take is very limited and the competition is intense. 
  • It has a High payout threshold. 
  • It takes one week to approve a mission. 
  • It only pays once a month. 
  • Missions are location-based. 

Is Ferpection worth it? 

Perception is worth it. It can be way easy to make money from the website. 

However, the earnings from the website can only serve as a side hustle. 

£5-£20 permission would only amount to $50-$200 within a month if you were able to take and complete 10 missions.

Best Alternatives to Ferpection

If you are looking for the best alternatives to Ferpection, check out any of:

  • User Testing
  • TryMyUi
  • UserFeel
  • Userlytics
  • What Users Do 


Is Ferpection available in every country? 

It is stated on the website that perfection is available in every country.

However, this doesn’t necerailky mean you can sign up in every country.

Moreover, even if your sign up and there are no missions in your selected country, you would not be able to get any missions. 

All the same, if you are in the UK or USA, it would be far easier to sign up. These are countries where missions are mostly available. 

Does Perception have Referrals?

Perception has referrals. 

Can you use it on Mobile?

Perfection does not have a mobile app but its website is mobile responsive. 

You can easily navigate their website, zoom in and out, and it is easily accessible on mobile.  

How many missions do you get in a day?

The number of missions you will be getting monthly depends on your profile and customer needs. 

This is a reason I always advise users to put in their best in any mission to improve their authority and rating on the platform. It is also a stepping stone to getting more missions.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this review helpful and informative. 

Would you like to join the platform or not? 

However, I would advise you to check out our review on the TryMyUi user testing review. Their pay rate is good too. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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