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FeetFinder Review: Is FeetFinder Legit or a Scam

FeetFinde claims to help feet pics sellers connect with feet pics, buyers. However, can we trust this platform? Is FeetFinder even legit? Do they remit buyers’ money? 

Just so you could know, FeetFinder is a legit Feet Pics marketplace. So, Selling or buying feet pictures on FeetFinder is safe.

… But then is FeetFinder worth trying? 

For a good reason, this article has been dedicated to those reasons behind the counter of FeetFinder. 

Why do some users despise it? Why do some prefer it to other ways of selling feet pics? How much can you make from selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder? 

This page will cover everything you need to know about FeetFinder and how you can make a decent income from selling feet pics on the platform. 

Ready, Go.

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an online marketplace for feet pics, in which people buy and sell pictures of feet.

It was established by a graduate of Drexel University, Patrick Nielson in 2019. 

As of the end of 2021, the platform has over 200,000 users, among which are buyers and sellers. 

This probably sounds too good to be true.  So…

Is FeetFinder Legit? 

FeetFinder is a legit platform for buying, selling feet pics and making money. 

It is one of the safest platforms for one to sell feet pics and get their payment immediately.

Is FeetFinder Safe?

Is feet finder safe

Feet Finder is 100% safe for both the buyers and the sellers. 

FeetFinder never shares or sells data of any kind; it is simply not their business model.

Looking at it from another angle…

Feet pics are not some kind of buff pics. 

So, selling on this platform doesn’t require showing your face or privacy while taking pictures. 

This is also the reason it is safe to sell feet pics almost anywhere online, be it Instagram, Foap, InstaFeet etc.

How to Sign Up to FeetFinder

Feetfinder states you must be 18 years to sign to the platform

You must be at least 18 years to sign up for feet finder. 

To sign up, go to their website and click the Sell Feet Pics button. 

And then it would take you to a page where you have to agree to the payment of the subscription fee.

Although, payment would still be after providing your main information and verifying using Government approved ID and a selfie showing your face.  

After you have been accepted to the platform as a seller, you can start posting your content

How Does FeetFinder Work?

FeetFinder is only for selling feet pictures and not other kinds of pictures. 

Feet pics

You can either choose to join as a normal seller or a premium seller. 

Premium sellers pay $9.99 per month or $29.99 per year, which is more than the charges of normal sellers.

The premium FeetFinder gives sellers a broader market to sell to. Hence, higher tendencies to make sales.

When starting you should go for the normal sign-up process, then you can upgrade to the premium later on. 

After signing up, you should optimize your profile and post about 5 well-captured pictures of your feet. The more pictures you post, the higher the chances of getting buyers. 

Whenever you are posting on Feet Finder, make sure you are optimising the post about keywords and key phrases for buyers’ search keywords.

As time goes on, you should add more pictures to your feet finder inventory. At least 2 every week will do.  

You can price your feet pics at $5-$100. However, when starting, you should put an economical price on your feet pics. 

Who Buys Feet Pics

Feet finder reviews

Come to think of it, who in their right state of mind would buy pictures of feet? Can’t they take pictures of their own feet too? 

These are funny questions, which will below:

1.    Bloggers

Bloggers need visuals, such as photos and videos,  in their blog contents and one shouldn’t use users. 

Similarly, it might be a certain feet pics that would have the main features they are looking for. 

For instance, if a tattoo blog is looking to write content about a “cat tattoo on the lap, with a certain length and width”, It is only normal for websites for them to search for that kind of feet pics on websites like Feet Finder. If any interest them, they might just pay for it.   

2. Stock photography platforms

Stock photography platforms are platforms that buy digital photography on a certain website and resell them on their website. 

Most digital marketers or media buyers tend to buy attractive photos from Stock photography platforms.

Hence, these stock photo platforms would have to buy from you on Feet finder first, before reselling at a higher cost. 

A good example of a stock photo platform is Shutterstock. 

3. Modelling agencies

Modelling agencies are agencies that require attractive pictures to promote or market their products. 

If there is a demand for feet pics for certain products, it would be best for them to buy. 

For instance, if these modelling agencies are looking to promote acne creams for the feet, and yours matches their criteria, they might just buy. 

4. Content creators

As a content creator, I can’t deny the fact that I buy images on the likes of for professional photos. 

However, if I had been looking for feet pictures, FeetFinder is the first place I would visit. 

So, let’s just say a decent number of content creators in the beauty niche make Feetpics purchases once in a while to optimize their content. 

5. Movie production companies. 

If you are taking your feet pics as a real business. I mean, developing your brand as a Feet pics seller or foot model, you might get selected by movie production companies. 

And the only thing you will be doing for them is to provide pictures of your feet worth discussing. 

6. Feet image lovers

If you don’t know, some people are die-hard fans of feet pics. 

I mean just like how some of us would prefer to have the photos of celebrities (or role models) as our wallpaper, they do prefer Feet pics. 

How to Make Money From FeetFinder

To make money on FeetFinder, sign up as a seller and start selling feet pics. You can also join the referral program and earn 10% of sales from your referral content. 

First of all, as a seller make sure you are posting worthy feet pics on the platform. 

You can post any pose of your feet as a picture or video with a detailed description. Your photos or videos will be blurred before that user has paid for them.  The best thing you can do to help them come to a buying decision is by adding a detailed description.


Post and optimise your feet pics on feet finder

Similarly, post a photo or video worth buying. Take good shots with a high-quality camera or mobile phone. 

Then, if it is worth it, you can upgrade to the premium to gain more visibility on the platform.

On the other hand, you can also refer new sellers to feet finder and make 10% per sales they make. 

How to Improve Sales of Your Feet Pics FeetFinder

Make money from selling feet pics on feet finder
  • Take care of your feet
  • Posts high-quality picture
  • Market and promote 
  • Edit your feet pics

Sales are money… But it’s not everyone that would make the sales. 

Many would not make sales eventually. 

If you are keen on making money from selling feet pics, and getting more sales, follow the tips below:

1.     Take care of your feet

The truth is you need an attractive foot to make sales and earn money from selling feet pics online. 

If you are not taking care of your feet, how would it be attractive? 

2. Edit your feet pics

If you are a bit of a techie, you can also edit your feet pics using software such as Photoshop. 

Or you can just hire a graphics designer to help improve the quality of your feet’ pics. 

3. Post Quality Feet pics

After taking good shots, and probably editing it, make sure you optimize your post. 

It’s funny how you can have his quality picture, that would not even get pushed to the screen of buyers. 

Only those feet pics with optimised description and tags easily get views, subscribers and sales. 

4. Market and Promote

Promotion is the life of every business. 

You can promote and share content around your feet on Instagram,   TikTok, Facebook and other social media platforms. 

From there some of your followers might be interested in buying the pics.

FeetFinder Prices

As explained earlier, FeetFinder is subscription based for sellers but free for buyers. 

So, after signing up to the platform as a seller, FeetFinder charges sellers subscription fees ranging between $4.99 per month or $14.99 per year. 

How Much Can You Make Selling Feet on FeetFinder

Feet finder trust pilot review

According to one of Feet Finder‘s blog posts, foot models on the platform have made over $30,000 on the platform. 

Cool right? 

As a newbie seller on the platform, if you can do your primary assignment very well, you can also reach that level within a few months. 

How Much Should You Charge Per Pics

According to a certain FeetFinder blog post, the average feet picture sells for an estimate of $22 and the average feet video sells for $19.

As a new seller on FeetFinder, the price of your feet pics should be around $5-$10. As time goes on, you can choose to increase the price of your feet pics based on demand.  

However, only 80% of the selling price would be attributed to you, while the feet finder takes the remaining 20%. 

How Does FeetFinder Pay

As for the payment, FeetFinder already partnered with Paxum and Segpay to process sellers’ payments every week. 

US-based sellers receive their payment through Segpay, while international sellers would welcome their payment via Paxum.   

Anyways, you will still need to reach the  $30 minimum threshold before you can withdraw your payment on FeetFinder. 

Pros and Cons


  • It’s a global platform. 
  • Weekly payouts.
  • Easy to sign up. 
  • Good user interface. 
  • Easy to find buyers on the platform. 
  • An opportunity to make money online. 


  • Subscription changes for buyers. 
  • No mobile app. 

Best Alternatives to FeetFinder

There are lots of digital marketplace for selling feet pics online and they can serve as alternatives to FeetFinder. Some of which include: 

  • Selling feet pics on InstaFeet
  • Selling feet pics on Foap
  • Selling feet pics on OnlyFans
  • Selling feet pics on Craiglist
  • Selling feet pics on Instagram and TikTok. 


Is there an app for FeetFinder? 

FeetFinder does not have a mobile app, however, you can access their website from your mobile browser. Yet, still, get access to everything you will need to make money from the platform. 

Do I Have to Show My Face on FaceFinder?

No, you don’t need to show your face on a foot finder, whether as a seller or buyer. However, when signing up, you will need a selfie of yourself to verify your face.

Can I sell Hand Pics on FeetFinder?

No, FeetFinder clearly States on their website that only pictures of feet are accepted for sale on the platform. Moreover, they hold the right to remove any picture that is not suitable for the platform.   

Can you make money on FeetFinder?

Selling feet pics is one of the smartest side hustles online. The fact that you will be selling on Feet Finder even increases your chance of making sales and earning money from the platform. 

Can guys make money selling feet pics?

Even though this method of making money online is best for ladies, guys can make money from selling foot pics. Interestingly, once you have an attractive feet picture, you can post it on FeetFinder to find buyers. 

Wrapping Up

FeetFinder looks good as a platform but it all depends on your personal view of the platform. 

Alternatively, I think you should check out reviews of other ways you can make money from selling feet pics online.   

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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