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Fabletics Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Activewear is just everywhere nowadays. One brand you can never overlook when it comes to active and athletic wear is Fabletics. 

Like every other top athletic wear brand, Fabletics offer an affiliate program too. 

In this article, we will touch every single thing you need to know about the Fabletics affiliate program; Cookie duration, commission rate and how to make money from the affiliate program. 

Overview of Fabletics

Fabletics is an athletics apparel brand founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and actress Kate Hudson. 

It has its headquarters located in Segundo, California. 

The company sells athletic wear for home exercises, cycling and other fitness activities. 

According to data, Fabletics drives in more than $500 million dollars in revenue annually. 

The brand has, furthermore, sets of the cheapest athletic wear anyone can buy, certainly high quality too. 

Most importantly, they offer a subscription service for members which comes with several profits. Members in their VIP subscription service will get access to free shipping, discounts, personalised style mails and their FIT app.

Nonetheless, they offer an affiliate program which you are looking to find more information about. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the affiliate program and its core features, commission rates etc.

What is Fabletics Affiliate Program?

A woman athletics leggings to promote in the Fabletics affiliate program.

Fabletics does offer an affiliate program for bloggers, influencers or YouTubers who have a large audience for active wear. 

The affiliate program is hosted on Impact radius, Flex Offers, Viglink and some other affiliate networks.

You can sign up via the program page on any of the affiliate networks. 

If your referral link is used to sign up and make a purchase in the VIP subscription membership on Fabletics website, you are liable to earn commission from purchases made within the cookie duration. 

Also, you get VIP access to the latest deals and special offers that will improve your conversion rate. 

On Fabletics affiliate program, you can earn avatar tweezers and another free Lululemon garment for 100 sign up referrals even if they are yet to make a purchase.

Likewise, you’d be open to getting free websites, landing pages, domain names, unlimited blog accounts and hosting for promoting Fabletics products.

What Products do You Promote on the Fabletics Affiliate Program? 

A man gym shorts to promote in the Fabletics affiliate program.

Fabletics sells different styles of athleisure wear. Hence, you can definitely predict the kind of products you can promote on the brand. 

If you are oblivious about it, get ready to promote the trendy athleisure wearlines, both gender leggings, shorts, pullovers, panties, joggers, socks and so on. 

How to Sign Up For Fabletics Affiliate Program

Fine, the affiliate program is worth trying. Explained above already that the affiliate program is hosted on several affiliate networks.  

You can sign up to any of Impact Radius, Link Connector, Flex offers or Vigilink.

Then proceed to the Fabletics affiliate program page to join other publishers.

Fabletics Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration of the Fabletics affiliate program is 30 days. This is quite the basic cookie duration for most affiliate programs.

Wait? You really don’t understand what cookie duration is? Let’s run through it. 

Cookies are a set of data packets stored in the browser of referrals that clicks your link. 

This data packet tends to monitor the activity of your referrals on the Fabletics website. 

Hence, if they sign up on Fabletics website, it monitors and notes that down in your affiliates identity. Likewise, if your referrals should make a purchase, it monitors and notes that down. 

However, the cookie would only be active for 30 days. 

That is…

Someone who has clicked your affiliate link, gotten to the Fabletics page and does not take any action immediately. 

Any action taken, be it sign up alone or purchasing, within 30 days will be recorded for you. And you will be liable to receive the rewards. 

After 30 days, the data packets will disappear from the browser of the prospect. Hence, any other action taken by the prospect will not be credited to you. 

You won’t earn any reward or commission for that particular referral action, unless the affiliate link was clicked again and the cookie is active again.

Say it again, the cookie duration is 30 days. 

Commission Rate of the Fabletics Affiliate Program

This is where it gets rosy…

Apart from the rewards you will be open to as an affiliate of Fabletics, you will also earn $2-$20 commission per sale.

Is this not okay? In fact, a bit more than the big boys and immediate competitors who offer affiliate programs in the same industry. 

As you can see, the commission rate has a range depending on which products you are purchasing. 

How To Make Money With Fabletics Affiliate Program 

The most important part of any affiliate program is making money from it. If you are not able to decipher the best ways to sell a Fabletic wear you can’t make your commission. 

Firstly, do you have a ready target audience? If you have a target audience, then every other step needed to make money from this affiliate program is simple. 

When selling any Fabletics products, you will focus on people that see athletic wear as a part of their lifestyle. 

Then, you can narrow down to men’s or women’s wear. With that, you will know who you are selling to directly. 

Besides, in an instance where you want to promote men cycling wear, you should know that your target audience is men cyclists. 

Anyway, know your target audience. 

You can build your target audience via several means, which include:

1.  Blogging: A blog is an informative website updated regularly to answer the questions of your ideal audience. 

If you can practice SEO properly on your blog, traffic will definitely flow in. 

By this time, you can start promoting Fabletics products to your audience. They make purchases and you make commissions. 

2. YouTube

While some people prefer going to Google to search and find a solution to their problems, others prefer Youtube. 

You can own a YouTube channel in the athletic wear or lifestyle niche, give solutions to unresolved issues of your ideal customers and promote Fabletics products to them. 

3. Social media

Being an influencer in the athletic apparel niche means that you can promote Fabletics products to a wide array of people on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest etc. 

After building your target audience, promoting Fabletics products should not be a problem.  

Pros And Cons of the Fabletics Affiliate Program


  • Cookie duration:  The cookie duration of Fabletics affiliate program is longer than  most affiliate programs. 
  • Product credibility: Fabletics is known for producing high quality, active lifestyle wears for exercise and fitness programs.
  • Promotion materials: Yet, they still offer you free domain and hosting to create your own landing pages when promoting available products on Fabletics. 


  • Unstable commission rate: The sets of products with high commission rate will become very competitive for low audience affiliates to sell. Hence, they have to resolve to lower products first. 

Alternatives Of Fabletics Affiliate Program

Athletic wear brands are abundant and most of them offer affiliate programs. 

Including Adidas affiliate program, Nike affiliate program, Lululemon affiliate program and so on. 

You can definitely read the whole summary and review about the affiliate program in this blog. Most importantly, what made them different to Fabletics.

Also, you should check out the list of some other fashion and lifestyle affiliate programs you can promote.

Wrapping Up

Inexpensive and pure-play athleisure products are numerous on Fabletic website for you to promote. 

With this review, if you think the affiliate program and those products are worth promoting, the door is always opened. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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