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Essurance Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Here in this article, we will discuss Essurance affiliate program review and everything you need to know about it. 

The cookie duration, commission rate and popular questions about the affiliate program will be explained in this article.

Overview of Essurance

Essurance is an auto insurance company.

The company indemnifies unplanned risk, accidents and occurrences on automobiles, homes and vehicles. 

Somehow, they found a way to offer their insurance services digitally for renters, motorcycles, and homeowners. 

Furthermore, they have an affiliate program which you can benefit from as a blogger or affiliate marketer. 

Want to know more? Hang around…

What is Essurance Affiliate Program?

The Essurance affiliate program is a commission per lead affiliate program. 

For every referral that pays for their clear cut insurance service,  you will be liable to the purchase, and earn the commission. 

So, if you have a blog, YouTube channel in the automobile, insurance or auto insurance niche, it would be great to try out the affiliate program.

Before making a purchase, your referral can choose to get a free quote for their services too. 

The affiliate program is hosted on CJ affiliate network. Hence, all your promotion and affiliate materials are undertaken by CJ. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Essurance Affiliate Program?

An auto insurance company insures automobiles and reduces the risks on them.

So, all you have to do, Is to refer new leads to 

For every new lead, you earn your commission rate.

How to Sign Up For Essurance Affiliate Program

As explained earlier, Essurance and CJ are partners for this affiliate program but the affiliate network is the real host of the affiliate program. 

So, sign up to CJ affiliate network, here, if you don’t have an account earlier. 

Then, you can search for the affiliate program on the platform and then join. 

Essurance Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for Essurance affiliate program is 30 days. 

Meaning that…

If a referral follows your link to, making a purchase, within 30 days, you’d be charged with the commission of the affiliate program. 

After 30 days, any other purchase made would not be attributed to you.  

Furthermore, 30 days cookie duration is the normal duration for most affiliate programs, so there should be no issues regarding conversion of your referrals. 

Commission Rate of the Essurance Affiliate Program

For every person you refer to who becomes a lead, you will earn $10. 

Here, you don’t have to rely on the price of the products to determine the percentage you’d take out. 

The commission you’d earn per person is fixed. 


How To Make Money With Essurance Affiliate Program 

Auto insurance is really important,  except that many people see it as unnecessary. 

However, you can find a way to keep people informed about risks and uncertainties that might happen to their vehicles and homes. 

Some of the ways to keep anyone informed about Auto insurance are:

  • Writing long form blog posts, highlighting issues and solving the problem of vehicle owners on your blog. 
  • Displaying solutions to trending issues about cars and a way to indemnify the danger behind automobiles on social media pages. 
  • Making videos, every now and then on YouTube, about automobile issues, and how to prevent unplanned issues for the future. 

There are indeed a lot of ways to explain to people about the importance of Auto insurance. 

Find a way to do that, then promote to them. 

Pros And Cons of the Essurance Affiliate Program


  • Good Cookie duration: The 30 days cookie duration of Essurance affiliate program is long enough to convert your audience. 
  • Commission rate: The affiliate program is a commission per lead affiliate program, hence, very unique, and the $10 offer per referral is high. 


  • There is no dedicated product variety to choose from. I have come across auto insurance brands, that don’t just run Pay per referral alone. Instead, it would be a Pay per referral and commission per sale, because they have several product and services affiliate can promote. 

Alternatives Of Essurance Affiliate Program

Maybe, If I was asked for another Auto insurance (or insurance in general) affiliate program one can try, here is a good list:

  • All State affiliate program
  • Liberty Mutual affiliate program
  • Gabi personal insurance affiliate program
  • Lemonade insurance affiliate program

This four will do for now, at least as worthy alternative to Essurance affiliate program. 

However, we have another longer list about insurance affiliate programs which you should really try. 

Wrapping Up

To be candid, Essurance has a good affiliate program. The $10 commission per referral is fair and 30 days cookie duration is lengthy for decision making.

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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