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Envato Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

Envato is a theme and web design marketplace. A platform that houses several other websites in relation to website functionalities.

They sell CMS themes, webpage templates, plugins, logo design services and web design services.

Similarly, they have an affiliate program you can earn from whether you are a blogger, influencer or YouTuber. 

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the Envato affiliate program; the cookie duration, the commission rate, how to promote their products and other core features. 

Overview of Envato

Envato is an Australian macro digital company that encompases several micro companies. The main basis of the company is to create a landmark of digital resources for every website, software and apps needs. 

On, you are going to find website themes, app themes, software themes, graphics videos, logo graphics, videos, music/sound effects etc. 

Actually, Envato is just the parent marketplace for other micro marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver, Themeforest, PhotoDune, AudioJungle, 3D ocean and Videohive. 

If you are a digital content creator, graphics or website designer, there is no way you won’t be familiar with at least one of the micro marketplaces above. 

Furthermore, over 43,000 website themes and templates are available on the website. Not to mention other categories. 

Similarly, there are creators on Envato who offer services such as logo design, website designing, graphics designing etc. 

Envato also offers special premium tutorials for anyone interested in graphic, website and mobile app designing.

Yet, they still found a way to create an affiliate program.

The Envato affiliate program is a bit different from just any affiliate program you can find out there. 

Would you like to know more? Read on! 

What is Envato Affiliate Program?

Envato affiliate program

Envato affiliate program is one that rewards you commission per sale of any product or service on the platform. 

It is divided specifically into two: the Envato market and the Envato studio. 

Affiliate marketers in the Envato market are those that promote products and resources on the marketplace.  

The policies for Envato market are a bit difficult to wiggle around but we will touch them in the course of this article.

Alternatively, the Envato studio is a network of digital creators including web designers, copywriters, graphics designers and so on. You literally promote these people for hire. You earn for every satisfactory project they complete. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Envato Affiliate Program?

For Envato studio, you are promoting no other than web design and other digital services.

While the Envato market has a collection of themes, graphics, templates and other digital products for you to promote.

How to Sign Up For Envato Affiliate Program

Remember the affiliate program is divided into two types. 

For the Envato market affiliate program, you need to sign up to as a consumer first. 

Then, you  add ?ref=username to the end of any URL on the platform to create an affiliate link. 

That is if you are planning to promote a certain theme e.g Neonpress. You will copy the URL to the Neonpress premium page and then add ?ref=username to the end of the URL. 

For instance:  

Neon press URL:

Username: Zikcomedia

Affiliate link:

Meanwhile if the URL already has a “?” in it, you should rather add &ref=username instead of ?ref=username.

On the other hand, the process of joining the Envato studio affiliate program is more traditional. 

They have an inhouse host for their affiliate program and you can sign up directly from their website, here.

Envato Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

Envato studio has a cookie duration that lasts for 30 days. That’s probably fair and even align with the average cookie tracking duration for most affiliate programs.

If you don’t know what cookie duration means, you can refer to this article.

The Envato studio does not use the last click attribution model

On the other hand, The Envato market has a cookie duration that lasts for 3 months. Darn long enough to convince anyone to buy.  

Also, Envato market Affiliate program is one that does not use the last click attribution model. 

Commission Rate of the Envato Affiliate Program

Commission rate for envato affiliate program

The commission rate differs for the two categories of the Envato affiliate program. 

Which should we look at first? Ok… Envato Market 

On Envato market, you will earn a non-recurring 30% commission rate on every first purchase alone.  

Hence,  if someone follows your affiliate link to buy a certain theme for $10, you will earn $3 which is the 30% commission rate. After that, any other purchase made, even within the 90 days cookie duration would not be attributed to you. 

Is this not somehow harsh?

Maybe, but then since it’s a 90 days cookie duration and it does not use the last click attribution model, then you can still convince your referrals to make a good first purchase.  

Now to Envato studio…

On Envato studio, the commission rate is lower than Envato market. 10% recurring commission rate on every successful service offered by digital creators on the platform.  

Does this mean Envato market is better than envato studio in terms of commission rate? 

Obviously not.

Only a few themes are above $100 on the market.  Hence, a first purchase mostly would not earn you more than $30. 

For the studio services, the lowest price tag is usually about $60 and can even go as high as $1000. Hence you can still earn up to $50 on a completed $500 Gig.  

Pros And Cons of the Envato Affiliate Program


  • Service affiliate program: Since they offer service affiliate programs, you can be an affiliate for gigs you can’t take on but still around your niche.
  • Product variety: Envato is a network of marketplaces housing a lot of digital products. 
  • Good commission rate: Both have good commission rates. 
  • Cookie policy: The cookie policy for Envato studio is definitely the affiliate marketing normal. And the 90 days for Envato market is good enough.


  • Non recurring commission rate: Unfortunately, the 90 days cookie duration for Envato market may be useless after the first purchase is made since you would not be able to make any other commission from the previous commission. 
  • Strict policies: The policies are strict – no recurring commission, no last click attribution model etc – for the envato market.

Alternatives Of Envato Affiliate Program

Enough of the parables now, I have tried the Envato affiliate program and I’m not convinced. As a big brand housing several other brands. I envisaged something better. 

Even so, most people make it clear that Envato market policies are hostile to conversion.  Maybe, the Envato studio is more advisable.

One alternative to the Envato affiliate program is TemplateMonster affiliate program. TemplateMonster is also a theme and template company.

Well, the cookie duration is 30 days and their commission rate of 30% is recurring. 

You can check out this page for more information about the affiliate program.

Also, Canva affiliate program can serve as a very good alternative too. Even though we have compilations of articles about website design, hosting, and Softwares you can promote.

Wrapping Up

Envato market has a lot of fans, so it is easier to sell themes and templates. The volume for envato affiliate programs is low compared to the Envato market. 

Nonetheless, you can go for both sides of the affiliate program and still earn your perceived commission. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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