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Doordash Affiliate Program: Make $1000 Monthly Selling Foods Online

Here is a detailed review, on DoorDash affiliate program. 

I don’t know about you… but I can’t do without eating. 

And personally it is very difficult for me to take my limited time to cook. 

So, I prefer to order food and it would be delivered to me at home.

Guess who delivers tasty foods? DoorDash. 

Trust me, there are lots of people like me here in the US. 

What if you can devise a means to promote Doordash as a perfect food delivery service, while you rake in your money. 

It’s possible but not that easy. 

In short, I have a lot of information to disclose about the DoorDash affiliate program. 

What is Doordash? 

DoorDash is a company that offers home delivery of foods in the US. 

The food delivery and ordering company was established in 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco. 

Chefs and restaurants are already registered on the platform. Just an order, they will pick up and deliver your food. 

The growth of Doordash has been continual ever since, with the company generating a revenue of $4.88 billion dollars.

And over 6000 employees of which mostly are DoorDash drivers or Dashers. 

In addition, Doordash has an affiliate program. An amazing one indeed. 

How Does Doordash Affiliate Program Work?

DoorDash affiliate program review

Doordash affiliate program works like every other traditional affiliate program. 

Anytime referrals make purchase of food on Doordash via your affiliate link, you earn commission. 

Similarly, the affiliate program is hosted by Rakuten linkshare. So, if you want to sign up you will have to do it via Rakuten. 

You can find the affiliate program on other networks too including FlexOffers, Viglink etc

In addition, Doordash has a specific page for their affiliate program, making the program very accessible.  

Doordash Affiliate Program Commission?

The commission rate for the Doordash affiliate program varies depending on the food. 

However, on the eventual scale, you can make up to 25% on average commission per sale of any food ordered via your affiliate link.  

This looks very cool to me. 

From a food of $10, you can earn up to $1.8 as your commission. 

Since everyone eats food. One time or another, you can always get a new referral making an order. 

Hence, the revenue would still sum up eventually.

Doordash Affiliate Program Cookie Duration?

The cookie duration of the Doordash affiliate program is 30 days. 

It is the standard cookie duration. And I personally think your referrals should be able to make several orders within the first 30 days. 

Except if that referral is not a fan of Doordash or Food deliveries.  

Similarly, most of the other food affiliate programs offer 30 days too. Even in the Instacart affiliate program.

Anyways, it is far better than the 7days tracking duration you will get from the Thrive market affiliate program.  

Hold on? You really don’t know what cookie duration means. Let’s explain.

Cookies are a set of data packets used for tracking affiliates referrals. 

When a visitor lands on Doordash website via an affiliate link, he  would be asked to “accept cookies.”

With that, anything your referral does on Doordash website for the next 30 days -which is the cookie duration- would be tracked. 

However, after the 30 days, it would no longer be tracked because the cookies that were accepted earlier are no longer active.

That’s basically what cookie duration is all about. 

How to Sign up to Doordash Affiliate Program?

Rakuten is the main host of the Doordash affiliate program. 

To sign up, go to Doordash affiliate page. Click on get started, it will take you to a page on Rakuten advertising. 

Input your personal information, business information and promotion methods. 

After that accept terms and conditions. 

Sign up.

Can You Make $1000 Monthly From Doordash Affiliate Program? Is It Worth Trying?

I guess so, but it looks unrealistic. 

For you to make $1000 from the Doordash affiliate program, you need massive traffic on your website. 

And also, you must make about 500 sales to door dash every month to earn that bail of dollars. 

However, since food is a necessity, you can always get a referral. But you will need a worthy number of visitors on your website to convert those that will be buying. 

Pros and Cons of Doordash Affiliate Program


  • Standard cookie duration: 30 days is enough for your referral to make their purchase. 
  • Good commission rate: The 18% commission is worth it. 
  • Brand record:  Doordash js one of the most recognised brand when it comes to food delivery. 


  • The policies associated with Doordash in their affiliate program is high. 

Alternatives to Doordash affiliate Program

If you don’t know, there are several food affiliate programs, in which door dash is one of them. 

Comparing the terms, cookie duration and commission rate, here are those I think are worth being alternatives to the Doordash program. 

1.   InstaCart affiliate program

Commission rate: $10 on the first purchase 

Cookie duration: 30 days cookie duration

Product type: Fresh Food components.

Read InstaCart affiliate program review.

2.   Thrivemarket affiliate program

Commission rate: $30 per sign up

Cookie duration: 7 days

Product type: Organic health foods.

Read Thrivemarket affiliate program review.

3. HelloFresh affiliate program

Commission rate: $10 per sign up

Cookie duration: 30 days

Product type: Meal kits, groceries.

Read HelloFresh affiliate program review.

You can always check our comprehensive reviews of top food affiliate programs

Wrapping Up

At the end of it all, making money online is a smart move, especially via affiliate marketing. 

As a food blogger or influencer, DoorDash affiliate program is one of the smartest ways to monetise your audience. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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