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DHgate Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the DHgate affiliate program. 

With this DHgate affiliate program review, you would get to know if the affiliate program is worth it or not.  

Overview of DHgate

DHgate is an e-commerce store headquartered in Singapore. 

On their website, you’d find electronics, clothing, cosmetics and beauty products etc. 

These products, unlike on Amazon and Target, are sold for real wholesale prices. And are available for shipping in almost all countries. 

What else?

DHgate has an affiliate program where you can promote their products and earn money. 

Definitely, this is not all about the affiliate program so follow suit. 

What is DHgate Affiliate Program?

DH gate has an affiliate program for bloggers, youtuber and social influencer. 

It is a commission per sale affiliate program. That is you only earn your commission for each purchase made by your referral. 

The affiliate program is hosted on Commission factory affiliate networks. So, they are in charge of virtually every single thing you will need for the success of their affiliate program.

Also, you are earning a fixed commission rate on all promoted products and this is unlike most e-commerce stores. Really fair of DHgate!

Let’s look at the products you’d be promoting. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the DHgate Affiliate Program?

In an e-commerce store, there are thousands of products to choose from in any category you want but you might not earn commission on all. 

On the DHgate affiliate program, you don’t need to worry about wasting your effort because all products can be promoted. 

The go from electronics, cosmetics, skin care, clothing etc.

How to Sign Up For DHgate Affiliate Program

You can sign up to DHgate affiliate program from any of the affiliate networks listed above. 

Better still, you can go to the affiliate page on Commission factory, <URL>.  

Fill in the form and within a few days you will receive an email about your application.  

DHgate Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for DHgate affiliate program is 30 days. 

That is… if a referral clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you will earn your commission. 

Any other purchase made after the 30 days will not be attributed to you anymore.

Regardless, this is long enough to convert your referrals multiple times if you are actually interested in what they sell.


Amazon, Walmart and Target offer only 24 hours, 3 days and 7 days as their cookie duration respectively. 

Commission Rate of the DHgate Affiliate Program

The commission rate of the DHgate affiliate program is 2% per sale.

That is for every sale made via your referral link, you only earn 2% commission on every product. 

This is poor. 

Even Khols offers a 3% commission rate on all of their products. 

Amazon slashed their commission rate some years ago, still the commission rate for Amazon associates can still extend to 7%.

In the Overstock affiliate program, 6% is the commission rate for all promotable products. 

Sincerely, I’m disappointed. 

Is DHgate Affiliate Program Worth It 

Judging by other e-commerce stores I have seen and how outrageous either the commission rate or cookie duration are, I can not totally condemn DHgate affiliate program. 

Yes, the affiliate program has a low commission rate just like Target and Walmart affiliate programs. 

But it is offering a better cookie duration than most of the top affiliate programs in the e-commerce niche. 

Maybe, it would be difficult to reach $1000 in a month from the affiliate program but it is achievable if you can target the right audience. 

Even so, I will still put Overstock and Amazon associate above it.  

How To Make Money With DHgate Affiliate Program 

Here is the sweetest part. How can you make money from the affiliate program? 

Having a website for these affiliate programs is more of a prerequisite for success. 


You are promoting physical products and not just action oriented referral marketing such as Keap or Square affiliate program

Even though making money from the affiliate program is possible without a website or  you should get one. 

Then, you should write buying intent articles on your blog specifying the kinds of  product you want to promote. Such as:

  • Best wrist watches to go with office wear
  • Top 10 Smartphones under $500
  • Lavalier clip microphone review. 

These are buying intents keywords you can always post on your blog or website after doing your primary keyword research. 

Your visitors wouldn’t hesitate to buy through your affiliate link since they now see your blog as an authority in using that product. 

Nevertheless, for youtube channels, you can focus on creating valuable buying intent videos for your YouTube channel. It is another way to drive in views and buyers using your affiliate link. 

Social media too is a great place to grow your audience too. There are diverse people to promote too on social media. So, it makes sense to easily promote, convert and make money from the affiliate program.

Pros And Cons of the DHgate Affiliate Program


  • Long cookie duration: It is easier to convert your referral several times within that 30 days cookie tracking period.   
  • Strong Brand: DHgate is a strong brand but still behind the likes of Amazon, Target and Walmart in terms of visibility.


  • Poor commission rate: The trend in the e-commerce niche is low commision rate and it extends to DHgate too. 

Alternatives Of DHgate Affiliate Program

The list of alternatives to DHgate affiliate program is very long. However, you can check out this page, here, about most of the e-commerce stores affiliate program you can try. 

Anyways, here is a list you can try out, with higher commission rate:

Wrapping Up

Are you satisfied with this DHgate affiliate program review? Before you make your final decision about the affiliate program, it would be good to check out each of the alternative affiliate program reviews.

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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